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Language Patches

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General Information:
Creator: Lgcfm (compilation)
Expansions Required: None
Language: Any (but see below)
Bugs: Some secondary text may be untranslated.

Extra Information:
Credits: Blue Fang for original files. HENDRIX, Mjmannella, Thom and Hugo7 for German, English, Dutch and French lang files, respectively.

These are patches made from the official language files for ZT2, allowing you to "translate" your game.

Available languages:

  • English
  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish

Get the file for the language you want, and place it in your ZT2 folder, like any other download.

These work English->(Language) and (Language)->English, since those are the most common requests. If you want to translate from say, Spanish to German, you'll have to edit the file. Just open the .z2f file, open lang, and rename the folder 1033 to your language code. See here if you don't know how to do this, or contact me if you're having trouble.

Please note that these patches will simply translate the ingame text, but for other purposes such as modding, your language code will still be the same as the old one.

Also, if you have ZT2 in a language not including here, please contact me so I can add more languages!

Bonus Features:
Public Domain: ✓
Permission to reupload? ✓

zzzzzzzzzz ZT2 Spanish Lang.z2f zzzzzzzzzz ZT2 German Lang.z2f zzzzzzzzzz ZT2 French Lang.z2f zzzzzzzzzz ZT2 English Lang.z2f zzzzzzzzzz ZT2 Dutch Lang.z2f

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