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Fish Import Pack IV - Animal Crossings New Horizons

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General Information:
Creator:  Thom (rigging) & BuffZoo (coding & icons)
Credits: Models and skins imported from Animal Crossings New Horizons
Expansions Required: MM
Language:   English
Bugs: -

Extra Information:
Description: This pack contains 18 fish: anglerfish, arowana, koi, amur catfish, coelcanth, spotted gar, giant trevally, humphead wrasse, mahi mahi, sunfish, oarfish, arapaima,  king salmon, sawshark, red stingray, southern bluefin tuna, lake sturgeon, kidako moray

Bonus Features:
Public Domain?
Permission to re-upload?
Original Models? X

Fish Import Pack 4 - ACNH.z2f

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