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Fish Import Pack V - Marine Mania Expanded

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General Information:
Creator: Thom (rigging) & BuffZoo (coding & icons)
Credits: Models and skins by Jen bubblywums, Leaf and Nick (aka PZ Aquaria Pack Team), Armored Interactive (Humphead Wrasse model and skin), Chester9292 (Eagle Ray model and skin) Beyond Blue (Devil Ray model and skin)
Expansions Required: MM
Language:  English
Bugs: the tiger shark has some small model distortions near its fins

Extra Information:
Description: This pack contains 18 fish: Great white shark, Whale shark, Scalloped hammerhead, Tiger shark, Swordfish, Humphead Wrasse, Chilean Devil Ray, Goliath Grouper, Opah, Lionfish, Black Marlin, Kidako Moray, Bluefin Tuna, Oceanic sunfish, Eagle ray, Cownose ray, Guitarfish, Beluga sturgeon. 
*The great white shark, whale shark and scalloped hammerhead are coded to replace the Blue Fang originals.

Bonus Features:
Public Domain? X
Permission to re-upload?
Original Models? X

zzzFish Import Pack 5 - MM expanded.z2f

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