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Fish Import Pack VI - Freshwater Friends

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General Information:
Creator: Thom (rigging) & BuffZoo (coding & icons)
Credits: Models and skins by Fishing Planet, Ultimate Fishing, Gabboi (Mekong Catfish, Paroon Shark and Kaluga), Monsoon (Siam Carp)
Expansions Required: MM
Language:   English
Bugs: the tiger shark has some small model distortions near its fins

Extra Information:
Description: This pack contains 21 fish: mekong giant catfish, kaluga, paroon shark, siamese carp, arapaima, redtail catfish, pacu, ripsaw catfish, piranha, goliath tigerfish, vundu catfish, welsh catfish, payara, alligator gar, electric eel, black arowana, tiger sorubim, nile perch, piraiba, cornish jack, northern snakehead

Bonus Features:
Public Domain? X
Permission to re-upload? X
Original Models? X

Fish Import Pack 6 - Freshwater Friends.z2f

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