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Waterfall / Flowing Water Pack

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Designer:  PaJaS30


Hi guys, the "waterfall / flowing water" pack is finished. Please note that this pack does not replace the original waterfall in the game, but it does give you some options to create better looking waterfalls or flowing parts of water. You will find there various waterfall / flowing water decals in different sizes and directions. Unfortunately the diagonal ones have only one size. If I will be able to fix the size x direction issue I will update the pack later. You can also add a waterfall / water sound by using the smallest water spray from the pack. But do not place many of them at once, otherwise they will create a strange noisy echo. One last tip. You will get better results with darker water. Enjoy

Credits: RR water texture by AD, icons text coding by Summjoke
Requires: ZT2
Language: English
Bugs: (hopefully) None



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