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Anagram with a Twist! - Winner Announced

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• PM your answers to smorkle
• New game starts every Monday and closes on Sunday at Midnight.

•Members with warnings are not eligible to play at this time
• You must be an active member of PSFC (20+ posts)

Click here for more info on the Official Competition Rules
• If you are the winner I will send you a PM and you will have 1 week (before the items change) to send me a list of items you'd like as your prize(s). Please note the time difference and send me your list ASAP. If you do not, you forfeit your prizes. Sorry...Sad

First unscramble the word.
Second take that unscrambled word and
make another word with the clues provided.

First, unscramble the word


Second, using the unscrambled word above,
find a 3 LETTER WORD that means FROZEN WATER.


Everyone with the correct answers will be placed in a pot and
one winner will be chosen at the end of the week.

Prize: 2,500 In-Store Coins to spend however you like just for unscrambling some letters!

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Unscramble this word ---> CONARYDIIRT

From the unscrambled word above, find the 6 Letter word that means, "A pointed stick or pencil of colored clay, chalk, wax, etc., used for drawing or coloring " =
___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

PM part 1 and part 2 answers to qualify for the prize! Good Luck!

Received Correct Answers From:
1. sinenomine
2. spitfir3

Received Incorrect Answers From:
(You may try again Smile )

CharlotteLouise - needs to solve part 1

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This game will also close in 3.5 hours (at midnight) if anyone else wants to take a stab at it. Smile

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and this week's winner is:

1. sinenomine
2. spitfir3


sineomine!! congrats hun!!

spitfir3, i'm sending you a consolation prize Smile
CharlotteLouise, i'm sending you a consolation consolation prize 8)

thanks for playing girls Smile

edit 3/24: prize sent to spitfir3, charlottelouise
still waiting for sineomine's reply.

edit 3/28: reminder pm previously sent to sineomine to claim prizes. as of today, no list rec'd. game closed.

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