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  1. All item of wwf recieve. Thank you so much I love them all 1 rep for you!!
  2. Sent you 27x4999 P.S. Sorry for I sent you lately. Today I'm very busy. Hope you understand. Thank you very much.
  3. Thank you and sorry for late I'll sent you 27x4999 : D
  4. Hi, dear I need 57cc = 27x4999 for all item of wwf Thank you
  5. Hi, dear I need 54cc = 27x4999 for all item of wwf Thank you
  6. all items sent thanks for a good trade, adding rep now Thank you for trading. adding 1 rep for you. by the way my boyfriend ask me, he want just bat wing. Can I trade for his account? He's can't trade by himself. thank you
  7. 20x4999 sent waiting my wwf item : D
  8. yes thats fine hun, please send me a FR Thank you for respond me. I already sent you f/r
  9. Hi, Dear I need 40 cc for 20x4999. all item of wwf Thank you
  10. I can't wait to get Deer Plushie. It's very cute =)
  11. Chupy


    Any time you are ready hun Very surprise, you sent me the item frist. Thank you for trust me and kindly One rep for you and hope to deal with you soon :victory:
  12. Chupy


    I already accept you. Please tell me when you ready to trade. Thank you : )
  13. Chupy


    Hello, I'd like - Haunted Mirror 15cc - Bloody Footprint Floor 8cc - Halloween Fishbowl 7cc - Halloween Fish Tank 12cc Total 42cc = 21x4999,right? Thank you
  14. Thank you for accepted me. sent you 3x4999 waiting my Ugly Sock Monkey Doll -------------------------------------------- EDIT* item recieved Thank you very much for trading one rep for you
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