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  1. Aww no black kitties? Darn. (pouts)
  2. I play all the playfish games but Crazy Planets. I don't care for that one as much.
  3. On Happy Pets they start as babies. The more you play the bigger it gets.
  4. I think the pets are prettier in some ways.
  5. I wonder if there is a fake RS too? lol It looks neat. Hopefully you don't get spammed to death when you register.
  6. It sounds cute. I wonder what it looks like? Are you allowed to post screenies or does that go against a code of ethics?
  7. Oh whew! Well that makes more sense then. hehe I didn't want to give a random stranger my pets poo! :weirdo:
  8. I was visiting a pet from the Cafe this morning and it's health level was down. When I clicked on it to see what it wanted to eat,poo showed up in it's thought bubble. Yick! I know pets can poo,but can they actually eat it? Why on earth would PS want them to do that??! lol
  9. Also like in HARVEST MOON Nooo Animal Crossing rulez! lol :blink: They are both cute games.
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