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  1. Still one of the best TV series ever
  2. Dogma and Priscilla Queen of the Desert. Best 2 films ever
  3. suetu

    House M.D.

    No, its not on here in the UK for another 2 weeks! The final ep. of series 5 is on Sunday, and I can't wait
  4. Strictly mainly. Hate BB with a passion lol, and X factor. Don't mind Projects Runway and catwalk, although Strictly is the only one I make a point of watching or Sky+ing
  5. Just got back from Kos and they played it a lot!!! Wish I was there!! Love the series - really love this track :music: :
  6. Very nice - I love those glow in the dark fish! Those fish biscuits are far too expensive though for me.
  7. hiya hun, i cant get on PS at the moment but send me a note in PS and i will gift you one of the dolls x Thats so kind - thankyou so much
  8. I did Harry Potter with the castle stuff lol
  9. Woohoo! I love all of them.... so much nicer than the baby and shell stuff! LOVE the cats!!
  10. This is my sisters underwater room
  11. suetu

    dog problem

    I think theres a glitch at the moment and dogs aren't stopping anyone. They'll probably fix it eventually.
  12. Nor me! The pictures OK, but the tealight and pot are horrible! Not overfussed on the shell type stuff thats gonna be in the shops either! Cheap week next week
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