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  1. mayski, please add me on FB, my FB is sooo slow ((( I cant open your profile :S Do you have a fb problems, too? I noticed a lot of people has them.
  2. Next person will get a surprise from the new IS items =]
  3. Oh, I didnt rad that it costs 1*999 (( Remove my name from the table, please, I dont have enough money to participate here
  4. 1. Now, can you see how much I love you? No? Wait, give me your mouth right here...Uh-uh, here is a big kiss for you! 2.Ohhhhh it is so harddddd to do this, daddy, please get out from the car, you are so fat, I can't stand it anymore... Mom...Ma...Mommy...Please help me here, I have to go in school now!!! Mom,tell dad that I'm so sorry... Please do not use any swear words in PSFC...this includes mis-spelling or using symbols to get around the automatic censoring. This is part of the PSFC rules and anyone found to be deliberately breaking these rules faces an official warning or ban from PSFC Lea75 (admin)
  5. Er............ I am doing an ANTEATER DOLL collection =] So, Im looking for anteater dolls
  6. I'm doing my first ever collection!!! It'a doll collection, anteater doll collection. I have just 23 of them! So...any1 interested to help me???
  7. I am not interested. I found the old dolls cheaper... for 1*999 by doll (( Sorry guys, but I was looking for a cheaper version of trading I am not that RICH, I sayed... So, I am now looking just for the newest haloween cat doll and for the black owl doll from haloween,too!!! Thank you all !!!
  8. I know I have an open trade with you, but I dont have enoguh 999, I cant believe how someone can have it !!! ??? How is it possible to have 100*999 ??? I am not a hacker !
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