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  1. erm no, but monster dolls are worth like 20x4999.. maybe even more
  2. your buying a monster doll for a 4999? i dont think that you will get one for that price im afraid..
  3. could i have 18 please? ( i cant remember how many posts i have xD *crosses fingers*)
  4. what are those cat things next to the balloon?
  5. urg how dare playfish put all the sexi items into the cash-shop. especially DOLLS. Appawling. But yeah, great contest!
  6. fish would be bored ^.^ What if i had never gotten Bocks? (spring-stilts)
  7. i think there should be an auction house like on neopets lol. instead of auctioning on the forums where sometimes its not safe - on neopets they deduct coins everytime you bid - if you dont win they just give back the coins and if you do win the item and coins are automatically sent by some automatic thing lol - its much safer as its quick and a message is sent saying that you won the auction and blah blah blah. though this might not work with playfish for 'reasons' :blush2: : Ps: For those wondering I do not in any way play on neopets
  8. when is quiz night because people are telling me different things and also the radio is never on? or at least the little sidebar thing << never tells me anything (songs playing, people tuned in blah blah) thanks.
  9. i would spend all the money. what if you were stuck in a tv remote?
  10. well i missed nearly all of them as i was at school all day which was a pain in the @$$ lol. my first mega drop AWESOME! though i didnt get anything xD i have a suggestion but i dont think it would work and everyone would be against xD
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