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  1. hey mano how r u all doing? sorry u guys i havent been around lately .. i stopped playing pet society again because of university >
  2. okay f/r accepted .. but tell me how much ur welling to pay please oh i must've mixed up the names :S sorry i dont have love tree seed .. how many 999's do u want me to return ?
  3. yes u sent 16 ^^ so i returned 1*999 back and sent the items enjoy~! rep added xx
  4. 15 x999 is good i'll add you now
  5. black bunny set sent ^^ i'll send the fortune jewelry in a moment coz i'd forgotten about it lol Edit - jewelry sent
  6. lol okay, i just cant log in PS right now i'm downloading too many things and PS will be really really slow .. so take ur time ^^
  7. can u do a bit more please ?
  8. i remember that there was a sticky topic about items that were going for high prices and such... but i couldn't find it now u probably deleted it coz that was a very old topic .. i think u should restore it because it was very helpful ^^
  9. yeah! and i've just noticed that pets in love water glob, solid gold teddy, and Marie antoinette fan are going for high prices as well
  10. oki doki.. will be waiting
  11. I've seen that many items are losing their value because of hackers and since i've been away for a while i'm no longer familiar with the rare items .. is their any list somewhere ??
  12. yeah sometimes the game don't capture photos i dunno why it keeps popping an error ... i added u to see ur second garden ^^
  13. but when u come to think about it, how can u reach the tree house if there's no tree? lol
  14. i hate this :/ i mean i really dunno where to put the tree house lol or the doll house ..
  15. ooh yes i guess you're right .. that explains why did it disappear suddenly lol thanks Yvette *^_^*
  16. i have 6 secret rooms but the 4 from the first line are the only one that's shown to my friends. however, i can see all 6 rooms! ?!
  17. received ^^ and bunny sent will add rep
  18. sorryyyy i've been too too busy i got my cc's arranged but really thanks a lot for responding !! when i need more i'll let you know
  19. no problem ^^ whenever u want !
  20. i think 60 is the fair price... is that good for u ?
  21. yes for the fortune jewelry ^^ but thats a bit low for the black bunny set
  22. rosy ribbon --> gone offer for the rest ^^ hmmm... i dunno honestly u offer ^^
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