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  1. Im pretty much dissapointed by the fact that we dont have nice fancy baubles like last years, these look childish and not fancy at all
  2. This forum is awesome indeed, I came here from time to time and like to say Hello
  3. Amazing loving Thanksgiving day, I wonder how expensive the robot will be
  4. I have a MySpace pet that you could make really happy with a few of coins!! www.myspace.com/lefairh My pet there is called Habsburguito
  5. Hello!! This is my entry for this week's room, Borbonsito's rock store: Good luck to everyone
  6. Im so in love with the new cake, isnt it wonderful?? It will be named Halloween Party Cake
  7. It is an amazing room, Im glad it won the competition
  8. Chubbs Im amazed with your entry!! It is wonderful
  9. Its a fantastic week, however with 3 different themes (green furniture, rock and sweetness) it is going to be really expensive
  10. Thank u!! Im really happy, I cant believe that I won !!
  11. OMG I won!! Im so happy!!! Thanks for liking my entryy!!
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