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  1. this is my underwater room...^_^...hope you like it too...
  2. That's great.!!^_^ n0 entries f0r the underwater r0om yet?? I'm eager t0 p0st it here but still designing it..
  3. Can i get the pink chalkb0ard and pink cushi0n f0r 4*999..^_^
  4. this is my entry...^_^... i dont have enough items so so i've make it simple like that... hope you like it though,,,
  5. Is there really a fertilizer? i cant wait to play ps n0w its alm0st 2 days n0w.. I really miss my pet..^_^
  6. I cant wait to find one of those new items.. especially the shell picture..^_^
  7. I cant wait to find one of those new items.. especially the shell picture..^_^
  8. I want the yellow heart pillow and the pink clock..all f0r 5*999 right.?^_^
  9. ok...lol.... you should have quote what he/she said....
  10. hello harloman....!!! am i the one you are asking?^_^
  11. i have some items that are sold out... just leave me a letter if you want... like the sheep dolls and wall banners.....Thanks...^_^
  12. Yup! Me too.. I have'nt find the ribbon..ü
  13. Xoxo lucky!! i already g0t the candy jar and doll basket.. really cute.!^_^
  14. Hi pauline.! i'm also here in the Philippines.. Same here i'm also confuse with the time..^_^.. its already 10pm here..
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