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  1. hello guys... here i'm with my Christmas room. thanks.
  2. here is my entry... thanks. hope u like it..
  3. wow... good job i should say to all the entries.. here is my x'mas stairs room.. hope u like it.. thanks
  4. sorry f3mm3fatal3... ur room is nice, but the minimum requirement to enter the contest is to have more than 20 post in the forum.. hope u understand.. just to remind u
  5. those entries are awesome..! now....... a forest of dolls... introduced by nsyx01 thanks.
  6. wow...it's awesome!!!! how did the skull bucket stay tat sharp?
  7. thanks guys!~~ i wish to see more spooky room too
  8. hmm... great collection u have! but it isn't nice decorated........ sorry i just point out my oppinion. no offence
  9. the back garden is awesome!!~ u got a nice house thro
  10. nice entry, Chubbs~~ well, here r mine. thanks
  11. this is my theme of the week.. Napoleon Vs Pirate!!
  12. nice colour theme on ur room!! nice.. look more harmony
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