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  1. my pet name is marie antoniette! hi all happy birthday pet society ! ! OH NO !! marie antoniette's party is silent. i am alone ahhahaha thats all !
  2. hello my pet name is raccoon! racoon wanna be an elvis presley!! but this is pet society so alvis presley!! 50's sensation with old juke box . and raccoon is singing there ! )
  3. received 1*3333 thanks :')
  4. lovely red bear plsuhei sent!. i am new here.. is there any vm here? if yes, need to send? hi hun, please do not post links or addresses of other sites. your post has been edited. thanks! smorkle, forum moderator
  5. how many?? i have 6 . 1*3333 each or 7*pet liberty plushie each hope u pay in pet liberty plushie
  6. because its rare !. hihihi lol :") hope u can pay in pet liberty plushie..collect 50 :")
  7. 1*3333 each or special offers !! 7 pet liberty plushie each 1*TASMANIAN DEVIL PLUSHIE 6*LOVELY RED BEAR PLUSHIE 999 dolls~~ 2*999 or special offers!! 4*pet liberty plushie each 2*nutcracker plushie 14*aboriginal teddy plushie rare 2*4999 or special offers!! 20*pet liberty plushie each 30*floral cat decor
  8. ius

    Raccoon Shop !!

    no one coming !! :''( close then
  9. visit my shop.what do u want from my shop..selliing plushie.. my eyes a bit pain if see a lot of items like taht .sorry can u visit my shop? http://www.petsociety.forumotion.com/trading-f43/raccoon-shop-t12140.htm#344532 and see what do u need?
  10. ius

    Raccoon Shop !!

    i am new here this is my first shop thanks. first i wts: TOYS 1*3333 or special offers!! 7*pet liberty plushie 1*TASMANIAN DEVIL PLUSHIE 1*PET CATRINAS PLUSHIE 2*MAY DAY COW PLUSHIE 6*LOVELY RED BEAR PLUSHIE 999 dolls~~ 2*999 or special offers!! 4*pet liberty plushie 2*nutcracker plushie 2*cow plushie 2*lion plushie 14*aboriginal teddy plushie Rare dolls~~ 2*4999 or special offers!! 20*pet liberty plushie 30*floral cat decor i have this week project . 0/50 pet liberty plushie
  11. my lovely raccoon is ont the beach. (btw, can u click my fb link and see my profile picture..how cute mine? hihih)
  12. thanks everybody..i want to try trading in trading thread soon thanks )) hi again everybody!!
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