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fdq dave

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  1. bandit dave will be there drinking beer in the main tent!!facing the bar on the left hand side as usual hic!hic!
  2. thats where i will be 18th nov demontfort hall leicester any body coming?
  3. any body like this as much as me ?say eye!!
  4. fdq dave

    sup guiyse

    nice!! cider country yum yum
  5. fdq dave

    sup guiyse

    how do supo where yer from
  6. i thinks i should visit a wheelie school cheaper than buying crosser how much is it any idea
  7. love to be able to practise but cannot afford to damage bike av to get cheap scambler n have a practise
  8. no bt sold one once to a fella from sund on ebay 4 £180 quid was it you?
  9. looks a nice well set out forum should be a really handy site it was recomended to me by a biker i know,im from syston leices and drink in a friendly biker pub called the queen victoria
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