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  1. I feel sorry for them especially if a fat man wanted a go lol
  2. Doing a wheelie at CMC Claycross with no helmet
  3. Next time give us a shout Ok will do, I will just shout Dave over and over till you shout back lol
  4. I was there, saw Baby b's bandit, so guess I was there same time as you lot
  5. Ok, so it went well on my twitter. Lets see where you live, Its cool if you dont want to show your street. So just Show us your local area Here's mine (looks a lot better on streetview than in real life) lol http://tinyurl.com/6kakbla
  6. Picture of me, no touching yourselves over it though
  7. I think an older copper would of said to you. You should of made sure, you had a gap and time to get back into your own lane before the lines became solid, then he would of tasered and beat you LOL
  8. I am in need of a fazer 600 02 givi rack Thank you
  9. As we all know there is no definitive answer to filtering on the left, and it has always fell on the "mood" of the police officer to write you up or not, well having a read of the online highway code I came across this. Good enough for me to feel a little more relaxed when filtering 151 In slow-moving traffic. You should * be aware of cyclists and motorcyclists who may be passing on either side
  10. Tony archer is great and cheap, I went down for mine and just swapped my seat and cash for a seat he made
  11. rawiswaruk


    Thanks for the warm welcome guys
  12. rawiswaruk


    I was there yesterday, though Im taking it real easy while I try and get used to a "big bike" again when are you going again?
  13. rawiswaruk


    Hello, I joined last october but then forgot about this forum, but then I remembered today . Some of you may know me from another forum Im close to J28 M1 I recently got a fazer again (my second) but for the past six months I have been riding a burgman 400 scooter Picture of my new bike
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