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  1. Thanks to all for your comments. I think Stu is the main man on the subject of tyres. Cheers, Pete
  2. Hello all, if, like me, you fit your own tyres you have had to consider disposing of the old ones. I have accumulated a few spent tyres and need to get rid but don't know what to do given the strict legislation that they are now subject to - I just took them to the scrapyard years ago, but I don't think it is that straightforward now. Any information would be really appreciated. Cheers. Pete Rushton.
  3. I would like a Beenie hat if there are others interested to make up the min order. Cheers Pete Rushton
  4. Thanks for all the info I'm sure they get better as the miles go on. Is the tank a bit small for a sports/tourer ? I wonder if we could see this motor (vfr1200) in a "naked" in the future? It's clever how Honda reverted back to sohc on this engine, and managed to describe it as a step forward ! Might sound like I'm having a go, but I'm not - had Hondas for forty years off and on, and respect them.
  5. Many thanks to all for the warm welcome - I feel at home already. Pete
  6. I've never been near a forum before so please bear with me as I stumble about. This seems like a friendly place and Dave is a recent friend on facebook.(Peter Rushton). I was just wondering if anyone has views on Honda's VFR1200. I'm not trying to stir anything up but would simply like to know more about it now that the dust has settled a bit. It was the most over-hyped launch I can ever remember, built up to impossible heights by the media who seemed somewhat critical afterwards. I haven't actually seen one out and about yet, but there must be riders out there enjoying them at the moment, though possibly not on this forum. Any comments would be very appreciated. Cheers - Pete.
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