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  1. nice one, they have a mad engine in them.
  2. hey guys and girls, just a quick post to see who has expearence of the michlin pilot road 2 tyres as im thinking about fitting them. how do they cope with wet riding and with track days?
  3. hello good people, once again i must pose a question to you witch is not related to bikes in anyway. come april me and my gf will leave Melbourne for a round Australia road trip and the only only part that worrying me is the choice of vehicle, ive done some research but theres jsut so many options it would be good to get some ideas and opinions. we will be doing a large amound of highway driving but will also be taking it offroad on mud, dirt, sand, gravel and everything else you can think off, nothing massivly heavy but still a large amount of offloading so will be needing a truck that can handle all this while offering good on road performance and comfort with acceptable fuel economy and top reliability. the clincher is it cant be more then $15000 AU. as the truck must have low range, aircon and a good amount of space as we will be taking alot of gear i have been considering the following: nissan pathfinder, holdon Jakeroo and the mitsubishi pajaro. i have had to exclude the popular favourites of the land cruiser and nissan patrol as both are out of our price range for a good condition example with sub 150k km. also as diesel trucks are far more expensive it looks like the choice will be the petrol examples of the above. my final question is about duel fuel systems, lpg and pertrol. how reliable are these, do they cause problems, do they reduce performance or cause any excess wear? any help you can offer would be great as im really stuck as to witch i would go for. I know its very un-british but the landrover discovery has had to be excluded as well as although it does offer all the comfort, space and on/offroad ability we want the reputation for poor reliability and the build quality you can expect from a team of blind quadriplegics has put it out of the question .
  4. its still in the uk as i was originally planning to have it shipped over and turn it into a track bike but its going to work out cheaper to pick up something else over here so im going to sort out selling the daytona. shame as i loved the bike but it was time for something new
  5. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151183148056900&set=a.10150122595981900.317776.581841899&type=3&theater me and my 1998 Tl1000s. all i can say its a peach of a bike that sounds brilliant with twin carbon cans and looks good in black. its not as quick as the daytona nor does it handle as well but it has massive amounts of low torque witch is great fun round the city and makes yanking the front wheel up as easy as lifting your tea mug. decided to keep this for a year or so although i will be adding a small cruiser for running around with the girl and the bad weather days. im thinking either a virago 250, suzuki intruder 250 or a cb250.
  6. well after viewing and considering all sorts of bikes i decided on one and put a deposit down. its a 1999 black TL1000s in absolutly perfect condition looks like new but has aftermarket pipes. also landed a job at the bike shop.
  7. got all my gear today so im dead happy. off to go view an R1 tomorrow
  8. im just after some information from someone who has ridden one or both long term. theres only so much you can learn from a 30 minute test ride and all the reviews of sports bikes are useless for learning about how a bike behaves in the real world its all track and hooligan based.
  9. the gsxr is a great bike and all credit to suzuki for doing a great job but its not got any appeal to me, i cant get over the odd aesthetics and i just dont want to own an ugly bike so suzuki' sports bikes are out for the considerable future.
  10. nah im looking for an underseat pipe, also not a fan of the gsxr light.
  11. thats not a bad price but i'm still not keen on a busa engine in a naked. would feel a bit to much like trying to hump a rhino, just hang on and hope it all comes off ok. didnt know they had stopped selling them.
  12. I'm looking at buying a bike here in melbourne for the city and the occasional blast in the open ozzy roads. I have managed to narrow it down to two bikes, the R1 and the cbr1000rr, in black between 06-08. im booking test rides on each but i have to admit im stuck. just about prefer the look of the yamaha but only just. has any one had experience with one or both of these bikes?
  13. well maybe not for us nikon boys but hay id change over for a sack full of freebies from there
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