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  1. I would keep my bike for that, get a stand pleaseeeeee
  2. I looked at that, I need to do about 20 more posts to be able too advertise it there
  3. People carrier - no chance! Although have been looking at the 5 door sports family cars lol. Anyone know of anyone that might be interested in such a bike?
  4. Good news is we have a baby on route, and in 5 months time it will be causing me losts of sleepless nights! Down side is it looks like the bike is likely to go, for both my own preservation and financial reasons I think. I'm sure I'm not alone our there, is this the way forward with the bike? If so then one of the best K1300Rs will be going up for sale if anyone is game? Stefan
  5. Yeah just quoting standard manufacture figures. Its 2011 bike so I would hope that's its running nicely currently. I was torn between the k1300 and the b-king, both a pair of big brutes! Will have to have a good think about this one!
  6. I've got a titanuim akraprovic racing system at min with a kn induction kit fitted currently, otherwise its the standard 175bhp engine set up. Its definetely food for thought as bike is truely awesome as it is and wouldn't want to risk fudging it up. Although the prospect off 200 ponies would be nice, only downside would cost 500 quid just to find out if you could get anything. That's what I'm trying to weigh up, is it worth the money, vonsidering the possible outcome?
  7. That's his name Stuart, seemed a real nice guy when I spoke to him. Those power figures are based on what some people have put up on the interweb lol, I would be over the moon to achieve 200 ponies. When I get it done will have to post up the dyno thingy. Stuart was saying fuel economy and mid range power would be beefed up which is where the useable power really matters, I personally think. Might need a regular tyre supplier tho ;-)
  8. I've got a K1300R with a couple tuning mods already and am running about 185bhp. I'm looking to finish it off and have a power commander fitted to take it to a speculated 210-220bhp. Question is, given its a total of 500 notes, is it worth it? I'm currently more swayed just by the thought of having over 200 ponies to play with. What's peoples opinion, and has anyone had any experience with power commanders? In case it helps it the ex BSB dude in north allerton that would be setting the bike up etc etc.
  9. I sooooo need to get to this! Lol. Will try and book day off work, anyone fancy convoying down from teesside area?
  10. Thank I will try and give this a go!
  11. Now then all! I thought I would upload a picture of my bike, but cannot figure out how to do it! Lol. So I thought I would post a link to a You Tube video I did sometime ago! Hopefully you will like it lol
  12. Thank you very much! With a couple of Minor mods she is pushing just under 190bhp. Fingers crossed this year will be up to 210bhp with the final stage of fondaling lol. Can't wait to meet you all at some point!
  13. Thought I would finally introduce myself finally! I live in Darlington and ride around the surrounding areas! I ride a BMW K1300R and am game for alsorts of fun and ride outs! I've got a pal on here already, so any one from local area that fancies a ride out then drop me a message, look forward to meeting you all.
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