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  1. When the wife could no longer pillion I decided to go from the cruiser (Kawa VN2000) and get a solo bike. Decided against a faired bike, main reason being fear of losing licence when unwittingly doing hyperspeed and not noticing in that bubble of still air. Looked at all the big naked bikes and went for the B-King ( I like them big, fast and brutal - just ask the wife). Now have 9 points on licence from unwittingly doing hyperspeed and not noticing in that blast of howling wind....... Also have ridden Gen1 and Gen2 Busas and a ZZR1400 in the last year....B-King feels fastest though it clearly does not have their top speed, even if it does accelerate faster...... Old and Disgraceful
  2. 06.31 and I'm up and raring to go. I can see a bright and sunny morning out there with only a few fluffy bits in the sky see y'all this afternoon Old and Disgraceful
  3. I personally don't think R&G are the most stylish crash bungs and prefer the Beowulf rad' and oil cooler guards for the B-king. That said, they are a firm with an excellent reputation and their products do work well in minimising damage in a low speed event (our B-King mate Tiny will testify on multiple occasions), or when short arses drop the bike when pushing it about Old and Disgraceful
  4. Here's three renderings of my bike.......see farcebook entry for larger pics........ "ink outline" "watercolour" "waterpaper" Old and Disgraceful
  5. Some simple arithmetic........leave home at 5 and back at 10 = 5hours.........less one whole hour for breakfast = 4 hours.........at 65mph average for a typical ride out (including fuel stops) = 260 miles.......is that about right Dave? Then you could go as far afield as Scarborough, Rhyll, Abergavenny, Bath or Andover perhaps? A few of the gang local to me will be meeting at mine about 9 - a 3hour blast to lunch where we went on the B-King ride out in April and another couple of hours afterwards Old and Disgraceful
  6. Have two pic's, one for each wall in your house Old and Disgraceful
  7. At 24 it's still easy to blow out all the candles on the cake......try it when you're Dave's age Old and Disgraceful
  8. If you want Dave, e-mail me the full file picture and I can render it as a sketch, watercolour or several other effects in photoshop. I've done quite a few such renderings of my landscape and botanic photography which has had commercial success........I'll post one on here at the weekend for you to have a gander. Old and Disgraceful
  9. What time arrival at the site is planned guys? I plan leaving Exmoor about 1pm to arrive about 4pm - but don't want to be too early and waiting for everyone else for the party.......... Old and Disgraceful
  10. Would that be stabilisers off next time then Old and Disgraceful
  11. What is this thing about not "grassing" on people? Surely you'd help the authorities deal with a murderer, rapist or paedophile - same goes with folk who's careless behaviour potentially endangers others, such as this idiot van driver.......just don't let anyone know what speed I was doing yesterday Old and Disgraceful
  12. Yep Dave, just about finished cleaning the bike, set to record the tennis then out and about - perhaps you'd like to come down southwest from you and we'll meet for a natter? Old and Disgraceful
  13. Or some where else in the UK????? Maybe I'm not the only one who would have to carefully consider the extra cost of going continental (much as I'd dearly love to take the bike over again for a few days - I wouldn't do only a weekend abroad, if I could somehow afford it)?????? Perhaps somewhere where a member is prepared to sort it out??????? Old and Disgraceful
  14. Again, I'm offering to do one in North Devon/ West Somerset - might be a haul for you hardy northerners but this southern softie has happily ridden to weekend meets in the lake district and Yorkshire. We have some stunning scenery and brilliant roads here on Exmoor. The hotel we stayed at in April with the B-King mob was a nice little number and cheap. I can easily find camp sites in my patch of England if that's what people want. Old and Disgraceful
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