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  1. make sure its not the clutch switch , you can unplug it and put a jump wire across it just to see if the bike starts ok then , some time it will just need a clean
  2. strip it down good clean grease it up and put back on the bike , i would think the good old road salt has got in it
  3. might help . more then likely the switch will need a good clean , wd and a pair of pliers and a pull should work
  4. Gilera 50 cc fantic gt Suzuki gt 250 A HONDA 500 T HONDA 400 FOUR KAWASAKI 400 J XS 750 BANDIT 1200 SUZUKI RF 900 X 3 GSXR 1000 K 3 , AND I HAVE RODE MOST JAP BIKES , FROM TIME TO TIME . Z 13000 SIX Z 1000H GPZ 1100 TO NAME A FEW
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