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  1. Yellowbike

    Hi from Bavaria

    Yeah, Facebook that is great. I removed my sleeping account after the stealing of personal information by Mr. Suckmountain. Did not like that forum anyway. Completely unknown people suddenly want to be friends with me. You must be crazy to join that circus. Paul
  2. A late welcome from me too Amanda. Best advice I can give is do not start riding at an early age. My first bike was a BSA 500 cc one cilinder from the sixties. Rode that monster as a student. It back fired so badly with ignition in the riding position that I got scared of it. It took me twelve years to get up my nerve to buy the next bike a BMW R80 flat twin. Got hooked on those strong bikes. Paul
  3. Reminds me of a friend who tried to beat a Ferrari 348 while riding a Ducati 888SP5. Of course the Duke won the game. Some guys in faster cars really think nothing can beat them. Paul
  4. Yellowbike

    Hi from Bavaria

    I sure hope the Alps are still there, this post is over a year old. It is not up too me to comment. I have not visited this nice forum in too long time. Funny for Ingo to choose Triumph bikes while living in Bavaria, the home of BMW bikes. I own two German Autobahnsturmers, a 41 year old R100S and a 20 year old R1100GS. I like machines that have proofed themselves a bit. The R100S has 375000 kms on the odo, the R1100GS only just 100.000 kms. Paul
  5. Came here strolling around the internet looking for information about the BMW R100GS bike. I own several airheads as the general term for older BMW bikes is. My daily driver is a canary yellow R100S which came in that color. Germans and Swiss think the bike was used by their postal services, both have this kind of yellow as company style. Paul
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