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  1. hi... can i get Mini Snowman Decor?? i sent u 2*999 now
  2. items send and received... thx to chay for ur help add rep for u liz and pls add rep for me too
  3. yeah... that's why i like this game
  4. hii i hv planet ornament 2, helicopter 1 want to swap with cute penguin, white horse, and red ribbon... thx
  5. i have : planet ornament blue helicopter ornament wanna swap with cute penguin and golden bow.. thx
  6. hii chay... ru still hv pink tree? i want 2 i'll send u 2*4999
  7. hi dorothy... i would like ur chili floating candle and baby toys set.... its mean 4*999? i'll send u f/r.. pls accpt
  8. Please Mr Balls Up WoMan can I have ball number 20?
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