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  1. Yeah sorry for the late reply that happened to me too I don’t know how to fix it
  2. Also note you are a verified user @slgray nudge nudge also a future moderator Also note you are a verified user @slgray nudge nudge also a future moderator TORNADO WARNING - - - CRITICAL
  3. We welcome SLGray to our forum! He is a great helper to the community and a great person overall. I apreciate having you here, @SLGray
  4. Actually terrible we have a tornado warning
  5. Sunix logo: by Sunix. I find it is a cool looking logo 😎
  6. We are transferring this forum to ForumClub!
  7. Flame

    Level requests

    Please place level IDs below. Good levels will be rated!
  8. Flame

    important poll

    Please vote below.
  9. Flame

    GodEater incident

    Agreed. The level wasso good...
  10. Our impersonation policy is enforced very strictly. If impersonation is done, the username will be permanently retired. Plus, to get verified or mod you just have to be yourself. Please, report impersonation to us.
  11. Flame

    2.2 is sooon

    tnemom hurb
  12. Flame

    2.2 is sooon

    how u get verify you dont ask for it and rubrub never said that tbh im not verified im krmal i dont need it so i didnt req it its realy not that importantBeing helpful like tis will eventually get you verified and eventually mod thx for the help @krmal
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