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  1. Ooohh I want to go.. that sounds awesome! Had you done those exercises before? How did you do? I have heard and read about it and thought , wow that seems so hard. I wonder if God gives all prophetic gifted people this ability to quickly see things when they touch others? That would be awesome wouldn't it? I guess it has to be developed though. If you can.. PM me the exact name of the class.. so I can look into it myself! Love, Jen
  2. What sort of things did you do in the groups? I was thinking of taking his classes.. but it's so hard to take time off with a family. I'll bet they were awesome!!! :yes:
  3. was it our conversaion on books? It seemed liek they moved our posting to fellowship hall.( The lighter side) It's another area of the forum.. I guess because it did not pertain to dream interps. :huh: I'm not sure. Jen
  4. Yes same to you I want to check out your books. Was john pauls class cool? I listened to his CD set and it was awesome! funny story.. I got the CD's from his Dad (who lives close by) because my mom was his nurse for a while. She told him about my dreams. He then loaned her John Paul's CD's so I could hear them. I'm so grateful, but I know it was a God thing!
  5. Here are some prophecy/ dream/ supepnatural books I like: My favorite: Dream language by James W & Michal Ann Goll I just read Developing a Supernatural Lifestyle by Kris Vallotton and it is wonderful!!! I also like dream stuff by John Paul with Streams ministries.. not sure his last name. I'm currently reading a Joyce Meyer book called Approval Addiction.. very good! I'd love to here what you enjoy reading. Jen
  6. The book is called Angelic Encounters by James W & Michal Ann Goll He also has some great books on prophecy. You should check them out! Love, Jen
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