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  1. Wonderful!! Good for your Cholette. May God continue to lead, guide and direct your footsteps. Blessings, Ispeaktheword
  2. Hi Rnestseeker, Thank you for your post. I actually learned alot from you! This class was a first for me. I am a babe when it comes to prophetic ministry. The class I took was called "The Art of Hearing God 101". This was like a beginners class so we just got the basics of prophetic ministry. The next class is called "Advanced Prophetic Ministry". Thank you for being transparent about your experience and how you were not to sure about all of this stuff. Sometimes I wonder myself. God is really taking his time with me and not letting me experience everything all at once. Its interesting you spoke about seeing images over people. One of the teachers told me she saw a can of sardines being opened over me . She said something about the delicacies of the Lord. I questioned it at first but I decided to keep myself open because maybe she really did see a can of sardines being opened over me. I don't want to reject a word that may be from the Lord.. Rnestseeker thank you for sharing that info with me. It will definitely help me as I continue to learn more about this area of ministry. God bless, Ispeaktheword
  3. Hi Cholette, Thank you sooo much for your prayers. I will lift you up in prayer also. God is up to something! Love, Ispeaktheword
  4. Hello Everyone, Monday I was informed that the owner of the company I work for will be closing up shop in Feb 09. I am not devastated by this news. I have been crying out to the Lord for change for a long time. I am ready for this period of transition in my life, but I have bills to pay. I am asking for your prayers and that the Lord will lead and guide my foot steps during this time. I know in my heart what I desire to do, but I want the will of the Father for my life. Thank you for your prayers. Love, Ispeaktheword
  5. Hey Jen, They made half the class stand in a line with their eyes closed. The other half had to walk up to a person with their eyes closed and place their hand on the persons shoulder. The person with their eyes closed had to prophecy a word or words that they felt lead to say to the person that placed their hands on them. The lady that I had totally read me. We did an excercise called "when I look at you". We were placed in groups of 6. We had to go in a circle and everyone in the group would say to the person, When I look at you I see Favor or Miracles or a Teacher etc. It was about going off of first impressions and getting you comfortable with speaking into someone's life. Someone would take notes for each person that the group was speaking to, so at the end you could refer to your notes and see all of the wonderful things that were spoken into your life. I enjoyed that. At the end of the last class, if the teachers have a word for you they give it to you. They also did impartations at the end of the last class. It was fun and interactive. Blessings, Ispeaktheword
  6. Wow Jen, That's cool. That was definitely a God thing. Yes, I enjoyed the class. It was a 2 day class from 9am to 9pm. Yeah, long days. In between the teachings we had to do some group excercises in regards to moving in the prophetic. It was a good experience. I would take another class through his ministry. Thanks for asking.. Ispeaktheword
  7. Hi Jen, Thank you. I was not sure if I did something wrong or not. I will check out fellowship hall. Blessings, Ispeaktheword
  8. Hello, Im curious as to what the rules and regulations are for this site. I noticed a couple of e-mails that I posted were deleted. It contained names of books and the authors. I just wanted to know for future reference if that kind of content is not acceptable on this site. Blessings, Ispeaktheword
  9. Hey Jen, Thank you for the info on those books. I am definitely interested in reading Jim Goll's books. I recently read Understanding Prophetic People by Loren Sandford. I thought it was a very good book. Right now im reading Humble is the Way by David Jones and Kathryn Kuhlman's autobiography Daughters of Destiny. Both interesting so far. I just took a class called the "Art of Hearing God" through Streams Ministries. I wish John Paul Jackson taught the class, but it was still very good. I will check out the other books you've mentioned. Thanks Jen! Blessings, Ispeaktheword
  10. Hi Jen, I appreciate you even responding to this post. We will forever be learning and growing in this area of ministry. I love to read! What is the name of the book your reading? Right now I'm reading "Humble is the Way". Its about walking in humility. Blessings, Ispeaktheword
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