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  1. Thank you so much, Grey.....Your prayer is powerful, and I will, with His strength, believe He will deliver us....I will let you know how it all turns out...Thank you for praying for us, I appreciate it, more than you know.. May He continue to bless you abundantly... Pamela
  2. Hi... Going through a divorce with a man who is not a Christian and doesnt have much interest in our children....I have posted recently about him not wanting to give us money temporarily, yet is doing the bare minimum now...This provides us with very little and are scraping to get by week to week....We both have attorneys and now my attorney has said that my husband's attorney is requiring a deposition from me on Aug 10th...Apparently, the attorney will "grill" me for at least two hours....It is supposed to be used as a pressure tactic....My three young children and I have been through so much..This is just another huge trial for me....I am feeling depressed and overwhelmed on most days and just want deliverance from this pain....Could you please pray for us and pray that he settles on a reasonable amount of money before this has to go to court? And, please pray that I do not have to attend this deposition.......Sometimes, I wonder where God is in all of this pain, it seems like the hits just keep coming....thank you so much..
  3. Thank you, Sirianta....They are 3, 6, and 8....my eight year old seems to suffer the most from this.....I need to just trust God, like you said, that He will take care of us...Sometimes, it is very difficult to do...I appreciate your prayers so much...
  4. Thank you so much Lola and Cholette...I have secured a lawyer, however, each time my ex forces me to inact the law to protect the children and I, it costs alot to go to court....I am hoping that it doesnt come down to that, and that he agrees to my settlement amount...could you all pray for that?? and that he will pay the bills until it is settled?? it is a very stressful time...thank you so much..
  5. Hello.. I humbly as for your prayer for myself and my three small children...I am going through a divorce and my soon to be ex is not a believer, and with that, is also suffering from depression and bi-polar disorder...He refuses medication, and is still employed...His behavior is very erratic--never had interest much in the kids or me during the marriage...He has secured a lawyer who allegedly is not real sound, uses dishonest tactics during divorce...My ex recently decided to withhold money from the kids and I and am finding it diffucult to make ends meet...I cannot work until divorce is final and have to take courses so I can eventually enter the work force...I am frightened, to say the least, and am wanting God to relieve us of this heavy burden ....My ex filed for the divorce and is hoping that by withholding $$, it will force me to settle the divorce...Thank you for praying for us...I do not desire reconciliation with this person...he says he is not capable of marriage and commitment and I do believe that is true..thank you..
  6. Thanks so much Christina- pls email me or send me a msg if you find any great ones- or just to chat!! blessings to you!
  7. Thanks Christina! We went to Life Center and liked it (although it was LARGE :) ) but did not attend any small groups..Maybe that is what was missing..We were fairly close to it (15 minutes)..Anyway, any more ideas would be great and very much appreciated..Thank you so much!
  8. Things are going BETTER- thank you for asking! But, we are still church hopping, which is frustrating...We live on the South Hill..Do you know of any great churches you could suggest? Thank you so much!!
  9. Yes I know, we did last night..Pls pray for Zoe and Cole for complete healing..Doctors really scared us last night...Thanks
  10. Hello- I am asking for all prayer warriors to pls pray for my kids and deliverance from attacks from the enemy..I posted late last week that my two kids have croup..My son is still not better, and in fact, seems worse this morning..This morning my two year old came down with it...We have things planned that we cannot accomplish..this is beyond frustrating..Thank you so much!
  11. thank you Dear Cholette! We actually have been taking communion, but haven't in the past couple of days..Thank you for the reminder, we will do it today..And THANK YOU for your prayers and Love and friendship! Love you a bunch!
  12. Hello Everyone- Could you please pray for my family? It seems that the enemy has continuously attacked us for the past eight weeks with many viruses..We have encountered the flu- both upper respiratory and stomach..The past week, my precious daughter- Arianna- came down with a nasty case of croup..My son, Cole- has just come down with it yesterday..Please - if you have any advice on how to counteract these attacks, please let me know..I have prayed fairly hard and have prayed for healing, restoration and have tried to cast out any unclean spirits..What else can we do?? Please also pray that our youngest (Zoe- 2 years old) doesnt get the croup also..If you could also pray that the Lord gives my sweet Arianna an appetite for food..She is very thin and tiny, and hasnt eaten much in the past week...She is very thin for a five year old..(thirty pounds)- we are all thin genetically, BUT the difference between all of us is that we all eat well, but she picks and only wants carbs and not many healthy foods!! This child (Arianna) has a heart for God that I haven't seen, and really has a heart full of LOVE for all and not a mean bone in her body..Her teacher says she doesn't fight back and I have experienced this as well..Please pray for her and pass on any advice you many have..This is spiritual warfare..Thanks so much... Pamela
  13. Your prayers and wisdom mean the world to me! Thank you so much!!
  14. MB- Your post brought tears to my eyes and encouraged me so much! Thank you for your wisdom and allowing God to use you to help me...I will re-read your post again and again...The Lord is so amazing answering prayer..He does it through His children, His saints, to help one another..Thank you MB- You are blessed!
  15. thank you Virtuous! so helpful- I am excited about this journey..I have been one who has always been a reader, and have read so many "Christian" books, that I have been confused, depressed and frustrated because I havent been able to hear Him!! Cholette- more tonight- !! Thank you!
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