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  1. Recieved Test Results and the doctor said that there was no change in the pituitary gland and that there was no other abnormal activity seen. Thank You JESUS!!! HE IS A HEALER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I have a question about something that is bothering me and I need to talk to someone about it. I cannot post it on here because it is somewhat a private matter. I really some one else to give me another view point on this issue. I have been seeking the Lord and as you know our flesh can tell us one thing and we can get it mixed up but if one the moderators feel led to talk to me please private message me or you can call me I will happy to talk with you about it. God Bless Seeker38
  3. Thank you all for you prayers and support. Today I went in for a MRI. They are looking for something that GOD healed me of 3 years ago and that was a pituitary adenoma. I have been going through in my body, mind, and spirit feeling like I am in a whirlwind this is why I requested prayer. The doctors have been testing me for everything under the sun and don't know what is going on in my body. They thought that I was pregnant but test was negative. I am before the Lord and waiting patiently on Him to fulfill HIS promises. He is a promist keeper. I am standing strong and holding my head up even though some days are hard. I give Him glory and in every thing I give Him thanks for this is His Will concerning me. Again I thank you my spiritual family for touching and agreeing with me in prayer. I will keep you updated as to my test results. I already know that they are going to be negative. Seeker
  4. I need prayer because I am really going through some serious issues right now. I am asking for prayer because I don't think that I am handling this very well. I fell as though I have failed God at this point and I am weary. So please, please, please, remember Seeker in your prayers. Thank you
  5. see I had a mentor but she passed away 3 years ago and it was very difficult for me. when i was growing up i use to hang around the older saints and kept to myself basically. never hung out with the in crowd because the Lord did not allow me to. i was poured into by my pastor and my mentor both of them much older one 87 and the other 82 much wisdom. I miss that. I could talk to them about anything. when I look among me cholette I don't know, I don't feel a connection or discern anyone in particular that the Lord is saying that's the one. I am being very careful to listen to Him because I don't want just anyone pouring into me. does that make since? So I am going to keep listening and keep my eyes open for the answer. This turned out to be a good topic. Seeker38
  6. Lovetowhorship thank you for the prayer. I want nothing more than for the house that the Lord blesses me and my husband with to be filled with but the HOLY GHOST!! From the top to the bottom. I want it to move so that my whole neighborhood feel it. :yes: I bless Him for the miracle and I thank Him for the power of agreement! Seeker38 :bighug:
  7. Yes, I have been also seeking Him about a mentor and at times, I wonder if that is His will or if He want us to fully rely on Him for everything we need. I am at a place in my life that is really hard and I really don't understand somethings but I know He will bring clarity to every situation. Thank you for standing in agreement with me. There is power in agreement Seeker38
  8. The LORD is so GOOD and I am sooooooooo excited about GOD and what HE is getting ready to do. Thank you all for your prayers. :yes: Seeker
  9. I have been praying about a godly mentor. Someone I can talk to and pray with. It has always been a desire of mine to have that type of person in my life. Someone to mentor me in the different area's of ministry. What are your thoughts about that? seeker
  10. Just wanted to share a little testimony about something that happened to me on Sunday afternoon. I went to the store for my mom to get a cake, well I went to Samsclub but they were closed so I ended up at Kroger. I went in and did not find anything so I picked up a few things for myself and checked out. On my way out I walked passed a woman standing by the curb eating chicken and the Lord spoke in my spirit she needed help. Well, I kept right on to my car. I was pulling out and she walked over to my car and asked me was I going a certain way and I told her no, I lived in another direction. She said she needed a way home. I told her that I would take her home. Needless to say she ended up being a christian and we started talking about the goodness of the Lord. She stated that she wanted to visit my church and that she believed that the blessings of the Lord rested on my life. She could not believe that I went out of my way to take her home. I told her that I was blessed to be a blessing to others. I would not take money from her either. Just wanted to share God is so good. Seeker38
  11. :jawdrop: I find it so amazing that you would give me that scripture. So many times the Lord has woke me up out of sleep and every time I would open my Word I would open it up to that passage of scipture not really understanding what the Lord was saying to me. I would weep and ask Him what was He saying and would not hear an aswer. This would happen many years ago. Now here we are, look at God. So I say to God be glory and thank you for being obedient to Him. So many times we don't understand things when they happen, but my granny also say well understand them bye and bye. Bless you. Seeker38 We are going to Keep on Faithing.....I Love that
  12. Praise the Lord Everybody! Just want to make me & my husbands request known. He asked me too. He & I looked a new home and He fell in love with one in particular. Being that we want to start a family we will need something bigger than what we live in now so we of course have started to look and have began to pray about it also. We ask that you pray with us about this also. We do want the will of God to be done in this matter. Not flesh. GOD all the way...... God bless you all Seeker38
  13. Thank You Jesus I do not have to have surgery and was able to deliver a sermon on Sunday morning which I had not been able to do in months. The doctor had told me on Monday the 6th that my lungs were not functioning well but God is a healer and Prayer changes everything! :PTL:
  14. I am requesti ng prayer, it is very important. I am going through somethings right now that are very overwhelming. Please lift me in your prayers. I really need God to move on my behalf. I need someone to really touch and agree with me. One thing that is going on is sickness in my body. I have been dealing with pain issues, chest congestion, and the doctor told me today that they may need to do surgery on my left arm, dosen't think it is cancer. My prophetic family please help me pray. Blessings Seeker3
  15. I just wanted to share a testimony about my mom who raised me up in church from a youth. My mother backslide and left the church. I have been praying for mother to be reclaimed and return to the Lord. It seemed as if the more I prayed the worse things became and it did not seem as if she was going to get herself together. I fervantly prayed for the Lord to give my mom a mind and a will to repent and return. She would come to church and make an atempt and then she would go back out. Well two weeks ago my mother came back to the Lord and I give Him all the praise. The word says in James 5:16 that the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. I thank Him for that. Just wanted to share. Seeker38
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