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  1. Ty. I pray speedily that yours will be coming soon.
  2. Please pray that God will send me a husband. I have been celibate for 13 years . I have not been on a date in the last 13 years. It will be nice if someone ask me for my name and number. Men do not approach me. I am not unattractive ; however, I might be considered old(39) to most men my age. I use to be overweight, now I am back to what I use to be in my early 20's. Maybe I let the weight stay on me too long. Men look at me but do not say much. I think I let the weight stay on me too long and now it is too late. I want to be found, I hope it is not too late.
  3. Pray for Haiti. They are also God's people and you hear them crying out to God.
  4. WOW! Thanks a lot, I'll try to make it part of my bed time routine. :afro:
  5. Amen. Hallelujah hallelujah ;Hallelujah is the highest prase. I feel great, ty guys for praying for me. I have been talking to the Lord about introducing his Holy Spirit to me. I speak in tongues but I want to know his SPIRIT. I know it will cause me to mature as a Christian and stop going into slumps.I need HIS power.It time for me to grow up. I always focus on the Father and the SON;however, it is time for me to focus on his spirit also. :afro:
  6. Thank you guys. I grateful and thankful for your prayers. May God bless you all for planting your seeds of Godliness into my life.
  7. Please pray for me. I believe I am on the path to destruction. I am sad, jobless, single parent,full of rage,no car,hurt ;because, of past relationship(10 years ago). I feel Like I am going to loose my sanity. Please pray that I have self control and do not loose my soul and be a good parent to my daughter. I forgot to add I am also obese.
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