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  1. Please join me to pray, i have not been here in a long time because i backslid. I stopped believing cos i suffered so much heartbreak. i made a decision to come back last December to Christ. I need His help, his deliverance for myself and my boy. as i write this, my account is seriously overdrawn and i am having problems at a job that i loathe ( and i am underpaid there!) i desire to be re-married but have met no one who truly loves my son and i. have been dealing with so much.... in the past 5 years, i have tried to keep encouraging myself that God will do things in my life, at the moment, all looks so bleak
  2. Sis Mia & Sis Dove sorry for the delay in my response. U r correct, I- need to move out. I've lived too long with her- 2009. I'd hoped 2012 would be the year I'd move out. She is so selfish that she doesn't want me to move out or move forward in my life, the wickedness she unleashed towards me last year left me breathless. The onslaught left me weak last yr- [quote]
  3. My dear friends, I've missed you all so much! I've been battling depression And- quite a bit of unresolved anger & grief within. I- still live with my mother who has not gotten better/ I- ignore her perpetually. 2012 has been a challenging year- faithwise Right now, I'm reminding myself that God is faithful & all that I- have.
  4. My sister, I thank u for allowing God to use u to minister to me when I was down. For sharing of urself in love and fellowship. Love u SIs....... Father, I bless Your Holy name.
  5. Dear family, the Lord has made me to rejoice. He has turned my mourning into dancing again. He has lifted my sorrow, He has floored me!!! He is an amazing Father He is the hope that never dissapoints His love overwhelms and gives us succor I am just buzzing as I type this Join me to lift praises unto His name, join me to thank Him
  6. Thanx Sis Astra, i am thankful, grateful, and rejoicing..... I agree this is just the beginning......................
  7. The praises keep coming, the testimonies also in Jesus Name!!!! My dear family in Christ Jesus, after months of inertia and the devil lying to me..... I HAD AN INTERVIEW TODAY!!!!!!! It went well, as praise be to the Father in Christ Jesus. Sincerely, when we hand over stuff to the Father its so so so so much better (to all my encouraging sisters on here, i say thank u for holding me up in prayer and teaching me that its only Jesus, that true salvation comes) I was shaking as I started the interview, I had to calm myself. It got to the point I couldn't study my notes any longer, so I spent time in worship of our Abba, Father, our loving Maker. I just prayed and prayed. I yielded myself totally to Him. And let me tell you, He guided and directed everything that went on today. Everything worked out to my good as the Word promised us. I kept reciting the word to myself over and over. I encouraged myself in Him and let it go. To Him be the glory, honor and adoration. Amen
  8. This is awesome big Sis!!!! Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!
  9. What a wonderful savior we have. Yesterday I had money in my wallet, it was stolen. I had had good news all through the morning up until that moment, immediately I saw it was a ploy of the enemy to steal my joy and make me bitter. I CHOSE to rejoice, I CHOSE to believe that our Father was in control. I CHOSE to declare that God was in control, Satan couldn't steal my joy and I was going to get back my wallet. With my pictures, my son's pics and my IDs and debit cards. I counted the money as a loss and knew that I'd get the money back. Part of that money in the wallet belonged to God, so I was determined I'd replace the money and do His work. I kept saying it to myself, I kept believing it. In fact, I had such peace the whole day. I resisted the devil's lies about how could i get it back. I declared, Father, You will return it, I don't know how or when or even care, all I know is that my wallet shall be returned to me. Because I know I am Your child, I kept repeating the promises of His Word. I had such peace, I can't even explain it. It was peace that His Word declares. I was about to go to bed, I still didn't fret. Whenever the devil tried to get me to feel sad about the wallet, I kept declaring God was going to give it back to me. I BELIEVED!!! So at 11pm, I received a phone call. 'Ma'am, I found your wallet with your ID and pictures and everything....." I began to say, Bless the Lord Oh my Soul, all that is within me, Bless His holy name!! I prayed for the person. This morning as I waited for the wallet, the enemy started to give me fears and doubts about getting the wallet. I muttered the WORD again--- He who began a good work, is faithful to complete it!!! I GOT MY WALLET!!!!! Praise God!
  10. Father, I am immensely grateful for the gift of my son that you gave to me years ago. As Your Word says, You bless above what I could ever imagine or ask. My son is a gift that I am absolutely in awe of. Thank You Father.
  11. thanx sisters!!! biggest tightest hugs!!!
  12. Yesterday was my bday!!! HBD to moi!!! I was saddened by the pain i've gone thru in the past 3 years. how my life seemed to be stagnant at this point in my life it was as though a giant stone were set upon me, all i felt was pain and tears streamed down my face as i was in church. people of God were praising Him yet all i could do was gripe and whine, hurt and hurtl. then i resisted the devil and reached out to my Savior. i began to speak to Him, began to thank Him for His love. And He reached down to me in love. I am believing that very soon He will change my story- turn my mourning into dancing again. HALLELUYAH!!!
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