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  1. Thank you so much for your input, mbstudnt..and Golden Eagla. I will ponder all this in the Holy Spirit. Also, I live in Northern California...this is rancher country out in the foothills...but I live in a small neighborhood near town. Years ago this was all farm and ranchers.
    In the dream the monks seemed to know that these cows did not belong in my back yard, they were quietly trying to herd them out of my yard. I will pray about this...If the cow has ever been a sign of a witch...(like a rebellious woman) . I am covered by the blood of Jesus....and I love that God talks to us in dreams. thank you again.

  2. Hi, I had a strange experience last night...it was not like a dream, and not like any "God Dreams" that I have had it was different, very real...like in real time and in the real room that I was genuinely sleeping in at the time. Does that make sense. I felt like I heard noises...felt uncomfortable in the spirit and when I went to see what it was I could see through my french doors (my real french doors in my bedroom) that my back yard was filled with cows..(in the dark... and I couldnt see very well, because it was dark....they were being gathered by a bunch of monks in their robes...I decided that it was nothing to worry about and went back to bed.

    Later, in the night, I awoke...and through my french doors...it was very dark...that is unusual because we live directly behind a church that keeps their lights on all night every night......then I remembered that It was dark earlier, and I'd seen the cows and the monks...I quickly determined that I hadnt really seen them it must have been a dream...but it was so real and it felt different than all the God Dreams that Ive had over the past thiry so years......

    Any insight on the experience or the symbols, cows and monks......? I could not find anything similar in the symbol listing online here.
    I am so enjoying sharing this part of my life with the people on this site....God is so awesome, He is so good to us. Thanks for everything. In Christ Jesus, Linda Irish

  3. Hi. I am a mom with eight children and 13 grandchildren. I have been a born again Christian since I was 22 years old. When I was growing up, I use to spend a lot of time wondering why God, If he was so powerful, did not bother to talk to his children. Thats what I was told when I was a kid. At 22 I had the most important day of my life when I met the living God - and I have not been the same since... -(thats a good thing)!!! Christ Jesus is my Hero and the love of my life. He has been talking to me since the day that I met him. I was very happy to find this site the other day and see that other "kids of the King" get together and reach out to be closer to God...
    I love the scripture that says that the sheep will hear his voice. Nice to meet you all :o) Linda Irish
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