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  1. Hi. I would like prayer and counsel. No I am not the only one feeling trapped. The main person is traped daily and comes to me for support.
  2. I don't want to name names so I will tell you my problem in a story form not using the real names of people involved. In our family we have one whom seems to be destroying all the good that we are all trying to do. Each of us are working hard to acheive different goals. But this one person is constantly taking/asking or even stealing in the past. The problem is mainly with the main/lead of the family whom takes the brunt of it financially. Having all their weekly income taken in ine form or another. They wont do anything about it because of love/loyalty and some fear. I cant do anything because this would put the main victim at risk. It affects me deeply. Bringing on a feeling of being trapped in a vicious circle and depression. Whats the point attitude. An inheritance was given to the family and this person used a lot of it and squandered it. This really annoys me and leads me to feelings of resentment. I have prayed for years. But nothing changes.
  3. Hi, that particular spirit has only been attacking me in my home. I would go out and feel up lifted and fine, then come home and begin to feel depressed, tearful, despairing e.t.c. Also I just remembered, my mum came to feed my cat when I was away and she said she could not bear to be in my flat. She did her duties and got out as soon as she could. X
  4. Fantastic...............! Lol Yes indeed, I do believe that is what happened, I was trying to work it out for days. It wasn't until you said about the black blob spirit thing, that God reminded me of my uncle's conversation with me. He also seems fine now by the way. So it thought see you, taking my victims to church, I am gonna take you down! Well that is what he thinks, right! Now I can see what is going on, I can deal with it...........! Thank you. X
  5. Yes I understand all of the above.......I have been a born again Christian for 26 years........I think I have just been caught off guard . . . . I remember my Uncle stayed here and he told me about a darkness that came on him and he described it as you said Charlotte like a black image. He said it was like utter despair and he has become very negative, he is not a Christian, but believes in God, after we left my flat we went on holiday, after my nan's funeral....well a break more than a holiday and I took him to a church on the Sunday. So I do believe God is on the move, as the sermon really spoke to him and he has friends that attend that church, so where he is now staying, he has a lot of the christian community surrounding him. so all prayers for his complete salvation would be wonderful. It is not untill I returned to my flat that the attacks started. I can see now what has happened......
  6. Thank you very much.X I will read this over and over and try to be strong and pray.X
  7. I also strongly feeling like going away from where I am to a new place
  8. Hi, I am having a huge battle with strong waves of depression. A lot of the time I feel O.K, then I will have this horrible feeling which almost covers me. I can't stand the feeling....it is alful. I feel very sad and every thing seems hope less and pointless, but this is not me, I am a very possitive out going person most of the time. This feeling is over wealming and I can not cope with life when I feel like this. My nan passed away about a month ago and of course I feel sad about this, but I have a strong faith and am very close to God. Her funeral was beautiful. I just can not handle this alful feeling that comes over me.....I just want to break down and cry and cry and just sleep. I have two small children to look after, so thank goodness it is not there all the time. This is very deep. Last time I cried deeply, I felt the Lord hold my head and pour deep healing into me. I am afraid of the depth of how I feel.
  9. Thank you Christina for spending all that time on me.xxxxxxxx That is really touching and encouraging. I will read again and again without becoming obsessed of course! I will get there, just never had to face this one before.xxxxx and thank you butterfly I will take one step at a time and I will pray Christina for the Lord's way! Strangly enough I didn't think of that! Der.xxxx
  10. I have suffered with depression and feel depressed now! But I am fighting it.
  11. Life is a set of event's, Let us take each event as a challenge! Fight the good fight!.......... If it is the enemy........ then let us learn to love our enemy......... If it is God, then let us pass the test. Don't listen to people who are negative too much! Set your self apart and pray in tounges, worship keep your self edified. God bless.x
  12. Hi I am feeling a bit down because I put on a couple of stone in weight. I know it may seem silly, as there are much worse problem's going on, that I know. It's just I was always a size 10, even after four children. Weight was never an issue with me. I was always thin as a child and food was not an issue. In fact I didn't eat that much........ I have been a christian for nearly 14 years and finally managed to stop smoking three years ago. I then put on the weight. I can not stick to a diet, it felt like torture. I am thinking about smoking again to get the weight off! I can't do too much exercise as I have sciatica! and bad back pain......... I feel really stuck in this problem that I have never had to deal with before.I am now even having dreams about being weighed. In real life I am about 10 and a half stone. I was always about 8 and a half stone. In the dream I was 13 stone!!!Regard's Julie.
  13. I have spoken of this before. We need prayer please, to know the Lord's will for our lives as to wether he wants us to remain in London or to move back to Wales. Any answers please tell. Thankyou. julie.
  14. A while ago now the Lord defanately gave me a date. When the Lord has given me dates in the past something has always happened/ come to pass. On this date the only significant thing that happened was a lady e.mailed me about an exchange (house exchange). We have been praying for a long time now about wether we need to move away or stay here. As we lived in Wales and came back to London really of our own accord, because of family situations, We have felt unsettled eversince. Then sometimes we fall in to a lull, like a false sence of security. Anyway this lady lived in Church Stretten, which is on the border of Wales, still classed as England. On a Friday morning, whilst my husband was on a weeks holiday, we both woke with the same thought of getting up and driving to Church Stretten and looking at the house and area. We went. It all felt right. We were met on the moterway by a pastor that we know, who's crusade we had attended only the week before. He drove along side our car and said "God is with you", smiled and drove off. He was with his wife and son. The lady was very keen indeed to move to our place. She spoke about Church Stretten being called "Gods waiting room". All seemed to be running smoothley. I then discovered how small the house was, although we gained a garden and lost a lot of living space. I backed out, as I could not bear to live in a small place. We had to do this when we lived in temporary accomodation. Do you think this is the Lords way? That this is where we are supposed to be going? the lady is still looking to move. We just want to do what the Lord wants us to do, but it isn't always easy to know for sure. Thanks for reading.
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