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  1. So you reminded me again what happens when babies start getting their teeth in.. Oh man to think what will be when my grandson's teeth start to come in.. He sleeps most of the time next to my room. Long story.. As it is I get tooo little sleep,.. hmmm!!! Understand on all counts what you are saying here, at least to some degree.. There have been very, very few times that I have been able to step back while in the dream to do what you are saying.. Most interesting though as that is awesome to be able to pay attention to what is being said over just the dream itself. The other night I know I had a dream, but could not remember what the dream was about, yet.. I awoke with a sense of what the dream was about, but even more then that, scriptures and I learned whatever, it was like the unseen, in a deep spirit dimension if that makes sense??!! Actually have had a few of these lately.. Both of those times issued some pretty deep stuff.. and in one of those times I fell back to sleep and God issued forth another dream that I did remember and wow.. This in fact confirmed I think whatever the first dream must of been and also a deep understanding of something came forth from the first dream that I couldn't remember at all. It was pretty amazing actually. The other time, I didn't remember the dream, but remembered the theme and the content of what must have been taught to me as all of the sudden I realized something that I never understood before.. and actually was meant to or for another dream I had a long time ago.. and also in part an understanding of a relationship with a friend of mine indirectly. It is hard to explain but it was to teach and show me something yet I didn't remember the dream.., but perhaps what it must of meant or something.. because what issued forth was like a word of knowledge from it, if that makes any sense?? You said pay attention to what is being told to you instead of the dream.. hmmm I have been told to do that.. and also the details. That is hard for me to do.. My sleep is so deep.. and I am so out when I do dream most of the time... so I dunno.. interesting thought. When I first started getting dreams from God, I could do more of that, now it is a lot harder to be just in the dream.. and stand back like that.. Now that I have had dozens of dreams.. Dunno??!!! Will pray that God allows for me to do this.. Yes, I agree my spirit doesn't miss whatever and realize this in a deep way some how.. now that you bring this up.. hmmm!!! As I have said in other postings.. a friend of mine said to me, don't worry if you can't remember.. you'll remember it often times when the dream comes to pass, it'll be like Dajavu. When you think about that, it is very interesting. As a young girl I use to have Dajavu all the time.. Now not so much. My son gets this all the time though. Thank you very much True Flight!! This was very insightful!!! FOR HIS GLORY AND WILL ALONE!! Ann
  2. Lola I will most certainly pray for you on this.. WoW.. that is horrible to have to deal with that.. as I feel your pain on this!!! Well I will most certainly have to deal with this cat of my daughter in laws.. as this too is causing me great pain as well.. so this is something that needs to be dealt with. Thank you for your thoughts..!!! FOR HIS GLORY AND WILL ALONE!! Ann
  3. Actually I do pray always deeply before I go to sleep but will give even further prayer on this Lola.. Most of the time when I do have particularly deep dreams from the Lord, these usually impact me enough that I don't forget and in fact, many of them are in deep detail, others?? Immediately after I have a dream, I get up and I write/type whatever right then and I muse over the dream deeply.. Will do this, in pleading the blood of Yeshua over my bedroom as I have actually done this a few times and lately it has slipped my mind in doing so. Also my daughter in law, had her cat dropped off here a few months ago by her dad.. and somehow I think this cat may have something to do with this.. Strange as it may seem, demonic spirits can attach themselves to animals and even though this cat is far from mean, she sleeps under my bed and in fact hides there constantly.. and thinking about finding a new home for this cat. Can't put words to this.. perhaps a strong impression you could say?? SO this is the other thing that lingers in the back of my mind as well. Will continue to pray over this and if you would also all whom read this, would you also pray over me, this bedroom and my home..?? Thank you Lola.. :) FOR HIS GLORY AND WILL ALONE!! Ann
  4. Also need prayer that my son will get this job that his dad has high hope for through a friend of his. So also pray for this as well!!! FOR HIS GLORY AND WILL ALONE!!! Ann
  5. Will definitely pray for you!!! Have many decisions to make as well concerning financial things. In fact things have been going down fast for me and I am not sure what God wants me to do about this. So also do pray for me as well. FOR HIS GLORY AND WILL ALONE!! Ann
  6. Lately I have been having loads of dreams and some I am certain were God given. Thing is, I keep waking up and forgetting them. Mostly due to my sons waking me or the phone, or alarm clock. Even without any of this, I have been totally forgetting the dream when I wake up. A friend of mine a while back told me not to worry.. I would thus have like Dajavu and the dream would come back to me when whatever came to pass. Even knowing this.. which I use to have a lot as a child.. Dajavu..not so much any more. Don't know what do about forgetting the dream when I wake up..and it is bugging me more then a little. HELP!!! Any thoughts on this...?? I know prayer indeed.. Any other thoughts on this that might would help?? Perhaps you all can pray for me on this?? There are times when I go through times with forgetting my dreams and then it goes away.. It is still unsettling to me though. Just don't want to miss out on anything that God may be speaking to me about. Actually have several major decisions to make that are critical to everyone around me. So have been in prayer for God's direction and usually God shows me in my dreams. So this is why it is bothering me so much more so lately. Thank you!!!! FOR HIS GLORY AND WILL ALONE!!! Ann
  7. Even though I don't work outside the home ... probably nights would be better as well.. Also on EST as well. So all whom want to get together, let us know!! Getting over my cold slowly!! FOR HIS GLORY AND WILL ALONE!!! Ann
  8. Interesting.. as I have heard other things about vitamin D and it seems to be a must to take... For a long time almost nothing was said much about Vitamin D but the usual, now.. wow.. Thank you!!! FOR HIS GLORY AND WILL ALONE!! Ann
  9. Indeed!! Agree!!! God is always the answer, always!!!! FOR HIS GLORY AND WILL ALONE!!! Ann
  10. Dove, will do.. Thank you for Reminding me...!!! shofar who is now getting up to go look for some as I know I bought some for my son.. HMMM!! FOR HIS GLORY AND WILL ALONE!!! Ann
  11. HMMM!! Vitamin D.. hmmm.. interesting.. that I have never heard of before.. Any reasons why "D"?? FOR HIS GLORY AND WILL ALONE!!! Ann
  12. Dunno if I will be on today for the chat.. got a really bad cold so I am most definitely in and out for the day.. Even though on the main page it may say I am around, but that's because I just leave whatever up and open all the time.. Anyway.. so I am on bed rest for now.. will be on when I can :) Pray that I get past this cold quickly or for God to just heal me :) FOR HIS GLORY AND WILL ALONE!!! Ann
  13. If God has called you to get married and you have a prophetic mantel then go for it!!! Just seek God first in all things is what I was saying.. FOR GOD's WILL TO BE DONE!!! :) FOR HIS GLORY AND WILL ALONE!!! Ann This is why I made the statement I made. I was wondering if I had missed something...
  14. Do a study on this.. Many were single but not all were.. :) HUGS!!! FOR HIS GLORY AND WILL ALONE!! Ann Never heard this before...
  15. MB, with all due respect I didn't say that a prophet had to be single... What did say was, prophets/prophetess you'll find tend to stay single..but not all were single.. This allows them to focus more on God and less on serving one another, as in a marriage.. This was not to say many of them weren't married. Many of the prophets in especially the OT were martyrs. Having a spouse and children was not conducive towards this. Enoch was married.. but Elijah wasn't. They yielded themselves to what God wanted.. not what they wanted. That was my point, to seek God first and HE will direct your path. I know this wasn't about prophets and all.. I brought that point up to say.. that some are given this gifting to be single. Yes, teachers were married.. understand and agree with you there and all of your examples given. I am humbly sorry as this was not meant to turn this into a disagreement with anyone here.. that wasn't the point.. Actually the point was to Seek GOD FIRST in what HIS WILL IS, as per Matt 6:33. Btw, I have no problem with the gift if singleness, but this was not always the case. TO be celibate now is not a problem..., and yet I have yielded myself to this.. Yet this is not for everyone.. and that doesn't make one person better then another.. by no means at all!!! So yes I agree with you in all that you have stated.. and also for what marriage pertains to.. Actually I think sex is a very, very small part of what marriage is about.. though most definitely important. Marriage is about both serving one another.. that is most definitely a given. FOR HIS GLORY AND WILL ALONE!!! Ann My prayer is to point to Yeshua.. in all of this and for HIS WILL TO BE DONE in our lives.. not the reverse.
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