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  1. Hi Angelwings, I think those who truly know the heart of our Lord will rejoice no matter what is going on in their lives. I personally do not remember when I felt down or depressed last time. It does not mean that in the natural everything in my life is the way I want it. Far from it. But now that I know the Lord and His Heart toward me, the feeling of hopelesness is gone forever!!! So I don't know why you should keep your happiness to yourself. It's a gift for us from our Lord and it's meant to be shared. The Bible says "Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house" (Mat. 5:15). If I was miserable and did not have any hope I'd be so happy if someone whose life was turned around to the best shared the good news with me! God bless!!!
  2. Dear Daisychain, Praise God, for in Him we have all we need! I totally understand what you are going though. I'd like to encourage you because the Victory is yours already! There was time (not that long ago) when I did not understand it. I was going through difficulties, fought against them the best way I knew how, was losing left and right and thought that God just wants me to go through some battles to strengthen me or something :-) But satan is a LIAR! I am not buying his junk anymore! Praise God! I have some suggestions for you too, if you don't mid. I know exactly how you feel during an interview. I've been there as well (too many times :-)). I believe the reason this happens is because of the pressure. At least this is what happens to me. But, glory to God, we don't have to be under any pressure at all, because Jesus, our Lord, has paid the price and we don't need to be paying it over and over again. What I feel is putting you under pressure is the lie of the enemy that you will get the job if you perform well during an interview. Dismiss this lie! You will get the job when God gives you the job! Praise His Holy Name! We are NOT our own providers, HE IS! He can give you a job even if you perform terribly during an interview. He can even arrange things so that your interview will last 5 minutes and only have a couple of questions :-) He is a God of miracles. Regardless of the interview length, number of people who interview you, or how you preform, do NOT put your trust into the wrong source!! Here goes the pressure!! Bye-bye, pressure!! WOHOOO! God is GOOOD! The next thing I's suggest is to tear down that stronghold in your mind (the one that tells you lies about the source of your provision). Find the scriptures in the Bible that tell you that God is the only source of your provision (not only jobs!) and how generous He is when He gives!). I'd read them lout loud every day so you hear them - faith comes from hearing and hearing from the Word of God! Repent from having the stronghold and replace it with correct beliefs and EXPECTATIONS! It might take a little while to overcome it completely, but it's worth every minute of it. And all you have to do is watch God perform MIRACLES of amazing provision in your life! God is Good! All the time!! Tell Him that He deserves it! Love in Christ, astra
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