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  1. I lift up your situation with the job to the Throne of Grace, in the Name of Jesus! I ask Him to soak this situation, your job, you and your manager/co-workers with His Light, Blessings, favour and Grace! I ask the Lord to prosper this place of work and everyone in it not only financially, but also prosper everyone's hearts with God's wisdom, love, grace and mercy. I pray great Peace over you and your place of work. I praise the Lord that as He is doing this you get yuour heart's greatest desire met where your job is concerned. I ask for great unmerited favour for you in the eyes of God and men. I praise the Lord for hearing this prayer and giving me what I asked right now. In Jesus' Name, Amen!! Lord, Your are AWESOME!!!!!
  2. AWESOME! So happy for you, sister! Keep this joyful attitude. You don't have to wait till circumstances change, you can dance and rejoyce now! The rest is GOING to follow!
  3. Well, Brother, if there is a block on growing closer to God, we all know what it is or at least where it's coming from. I suggest to pay no attention to it and just keep on pressing and pressing and pressing no matter what. You will soon notice that your time spent daily and diligently with the Lord is getting deeper and deeper, closer and closer. This is a process and it takes time. Do not ever give up, do not even slow down. Pick up the speed and you will see the difference very soon. I'd suggest to ask the Lord to pick you up and thake you deeper into His Heart and presence every time you start your time with Him. He will, you'll see. Sometimes changes are only noticeable over time :-) About that deep feeling of anger, I'd ask the Lord to deeply search your heart and reveal to you what is the root of it and how this spirit of anger has entered into you. Also cast it out, in Jesus' Name. Command it to be plucked up by the root and be cast into the pit and never return. Don't be timid or afraid, he's got no choice but listen to you when you speak in Jesus' Name! I'd recommend to listen to all interviews (radio as well as TV) with Dr. Jim Richards on Sid Roth's website. He has recorded quite a few lately and they are simply awesome guides to the complete inner healing. Blessings!!!
  4. Hi Cholette and Dreamster, Thank you very much for your support and prayers! I must say I felt very condemned after I talked to one of the bosses (not our supervisor though). Our direct supervisor (he's also the owner of the business) is in today and we'll see what happens. But the Lord gave me courage and words what to say to her as I asked Him for help. So I'll gather all I've got in me and with God's Grace I'll talk to her myself directly and tell her that enough is enough. If we mess up the very basics, we then should go to back to the training procedures or find whatever is distracting her and deal with it. Thank you very much again and God bless!
  5. OK, talked to one of the bosses today after another mess-up :-( The big boss (the nasty one) will be in on Monday, so I don't know what's going to happen. I pray he'll be in a good mood!!
  6. Thank you, Dreamster! I think I'd have to do it. I hate feeling angry at someone but sometimes I just can't help it seeing what she is doing. I'd understand if it was hard, but it's NOT hard at all. It's easy, you just need to care a little bit more about what you are doing, that's all. Maybe after I talk to the bosses I'd feel better. I ask my Lord for the Grace not to "lose it" with her :-) and also give her a job that she would enjoy doing!!
  7. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone can offer me and advice regarding a problem I have at work. I have a co-worker who was hired 2 1/5 years ago. I am a senior worker, she is a junior. I am not formally her supervisor, just oversee things in my department. The problem I am having with her is that she is not thorough when she completes her work. If I happen to catch the mistakes she makes by picking up the same project after her, I correct them and they do not go any further. But the problem is many of them slip through as it is impossible for me to catch them all. She is able to complete simpler jobs that are about 60% of the entire workflow. But where she needs to do any type of legwork or be just more thorough to prevent mistakes she is simply not doing it. I told her hundred times what she needs to do but am not getting anywhere. She is trying to use me whenever she can to do her leg work, but when she can't, she simply "lets it go" and mistakes happen which result in loss of profit. Besides every once in a while she makes mistakes that are only excusable for a total beginner. When I let her know (if I catch it or someone comes in and tells us "we" did it wrong) how it should be done (very nicely!), she just stands there with an empty look in her eyes and no reaction whatsoever. I am not in the position of putting any pressure on her to try and perform better. I have no idea what to do and I must admit that her negligent attitude it quite irritating at times. My dilemma is - do I go and talk to my supervisors about it or not. I feel like I might be "setting her up" for a trouble. On the other hand I don't know how long I can take this. I do care what's coming out of my department and I don't understand why these mistakes should keep happening while they can be prevented by paying more attention and thinking just couple of steps ahead. I know she hates the job, the town and everything in it with a passion because she never wanted to move in here and now she's kind of "stuck" here for a while. She can barely make it through the doors in the morning. I can't tell that to the bosses, of course and I won't. But what do I do?? I'd appreciate any advice! Thank you and God bless!
  8. Father, in Jesus' Name, I lift up our sister before Your Throne of Love, Mercy, Grace and Favour right now. I ask You to touch her right now, wherever she is with Your Loving tough so she knows that no matter how things look or feel at the moment, You are always there with her and for her. Please reveal it to her heart and her mind that what You said in Your Word that You will never leave nor forsaje her is TRUE! I ask You to pour the sweet oil of Your blessings, Favours, anointing of power and strenghth in Your Son Jesus Christ, encouragement, comfort right into her entire being and fill her up to overflowing! Father, cover her with Your Wings and Pinions, envelope her with Your warm Love, in Jesus' Name! I declare that no weapon formed against our sister shall prosper. I decree Psalms 23 and 91 over her and proclaim that the Lord makes her lie down in fresh, tender green pastures; He leads her beside the still and restful waters. He refreshes and restores her entire life; He leads her in the paths of righteousness for His Name’s sake. Surely only goodness, mercy, and unfailing love shall follow her all the days of her life, and through the length of her days the house of the Lord, and His presence, shall be her dwelling place. I thank You, O Lord, that You said Yourself about her that because she has set her love upon You, therefore You will deliver her; You will set her on high, because she knows and understands Your Name You will never forsake her, no, never. Every time she shall call upon You, You will answer her; You will be with her in trouble, You will deliver her and honor her. With long life will You satisfy her and show her Your Salvation! In Jesus' Mighty and Awesome Name! Amen!
  9. Hmm, when these thoughts come, what do you do with them? Do you give in and think them further or do you turn around and cut these thoughts off? The Bible says in James 4:7 "Resist the devil [stand firm against him], and he will flee from you". You might even not continue thinking these as they come, but you get anxious, troubled by them. If the enemy thinks he can nail you with fear, that's what he is after - keep you in bondage. Firmly resist him. He is a bully. So just like bullies at school if they see that their actions can scare you or upset you they will keep doing what they are doing. Trust me, show him that it does not get you and after a short while these attacs will STOP! Amen! Don't give him the satisfaction :-) You are a CHILD OF GOD! There is no condemnation for you. Period, you do not need to be scared! The Blood of Jesus has paid for any suffering, shame, temptation, torture or anything esle the devil can try and push on us. I know how these thoughts can seem condemning. They are NOT YOUR THOUGHT! You do not need to feel guilt or condemnation, shame of fear of punishment for those. Rather meditate on how wonderful and righteous your Abba Father see you! How beautiful you are in Jesus, covered with HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS as a free Gift of His Love for YOU! Father, we thank You for every good thing which is in Destine in Christ Jesus. We thank You, that through her union with Christ, she is a new creature, old things are passed away and all things have become new. We decree that Destine was crucified with Christ, nevertheless she lives, yet not her, but Christ lives in her. She was buried with Him in baptism, and raised together with Him by the power of the Holy Spirit so that she might habitually live in newness of life. Her old, unrenewed self was nailed to the Cross with Him in order that Destine might no longer be a subject to sin or enemy's temptations. Just as death no longer has power over Jesus Christ, neither does sin have dominion over me through my union with Him. She is alive only to God, living in unbroken fellowship with Him, in Christ Jesus. Destine have been delivered from the control and dominion of forces of darkness, temtations and lustful thoughts and transferred into the kingdom of light. I have been raised together with Christ and am seated together with Him, far above principalities, powers, rulers of the darkness of this world and wicked spirits in high places, Lying thoughts of the enemy shall no longer exert dominion over her, but she has dominion over them!. The enemy is under her feet, in the Name of Jesus. Father, in Jesus' Name I cover her thoughts with Jesus' Blood, I ask You to pour Your Thoughts of Love, exortation, Holyness, Righteous in Your Son Jesus, Your Light into her mind, flood her mind with blessed, comforting thoughts of who she is in Jesus and how You see her, in Jesus' Name! Amen!
  10. Amen and GLORY BE TO THE KING OF KINGS and LORD OF LORDS!!!!! Halleluiah!
  11. Lord, I ask You to cover this family with Your Wings of Healing and Protection. I ask for complete physical restiration of every family member, total wholeness to their bodies, restoration of energy levels, in Jesus' Name! I ask for Your Light to shine into their hearts and show them how You see each and every one of them. Give them Grace, O Lord, to see each other exactly how You see them, Lord enlarge their hearts, make them tender and merciful to each other, knit them close together in unity so thay can stand against the enemy in You TOGETHER, supporting, loving, encouraging, blessing each other every single day! Lord, I draw the line of Your Precious Blood around their home so that no forces of enemy can penetrate this Divine Fence of Protection, in Jesus' Name! I decree that no weapon formed against husband, wife and daughter will ever prosper. I command all the forces of darkness to lay down their weapons, restore everything that has been brokena dn get out of their home and get thrown into the pit, in Jesus' Name! I pray, Lord, that You strengthen them, reveal this to their hearts and their minds that You are in total control, encourage their hearts, work Your Amazing miracles in their family like You did in mine! I fully trust You and PRaise You and Thank You that all is well with their souls!!! I declare You, Jesus, the Lord over this family and their situation! All is WELL!! In Jesus' Name!!!! Amen!
  12. Amen Connie and Cholette! Cholette,WOW, I am amazed! I don't know whether this accident was fatal or not, there were no people in both van and the little car. I sure hope it was NOT fatal. When I was driving by on my way back I saw the vehicles and tears started to flood out of my eyes. I pray that all are OK and in one piece! I've bin rear-ended twice last year. Second time the man in a car behind me did not see my car at all. I was waiting to turn off the street and he hit me full speed, he never even stepped on brakes. He was an older person and I felt very sorry for him as he felt very guilty. The great news is that I did not get hurt at all. My car got repaired but my neck even did not hurt. And I heard people get real bad damage to their necks and heads in accidents like that. And the Lord has also removed the fear of being on the road from me. So even when an accidents does not seem too bad it still leaves scars and wounds in peoples' hearts and minds as well as in their finances. So I pray that the Lord touches them all and they know Him and run to Him because He is the only answer and the only True One we have.
  13. I wanted to give praise and Glory to our Lord Jesus! I am praying for the safety of my family and myself applying the Blood of Jesus and claiming Psalm 91 over us many times a day. The Lord proved Himself faithful. This evening my daughter asked me to drop her off to see her friends at 7 pm. She probably was not watching the time and it was 7:22 when we left. There was a real bad car accident on an intersection where we would of been just 20 min earlier if we left on time. By the looks of it it happened just around this time. The Lord caused us to be late so we missed the accident and who knows if we would of been involved. I give all the praise and Glory to the One Who is FAITHFUL and keeps His Promises. We can always trust and rely on Him! Please pray with me for the people who did get involved and if there were injuries (there were ambulances there), I ask the Lord to tought these peole's bodies and heal them completely from any trauma (physical or emotional), to restore what the enemy stole from them, restore peace, health, finances, everything that was broken . In Jesus' Name! Amen!
  14. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone wanted to share their experiences in praying and worshiping. I've been struggling with breaking through the "flesh" barrier for quite a while and could never figure out what was wrong. I knew there was a huge difference between praying and worshiping "normal" and doing it in the Glory realm, when His Spirit totally takes over and then it's a completely different experience alltogether. I've "tasted" it lately and am completely and totally in awe! So far I have figured out two huge blockers that were preventing me from entering this Glory level. But something else must be missing as I can't get "there" every time I pray/worship. The first one is: DO NOT EVER LOOK AT YOURSELF! EVER! this was what stopped me from getting higher. I always fell into this stinking false humility pit by thinking I do not deserve this, I was not good enough, needed more time to improve etc. Another one: If you have an agenda before coming to Worship in the Glory, you better forget it! Leave your list behind the Gates :-) That's what I was doing quite often - dragging my prayer request list in with me. It kept me on the ground. But once I let go of it, I found out that when you are There, God takes care of your list in a way you couldn't even imagine. I was totally speachless. So now that I've had it, "tasted" it, I am so Glory thirsty! I am not saying this is the only way to do it, and God most certainly answers prayers and He did so many for me. I's just getting into His very Presence is like a totally different planet :-) Please share your experiences and breakthroughs!!! Blessings!
  15. Lord, I am before Your Throne of immeasurable Mercy and Love and Grace today to lift up Stephanie before You! Lord I know that You hear us when we ask in Your Name so I know that I have the petition that I ask. I praise Your Name and Bless You, Oh Mighty Lord God! Lord, please shine Your Light into Stephanie's life right now. Lift up her spirit right to Your Throne, right into Your very presence, Lord Jesus! Lord, let Your River of Life flow into her entire being and revive her, make her whole - spirit, soul and body - refresh her right now, Oh Lord! Drive away all the darkness, oppression, discouragement, heaviness. This is not of You Lord, and we give all this work of the enemy NO place in her! I thank You, Lord, for the Spirit of Peace and Joy, for the Spirit of Praise and Worship that You sent into her life right now that as she comes before You, Lord, in prayer, You take her up and let her immerse in Your Glory, in Jesus' Name! I pray that no weapon formed against her shall ever prosper and I thank You and Glorify You that this is YOUR will for her - to be safe, whole and enjoying Your Presence as Your very own child, Lord God! Lord, I thank You for Stephanie, I thank You for all this new fresh anointing, fresh blessings, fresh favors that You are pouring richly into her life right now. I thank You that You are opening doors that no man can shut, I thank You, that You enlarge her territory and cause her to rest in Your Shalom! I thank You, Lord and Praise You for You alone deserve all that praise and all the Glory! In Jesus' Most Awesome Name! Amen!
  16. Just wanted to add one more thing regarding doing what the Lord asks us to. I don't know about you, but I myself very often fall into this mistake - I try and do it out of my own power whcih in most cases is NOT ENOUGH. I fall flat on my face and then get into this guilt/bitterness cycle. I am learning to ask Him for the Grace to be able to do it. If I have no clue how to do it I ask for His Light. This asking part is greatly overlooked by us, I think. I also think that He might ask us on PURPOSE to do things that are beyond our abilities just so we stay in constant close relationship. Jesus needs us to need Him. In His Word He compared Himself with a grape vine and us with branches. A branch can only bear fruit if it's connected to the vine and the juice/life from the vine constantly flows into the branches. How often I forget this and jump into doing things on my own in my stupid self-righteouness :-( But it's so easy to accomplish what He wants in His timing and the way He wants it to be done if we are doing it through Him!
  17. AMEN and AMEN Daisy!!! Totally agree with you. Jst to mention another snicky one that is so often overlooked and ignored - complaining and murmuring. I am one of the biggest offenders in this area. Yet, the Lord commands us not co complain! And again, I simply could not stop complaining till the Lord started to show me what He has done already and that I have absolutely no reason for any complaining. I believe that complaining is branching from the same stem/root - pride! Spend time with the Lord, ask Him daily to shed His Light on what He has done for you and then you'll simply not even feel like doing anything but praising Him all the time!
  18. Great suggestion, Cholette! Boscoe, let me assure you, you are NOT spiritually dead. Spiritually dead people do not even realize their condition! Once the resurrecting Blood of Jesus had revived your spoirit you simply cannot be dead. I have experienced what you are describing myself (and not just once). I must admit it is not pleasant but is a part of our spiritual walk especially at the beginning. There are times when the Spirit of God is flowing through us like refreshing waters of the River of Life and we feel it with every fibre of our beeing but sometimes we go through patches of times when we do not feel it at all. It feels as dry as a bone. During those times we do need to stand on what the Lord said "I will NEVER leave nor forsake you" (Deut 31:6, Heb. 13:5) May I suggest that you check in your heart and see if this is the spirit of guilt that is keeping you from being refreshed in Him? This is one of the traps that many of us are falling into often if we do not stand on guard. You said the Lord told you to do something and you did not. I'd say that it is not good to make a habit of disobeying God and ignoring His commandments. BUT we all have fallen short of His requirements for different reasons. In such cases the worse thing you can do is fall into the trap of guilt. Remorse is one thing. Remorse and repenting IS needed but it's will never lead you into a "spiritual valley of death". It will only revive you. Always keep God's Mercy and Grace and LOVE for you before your eyes. Yes, at times like this it's easier said than done, but He is the only One Who can get you out of this state. Never think that you won't be forgiven. O, of we could only see with our eyes clearly what astronomical unbelievable huge amount of debt WAS already forgiven and removed from us we would most likely have no problem at all believing that our mistakes on our way to the Lord can and will be just as quickly forgiven and removed from us by the Lover of our souls. Like Cholette said, run to your Daddy and talk to Him, hide nothing from Him. He already knows anyway. The point of you talking to Him is that YOU can receive refreshment and strength to get up and get going. He is NOT interested in keeping you in this spiritual ditch. The devil is the only one who is. I have been there so many times and every single time when I find myself sitting at the bottom of these pits I hear the devil tell me "that's it, now you've done it. You've comitted IT. The Lord will never even want to look at you again. You might as welll forget it." But you know what, as soon as I find it in me (and I do) to ignore this and simply grab what Jesus said about His LOve for me by faith, He somehow ALWAYS gets through. And you know how wonderful it feels?! It's like you sit in the darkness of total desperation and all of a sudden (feels like out of the blue), this flood of light and love starts pouring right into me. All the heaviness is going away - an absolutely astonishing feeling! Just start singing praises to Your Lord with your heart by faith, do not check with your feelings! Talk to Him, worship Him and you'll see for yourself how quickly He will scoop you up and bring you up to the top of the highest mountain! Praise God you ARE deeply loved, highly favoured and richly blessed!!!
  19. I too have to deal with this issue alot. From my own experience only I can tell you that spending your time with the Lord daily will take the "chains" of pride off you. It does take time. Sometimes it's hard for us to figure out which issue is causing what. Which one is the root and which ones are its branches. But the Lord sees precisely and deals with them in the right order. Trust Him with the order and trust Him that He is dealing with you the best way. What helped me with being prideful (I am still work in progress!) is seeing myself (I mean on my own, without His Blood, for what I'm worth) with His eyes. When you just take a glimpse at all this horrible stinky ugliness you quickly lose any desire whatsoever to lift yourself up above others and the Lord (as horrible as this sound we do this daily and most of the time don't even know it). Then I've learned also that there is a false humility as well. This happens when we look at our own shortcomings instead of at the Lord and what He can do. I learned that this is just another form of human pride. This needs to be dealt with as well. I myself am sooooo guilty of this. And it stands in the way of God using us full power for His work. But when we are willing to give it up the Lord is faithful and He will remove it and set us free!!! God bless!
  20. Keep holding on to your faith in Jesus and speak to Todd's body, decreeing healing in the Lord's Name. I'd like to share this testimony with you. It can be great encouragement for his mom: http://www.savedhealed.com/kelley.htm God bless!
  21. Hi Jasmine, many times when we think we have a problem, it's not the actual problem, but it's "symptom" or "fruit". I think that procrastination is one of these false problems. This is just was sits on top. It's roots are hidden and if we do not deal with the roots, but fight the fruit, we will keep failing. The roots can be different for different people. It could be fear of failure (when a person is afraid to even begin doing something out of fear of not being able to accomplish it properly), and even this fear can stem from previous wounds/bad experience (sometimes not even your own, but your close friends or relatives). These things can be very deceitful and sneaky. But when the Lord shines His light on it, no lies of the enemy can hide. He will also help you deal with the roots of any problem. I pray that the Lord will shine His Light into your life and bring up every root that is hiding and trying o bring in the confusion and frustration. In Jesus' Name I declare that no weapon formed against you shall prosper. I decree that the enemy is defeated and all its work has been destroyed in your life, in Jesus' Name! I pray that the Lord heals every wound in your heart and makes you completely whole - nothing missing, nothing broken. In Jesus' Name. Amen!
  22. Princessdelia, you are very welcome. It's a privelege to pray for you, sister! I was decreeing the exct same things over my husband and he just got a wonderful job! So rely COMPLETELY on God, don't even look at circumstances, keep decreeing it over yourself daily (as many times as you can) and no matter what it looks like, keep faith and keep thanking God for what you asked for and it WILL manifest! God bless!!!
  23. I am asking for God's unmerited favor in your job situation. I am asking for His Grace towards you and for Him to give you power to gain wealth! In Jesus' Name. I am asking for favor of men for you in your job situation. I decree you are blessed beyond any imagination when you go out and when you come in. I pray that God's provision is abounding in your life and you are a desired land for everyone around you. I pray that everyone who knows you sees you and declares that surely the Hand of Almighty God is upon you and your family. I command the Angels of God to deliver the manifestation of God's most abundant, mindblowing provision to you in the natural as it has already happened in the spiritual realm, in Jesus' Name! Amen!
  24. I speak the Word of the Living God over the situtaions of all your friends right now. I decree that NO WEAPON fornmed against them shall prosper. I plead Psalm 91 over them and plead God's supernatural protection over them all. I am asking the Lord to touch each and every one of them right now right where they are and intervene mightily in their lives and show His Glory and Grace poured into their lives, their bodies right this minute! I command the Angels of the Most High God, YHWH-Rapha - God Who Heals us to cast out all the forces of darkenss out of these children's of God situation. in the Name of Jesus Christ! Lord, we praise You and Worship You for hearing our prayers and answering them the minute we pray. Thank You, Lord, that Your Word will never return to You void but WILL accomplish what it was sent for. We Praise You and Thank You for complete healing and restoration of all everyone mentioned by steadygaze, in Jesus' Name! Amen!
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