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  1. Awesome, Cholette! I had some recent experience with binding a spirit that was on a person. I spoke to that spirit and said it can't come in to my home and next thing I heard was this person decided they weren't coming (although they were invited to the party). I also found out that this person was planning on starting a real bad scene at this gathering as well. From this observation and from what Cholette said, does this mean that if a person to which the spirit is attached chooses to "keep" that spirit, they won't come in? And also I have another question. Due to the spirit that was left at the appartment, does this feeling attack you only when you are physically at your appartment, or does this also happen outside as well? I have a suspicion that there is something that got attached to my daughter as her negative reaction towards a certain person cannot be explained by anything rational at all. So if it was a 'territorial" spirit, does this mean it wold attack everyone in that place (house, appartment, etc) or only the ones that won't resist it? I am not very clear yet on what to do in a spiritual realm where another person's will is involved. Thank you very much for clarifications. Blessings!!
  2. AMEN, Cholette! I'd like to only add one thing: darkness FLEES automatically in the presence of the Light! So stay in the Presence of Jesus continually and it won't come near you. Like Chollette said this things happen to othe rpeople as well. They try to attack me too. I however don't let them to bring me down. I have trained myself to recognize the first signs of a spirit like that and rebuke it right away. The next thing I do is start soaking in Light, meaning in the very tangible Presence of my Savior Jesus Christ! I do this by reading the Word. Just start reading chapter after chapter as the scriptures speaking about His immeasurable Love, Might, Compassion pop out for me and I intentionally apply them to my own life and circumstances as though they were spoken directly to me by God Himself, as though they were MEANT for me personally. I imagine myself right in the Throne Room of Heaven. This makes the whole experience so real, so personal as opposed to some sort of "theoretical" head knowledge that does not go past our minds and does not reach our hearts. Then I listen in my spirit what He has to tell me. This is called RHEMA Word, which is spoken Word, when God speaks directly to you by giving you specific guidance, direction, comforting you etc (goes along with LOGOS Word - written Word). Then also pray in tongues. I do that again, by imagining myself right in front of Him. This changes the whole experience completely. If I am somewhere where I can read the Word, for example in my car, I play Praise CD's constantly and again I do imagine every word or phrase as though it's actually happening, I re-live the songs, soak myself in the very reality of praise and worship. Do you think any dark spirit can stay in this atmosphere? NO WAY! They FLEE like mad :-) Well, I don't just do it to cast away the darkness. I do it just because I was born to live in His very presence and because this is the greatest joy anyone can possibly experience - to delight ourselves in the very Presence of our God! Blessings!
  3. A while ago when I was petting my dog I felt a lump under her lower jaw. Next time I felt it the lump doubled in size. I decided to ask Jesus to remove that lump out of her body. I prayed a very simple prayer - just a few words. I simply asked Him to heal her pretty much the same way a child would ask a parent for something simple, like a glass of milk, knowing they would get it. Then my mind decided it would go on a trip trying to figure out how it's going to work and maybe it wont work... So I cut it off, I stopped any of those thoughts and decided I will simply relax and forget about the lump. I even decided not to check it out to see if it was gone because in my heart I believed I received her healing. Anyway, few days ago I was petting her and again I felt the lump. It SHRUNK at least 70%. Couple of days later it was GONE completely. Not even a sign of it! And it was a big lump -at least an inch long. And now there is nothing left of it! I think my dog was getting annoyed with me trying to find the spot where it was before :-) This is so amazing - Jesus did it just like that, so easy and soooo simple. It is so much simpler and easier to receive from Him than I ever thought before. And the best part - the miracle did not need my participation whatsoever :-)!! Halleluiah!! Praise God!!!!!
  4. Hi Ruth, you're most welcome and I don't mind testifying to anyone who can use it for encouragement. To answer your questions, my husband went with minimum chemo treatments which was 6 and we refused to take any more. All signs of cancer however left after the first treatment. I personally did not have any treatment at all as none was needed. They did a surgery/biopsy and found no signs of it. If I knew then what I know now I would of declined that surgery. What I did was I put God's word about my healing everywhere. I made me a desktop wallpaper for my computer with several scriptures on it. I LOVE Isaiah scriptures. They show so much the Power of God, as well as His free will to get us out of any trouble and His Love for us! NO WEAPON formed against me shall prosper! I even listened to praise music when I waited for my surgery at the hospital right up till the nurce came to take me into the operating room :-) What would I say to someone who would try and feel pity for me? First of all I'd not show any signs to anyone that I needed pity or anyone feeling sorry for me. I did not feel sorry for myslef at all :-) I KNEW I was going to win and did not get distracted. My boss knew and he did ask me how I felt, so i always said "Great!", so he stopped asking after a while :-) What I would suggest though, do not get tangled up into "technicalities" as to what to say. You will always say what your heart believes. If you believe you are sick, this is what you'll say. If you believe you are HEALED even if your body feels different, you'll say I AM HEALED!. So don't worry about words, Just start putting God's REALITY and TRUTH into your heart and words will change :-) Dr. Jim Richards says that when we speak words and our hearts are in disagreement with them, we only add mores stress. For example if you are hurting but your mouth is confessing "I am healed" and your heart says "No, this is not true, I am sore!", this only creates more stress and confusion. But when you saying scriptures with the purpose to "soak" in them, to meditate, to consider, to ponder upon them to get this revelation into your heart, then this does not create any stress, but on the contrary, relaxes you and makes the Word of God effective in your life. The most important part is to change what you believe in your heart about your healing. And the only way to do it is by literally saturating yourself with the REALITY of God. How do you do that? I personally listened to many many many preachings of great pastors and teachers. I can give you their names if you want. I soaked in worship music, of course read scriptures, testimonies of people who got healed. I have noticed a big difference between, for example, simply reading scriptures or listening to praise songs and doing the same but at the same time IMAGINING every single word or phrase actually happening in my life. I kind of "lived" through everything I was hearing or reading in my imagination, experiencing it, feeling joy, peace, security, protection etc. That's how God and His Promises became so real to me, that right now what HE SAID is much much much more real to me than what my body feels :-) I am telling you, this is so AMAZING! Another important thing to do would be to RELAX! Don't strain yourself, don't try to "work" your faith. People are trying to do works to such a degree that they even turn their faith into dead works. I was guilty of it as well. I'd grab ahold of a scripture and strain myself as hard as I could to make my faith heal me. Right now I laugh when I think of it. This is sooo silly and yet I've done it and many other people've done it. All I have to do is believe that God's doing what He promised and that's IT. END OF MY PARTICIPATION. All we need to do is relax. And anyone knows how to relax :-). God is fair and He does not complicate things. In fact when I asked the Lord for something and relaxed, that's when I received the answer FAST! It actually is so simple that when the answer manifests you think "... really? That's it? That easy???! WOW!". It kind of "happens by itself" so to speak :-) So whatever you do or say, don't beat yourself up, or condemn yourself over every word or "mess up". There is plenty of Grace for you. God will never run out of it. As long as your heart is willing to learn and move forward, go deeper an deeper into Him, you will not fail in Him. Pretty soon you will even stop noticing that storm, all you'd see would be your Father. And you'll delight in Him every second of your life, nothing else would ever matter :-) Anyway, I am always here for you to encourage and support. Many blessings to you and your loved ones!!!
  5. Hi Ruth, I understand what you are going through and I feel your pain. I'd like to briefly share some of the things that happened to me. I knew about God and His will for me to be healed, but I was never serious about applying it to my own life untill I found myself in the middle of a major storm. First my husband was diagnosed with cancer and as soon as that was over I got diagnosed with cancer also. So right from the beginning I had to determine what the end was going to be - was I going down or was I going to get healed. I chose to get healed FAST, so I did. It did not come automaticcally. I had to shut out every discouraging word from my life and keep filling my mind and heart with the Word of God. Wisdom suggested that I do not share that with anyone who was not rooted and grounded in God and who can feed me with words of fear and discouragement (like "O, we are so sorry you got this" and that sort of junk). So I told no noe about it and my own paternt to this day have no idea about any of this :-) Well, even though my husband's and my own bodies were healed completely from cancer I still had some work to do to totally understand all about healing and how it works. I did not quite understand it then and still had these creepy thoughts of fear that it might come back every once in a while. So i kept digging and learning and meditating. And I finally GOT IT!. And the truth is SO SIMPLE, that I don't know how I could not "get" it before :-) Praise God, if it's not simple, it's not from Him. If it's not easy enough that even a little child can do it, it's NOT from God. My best advice for you would be - learn about God, Ruth! Many people when sick (including myslef till recently) tend to learn about healing. But healing is GOD'S Will for us, so surrender ALL your views to HIS views, ask for enlightment (Ephsians 1:17-23 and Ephesians 3:16-21 are the best prayers ever to get your eyes enlightened and get absolutely awesome revelations and God's truth!!!). It might not happen overnight, but the process is SO enjoyable. One thing I finally understood about healing is SO SIMPLE. It's all in 1 Peter 2:24 - by the stripes of Jesus Christ we were healed! That's IT! We ARE HEALED. This happened 2000 years ago when Jesus took those horrible stripes on His back and no devil no hell all together can ever change or reverse it or take it from us. Satan did not give us healing, so he CAN'T take it away. PRAISE GOD! When our bodies hurt and we feel pain or other symptoms of sickness, just recall His death and Resurrection and proclaim in your heart that YOU ARE healed despite of what your body feels and these symptoms WILL FLEE! I have done it myslef and I can testify - IT WORS! On night I was sitting in my living room and all of a sudden I started feeling very bad ear aches. So knowing the truth about my healing all I had to do is just decide in my heart what it was going to be, I simply said in my mind - I DON'T THINK SO! to that ear ache and it LEFT right away and never came back again. Same with headaches, same with anything else. If symptoms "seem" big and scary, that are not big or scary to God! The Job has been done already all you have to do, Ruth is decide what you choose to believe (Deuteronomy 30:19) and don't believe anything contrary to this. This is so easy and simple a littloe child can do it. But when we don't purposely meditate, listen and learn about who God really is, how much He loves us and how POWERFUL He is, it would be hard to stand. Even a slightest storm would easily knock us down. Hope this helps :-) Blessings!
  6. WOW! What a WONDERFUL and totally amazing testimony, Cholette! I am so happy for you. Seeing our kids succeed like that is every mother's biggest dream. I can't imagine not seeing my daughter for a year. I haven't seen her for 3 days and already count hours till I can pick her up and bring her back home. She is a very good girl (does not smoke, drink, use drugs or mix with bad crowds, is very responsible at work and a great student), but is a bit of a queen (I guess I spoiled her too, have to admit it) and has some difficulties making new friends. She is also a bit too trusting being sheltered from anything bad while she lived under our "wings" and sometimes makes unwise and unsafe decisions because of that. That's where one of my main area of concern is and I am trusting that the Lord is looking after her day and night. He does a better job than I can do anyway :-) I am hoping that maybe while she's away from home, she can learn some better social skills. She is learning to be a professional writer (she writes absolutely amazing stories and poems whnever she has enough patience to finish them ) and dreams of writing and doing photography for National Geographics. I pray that the Lord opens the doors for our kids to reach every goal they set for themselves easily and to God's Glory!!!
  7. Thank you so much, Cholette! I read about you leaving your son to the Lord in another thread and it was great encouragement for me. I do realize I have to release her to Jesus and that He will never let me down. I've done it before when she was living with us and the Lord delivered her amazingly out of potentially bad situations. But now that she lives so far away and I miss her terribly, my mind still seems to be in a sate of shock. I still expect her to walk in the door at night and then remember she's away and it hurts so bad :-( She has kind of a brat attitude, so she gave me a load of that yesterday so today I told her that I'd love her to come home for weekends (I'd have to go and pick her up) but only if she manages her behavior. If she chooses to be a brat, she can stay there. I still haven't heard from her as to what she decided. Although I was soo looking forward to seeing her this weekend, I can't give in or it will never end. So I gave her into the loving hands of the Lord and I trust He will speak to her and change her in a wonderful way that only He can. Again, thank you so much and God bless!
  8. Could I please ask for a prayer of agreement in faith for my daughter, She just moved away to go to college. I am praying that the Lord is flooding her heart and mind with His Light to overflowing, that according to Psalm 23 He is leading her and guiding her into His Peace and Joy. I pray that she opens up her heart and mind to Lord's calling and guidance and gets renewed completely from the inside, that she gives all her cares to the Lord and gets set free from any stress or misconceptions about herself and other people, that she makes wise and responsible decisions as she studies and that the Lord opens up all the doors for her to reach her dreams, that He showers her with favors and blessings in studies, with teachers and calssmates, financially, socially, physically, spiritually, with her family and friends (that the Lord gives her Godly friends and surrounds her with people who will lead her to the Lord!), that He keeps her safe and protected whenever she goes out or comes in 24/7, in Jesus' Mighty Name! AMEN!
  9. Few days ago I asked that the Lord would give my daughter a blessing for her 1st year in college - a free laptop for her studies. Two day later she received a huge check from a relative that covered most of the cost of the laptop. We have another relative with a very 'dirty" mouth. I prayed and bound the evil spirits that are behind this habit of his. This relative was supposed to come to a family get-together last weekend. After my prayer I found out that he decided not co come. And later on I also found out that he was planning on causing a scene as well. Praise God for the Authority of the Name of Jesus! The Name above ALL names!!!
  10. Halleluiah! God is so good to us all the time! I don't think it matters much whether you take the money or not. But I'd shake his hand and tell him you're proud of him for taking responsibilities for his actions just like real men do! (he made a decision to pay back what he owes and not just "use" you). That sounds like a huge step for him. Again, Glory to God as He makes ways where theres eems to be no way and turns around any heart with His LIGHT!
  11. Just thought of something. You probably don't have to make it sound like an ultimatum. You can reword it so it sounds less offensive. For example you don't think it sets a good example to our child (you'd be surprised how early they pick up on things), especially if it's a boy. Tell him that despite the fact that he might have the purest intention, he must understand that it looks bad for everyone else and because you want your child to grow up with good family values you don't want him/her to see such inappropriate behaviors in YOUR HOME. Otherwise how are you going to bring him or her up right if such things are happening in your own home (child will assume it's allowed by you and your wife). So you simply cannot allow this any more. Being very firm with the brother-in-law is the key (without being offensive). Blessings!
  12. Well, Brother, I think that the best way to pray for your brother-in-law would be Ephesians 1:17-23 and 3:14-21. I don't know of any other prayer that would bring God's light where there is darkness. I firmly believe that if he saw himself the way the Lord sees him, he'd choose to change in a flash. And I don't mean to say He sees him as a real bad sinner. I mean to say that He sees him REGHTEOUS, FREE, REDEEMED, in his true identity of a child of the Living God. We have a firm promise from the Lord that He does see His children's burdens. Isaiah 42:6-7: "I the Lord have called You [the Messiah] for a righteous purpose and in righteousness; I will take You by the hand and will keep You; I will give You for a covenant to the people [Israel], for a light to the nations [Gentiles], to open the eyes of the blind, to bring out prisoners from the dungeon, and those who sit in darkness from the prison." (Amplified) So rest on these promises, that even if he's in the darkness about his identity and because of that darkness he sits in a prison of homosexuality, the Lord has promised plainly that He will not live him there, but deliver him out. You might not say another word to your brother-in-law, but pray these verses over him that the Light of the Lord is in him and he will change. Our God is good all the time! Rest in His Shalom. Blessings
  13. Well, they key in this situation is THEY LIVE IN YOUR HOME! You do not need to interfere with his relationship but again the fact of the matter is YOUR HOUSE - YOUR RULES. All they need to know is that in your home one man sleeps in one bed and this is final. Besides if there's nothing going on between those two (which I'd never believe) they shouldn't be upset. You're the man of the house, so YOU set the rules. Tell your wife "sorry, honey, they'd have to sleep separately since neither one of us feels comfortable with this situation." I can almost guarantee you she'd be relieved by this decision. And again, let me stress this, it's not you teaching her brother how to live, but setting Your rules in Your house. Don't like it - GET OUT!
  14. Well, advising him how to handle his finances is one thing, but when he LIVES off of you this is a totally DIFFERENT situation for him. You and your wife have to face the truth. As long as he has a freebie, he'll use it. I do not think it is helping him any. Grown up men are supposed to support at least themselves. If he has the nerve to use your hoome and eat your food without any contribution to the budget, he CAN'T CHOOSE not to listen to you. You'd do him a really huge favour if you set a short term goal to find ANY job to at least put food on the table or else here's the door. I know this is hard, especially with close family. I pray that the Lord is giving you both strength and wisdom as to how to handle this situation. I also pray that He touches your brother-in-law's heart so he can see himself as a strong man, provider and giver as he should be. Amen!
  15. Hmmm, two men in one bed - brothers? I don't think so. Kick the "friend" out. One thing is helping your brother-in-law financially, another thing is letting two or three grown up men sit on your neck and on top of that let them (well, at least two of them) sleep in one bed. If your wife's brother needs financial help, it still does not give him the right to use you like that. This is YOUR house and YOU set the rules. It's up to you if you want to accomodate all 3 of them, but letting them sleep in one bed, his is BEYOND anything reasonable by any standars. If they feel like "brothers", they can go and experess this somewhere else, not in your home. If there is not room in the house, put a tent up in your backyard. Besides, I'd give them a time frame with definite deadlines by which they have to accomplish something in order to stand on their own feet.
  16. Jasmine, it's up to you now whos diagnoses you will believe. Deuteronomy 30:19 says it very plainly: "I call heaven and earth to record this day against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing: therefore [b]choose life[/b]" (KJV) You can see right here that life and blessings do not happen automatically. In order to HAVE life you have to CHOOSE life. The best news is that YOU have this choice. If you have the choice, then who doesn't have the choice? DEAT (any kind of destruction, sickness, whatever is NOT of God) does not have the choice, and neither does life (fullness of life, meaning NO sickness in your body whatsoever). ONLY YOU! In the Old Testament by the Law jews were commanded not to even TOUCH dead bodies. Why? Because corpses represented the ultimate DEATH, total destruction. The best way I understand it for us (New Testament believers) this means we should not even CONSIDER the possibility of receiving any degree of destruction (which would be any sort of sikness or disease). So choose to believe 1 Peter 2:24 - by Jesus' stripes JASMINE IS HEALED and trash whatever nonsense the doctors are saying out of their total ignorance to the Word and Will of the LIVING GOD for YOU specifically!
  17. Jasmine, this is very simple. You are what you behold. You look at the situation that appears to be hopeless to your physical senses, you will feel hopeless. It's not just you, it's the same for all of us. When you look at your Father with Whom ALL THINGS are possible, Who makes a way where there SEEMS (in the natural) to be no way, hopelessness simply melts away. Make a conscious choice what you'd rather look at and stick with it. The crucial part is, I found out, when you stand on God's promises, you have to actually accept the fact that they are FOR YOU PERSONALLY, that you, JASMINE, are actually, FOR REAL experiencing them in your very own life right now (even though in the natural area it does not feel or look like it yet). The more real you will make it for yourself the sooner your answers will manifest in the natural. Trash those lies of the devil, that say you can't! I even sometimes imagine a toilet in my mind. When satan tries to feed me with his junk, I flush it down that toilet :-). Hey, whatever goes down there, STAYS there (where it belongs). I suggest you grab that feeling (spirit) of hopelessness that does not belong to you and is of the devil and flush it down. And do receive the Spirit of Joy and Peace and Confidence that your Daddy is right there in you, for you always and He backs you up all the time. Just believe that this is for you personally for real. Get RADICAL with God!
  18. What does it matter what other people think when it comes to YOUR dreams? It only matters what your Daddy God thinks and we already know what He thinks - where He is concerned it's always Yea and Amen for us. Some people are just expressing their opinions that are very subjective anyway. Even the world knows it, right? So why go by that? When you want something, see yourself as if you already have it. The main thing is not to lose the sight of your Father in the process. Our dreams shouldn't be the GOAL of our lives. They are just the by-product. The GOAL here is the very intimate relationship with the Father. So why not have a blast with Him writing scripts together and then watch them being propelled up high for Him to get the whole Glory?! So just come before Him and thank Him for giving you the desires of your heart. Thank Him for downloading the greatest and creative ideas for scripts, opening the right doors at the right time, bringing in the right connections and whatever else needs to be done, giving you great favor in people's eyes, turning their hearts towards you and while doing all this having such fun spending time with Him!
  19. Don't be hopeless, Jasmine. Instead dream BIGGER. Be daring, dream huge! Psalm 37:4 says to delight in the Lord and He will give us the desires of our heart!. Delighting in ths Lord is so amazing, so joyful and it is so easy! It's as easy for our hearts (spirit) to delight in our Lord as for our physical bodies to breathe. When you get to know God, His Huge Heart towards us personally FOR YOURSELF, you can't help but dream HUGE. And the most amazing part is those dreams do come to pass :-) "Draw nigh to Him and He will draw nigh to you" (James 4:8) This first part is what each and every one of us has to do for ourselves, no one esle will do this for us. But then, when DADDY draws nigh to us, this is where the miraculous starts happening. He brings the whole Kingdom with Him into our life. Don't worry about your dreams, Jasmine. We have the easy and most delightful part - just going deep into Daddy's Heart and His part it to see to it that our dreams come to pass :-) After I said the above, I want to add just to be fair that no matter what our dreams are, no matter how big and great they are they ALL fade greatly compared to this very first part of Psalm 37:4. There is no dream our hearts can dream of, that can be as amazing, as desirable as delighting in the Lord. I too have dreams. They are neat and cool and all that, but none of them can even come in close comparison to the Great Dream Giver!
  20. That was a great joy to fellowship with you and I would love to share so much more with you. I recently had such awesome breakthroughs and I can share so much! God is so awesome! Much love in the Lord, Sis!
  21. O Father, GLORY, GLORY, GLORY! Praise be to You, O Most High God, O God ALMIGHTY! You are ALMIGHTY God! You are VICTORIOUS! You have Wisdom, You lead us to green pastures, You cause us to lay down by still waters and rest in You, Lord as we believe Your Word, we always receive so easily from your Hand. Your Gifts are always more than we can imagine or expect, You pour Your mercies on us daily like rain, You Joy fills our spirits like milk and honey. We rejoice in You, O Most High God! We give You all the praise and all the Glory and Honor to You alone! Your Name be lifted up above everyone and everything that has ever existed! Halleluiah! Lord, I thank you that this is only the very beginning and that you will continue to enlarge our hearts so we can see more of You, fellowship more deeply and intimately with You and delight in Your Heart, o Lord! Amen! I am so thrilled for you, sister! Congratulations and keep on getting what's rightfully yours in His Kingdom - never settle for anything that's not the very best! Blessings!
  22. Well, I can't tell you how happy I am to hear this testimony!!! PRAISE BE TO GOD ALMIGHTY!!!! He is soooo easy to receive from! Halleluiah! He said He will never leave nor forsake us and He will not break His promises. All we need to believe and it is so easy, so very very easy to believe our Beloved Savior for anything as you get to know His heart! The victory is YOURS in Jesus! I join my voice in Praise and Worship to the Most High God with yours, Sister!!! And this is just the BEGINNING! Amen!
  23. Simply have no words! TOTALLY AMAZING! Only God can do this! The Lord is taking me through some similar experiences where it seems to be quite touch and hearing your testimony is a great blessing and encouragement! I myself find that I can only keep my mouth shut and not go defending myself is by keeping my eyes permanently welded on Jesus. Thank you so much Cholette for sharing and may the Lord bless you hundreds of times more!!
  24. WOW!! What an AMAZING testimony, Sister! I am so so happy for you. You have WON HUGE TIME! Not only was the enemy not able to steal your money and wallet, he was not able to take what he was really after - YOUR TRUST and CONFIDENCE in God and your IDENTITY as HIS CHILD who the Father LOVES dearly and WILL back up all the time! HALLELUIAH! Next time they would think TWICE before attacking you or trying to steal from you! Your testimony is such a huge encouragement for us! Keep them coming, Sister and God bless!
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