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  1. Mia, praying that no weapon formed against you shall ever prosper!
  2. I am praying and believing for your Grandma as well, Daisy!!!
  3. I am in total agreement, in Jesus' Name!!! Amen!
  4. Hi SisterinChrist, I certainly did not mean "judging" the pastor in this way. I meant that I did not really know whether there are such "particular windows" of double return or not. So I don't know and therefore cannot judge - DISCERN (NOT CONDMEN!!!) what they were talking about regarding those "special" blessings periods. I have heard of similar things from several ministers and what they usually do, they put me in fear of "missing" it :-). So I just ignore them and go with what has been revealed to me at this point and always do my very best to learn further. Blessings!!!
  5. Hi Mia, May I share some thoughts with you? The Lord has really brought this to my attention recently that the hardships we are experiencing in this life are for the sake of the Kingdom. It’s not like I did not know that before, but I have never given this thought enough attention and it kept me in so much fear and doubt. The Lord has put it into perspective for me through the preaching of an anointed man of God just few days ago. It amazed me how this liberated me! I think that in our daily life we get occupied with routine so much that sometimes we do somewhat lose the BIGGER picture. Before I thought that all the hardships (which is coming from our enemy) were directly pointed at me as an individual, a human being. All the bad things that happened to me seemed to be “personal”. Designed just to make my life miserable or wipe me out completely if possible. That “tunnel vision” kept me in great bondage of fear because I saw myself in a sort of a “bubble”, on my own. Yes, I did know that God was on my side and all, but I did not realize the MAGNITUDE of the entire, BIG picture. What the Lord showed me was, the enemy does not come against ME! He comes against God’s KINGDOM IN ME! When he assaults me through sickness or financial hardship or some emotional storm, it does seem personal, but it isn’t. The devil hates us finding this out! All this is actually designed to keep us cooking in our own juices, so to speak, and be preoccupied fighting him off. Also, when we do not clearly realize what is actually happening on a bigger scale, we do not realize in full measure what kind of FORCES are actually FOR US! It’s like with Elijah and his servant when the Lord opened his servant’s spiritual eyes so he can see the multitudes of Lord’s Army that was there FOR them. The enemy is not after us, he is trying his best to STOP THE ADVANCEMENT OF GOD’S KINGDOM through us! I firmly believe that if we actually did not have any purpose or value for God’s Kingdom, the devil would never even bother with us. He has his hands FULL dealing with God’s Kingdom, he won’t even have a minutes of his time to spare on anything else. He got himself into this mess and can’t get out of it. And I bet anything, he is NOT enjoying himself in the process. He’s in constant turmoil, fear, confusion and dread. So when I see my purpose in life from this perspective, this eradicates my fears or doubts and strengthens me a huge deal! If my purpose was to advance God’s Will on earth (just like anyone else in the Body of Christ), then I think – WHO CAN STAND ON GOD’S WAY OF COMPLETING HIS PLAN?! Who can come against God in any sort of comparison?! He definitely has a plan for my life and His Word never comes back to Him void. His will cannot be hindered. Then I see the devil very very very tiny, like a little itsy-bitsy bug. He cannot intimidate me through thoughts like “I am going to kill you, I am going to steal from you” etc. These thoughts cannot come in any comparison with the ones where God speaks His PURPOSE into my life. If He has a purpose, then He has a Plan and if He has a Plan, He has all the means necessary to accomplish it no matter what. I’m sorry for being so wordy here, Mia. I want to encourage you in your firm stand against anything that might seem to come against you and your AWESOME PURPOSE for God’s Kingdom. He already HAS all the provision for you. And not in a while, not in a few years or even months, but RIGHT NOW! Believe it, speak it! It has NO CHOICE but manifest. It has been provided for you in abundance already! All you need: financially, socially, protection, provision, PEACE, Joy, wholeness, your family is taken care of, everyone in your house taken care of! I am speaking all God’s riches to be poured out into your house right now! In great abundance!!! In Jesus’ Name! Blessings!
  6. astra

    Advance Green

    PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I am not going to judge the minister/prophet and his reasons for saying what he did, but from the position of a person responding to this "proposal", I'd say, they need to take a really good look at their motives. One can give with all kinds of intentions. Someone can give out of pure heart, to help out to spread the Gospel and to meet the needs of those who preach. Another one hearning about "double portion" might give out of greed, or even sort of some "financial operation". Yet another one can give out of pure fear that they will not get anything from God otherwise, doubting everything. The Bible clearly states that such people re not going to get anything. So when a minister states that if you give QUICKLY, you will get the double portion, they are in direct opposition to the Word of God. I don't care what kind of prophets they are. If you give out of LOVE you will receive back. If not, none of this "giving" will profit you whatsoever (1 Cor 13:1). What I don't understand is why don't they teach the Body of Christ the truth? They were called to teach and not mystify God's purposes :-(((( This actually hinders many from receiving.
  8. Hi Daisy, Sorry I did not see your post until now. I can relate to your issues as well as you know I am going through some very frustrating times with my daughter as well. But the lord pulled me out of a hole of misery I was in at first. I know with our kids it's a bit different than dealing with ourselves as the other person's will is involved. BUT!!! Since our children belong to our household, our family, we, as parents, have an authority in this area. I was seeking the Lord in thios area and I found a GREAT COMFORT and ENCOURAGEMENT in Him. First of all He said: "The LORD will perfect that which concerns me" Psalm 138:8. Our kids are sure what concerns us and there is an iron-clad promise that the Lord WILL PERFECT THEM! Do I need to worry HOW He is going to do that? No! Even though right at this moment it does not look anything like a perfect picture, but I KNOW the Lord enough even now to TRUST Him, that He DOES have a plan to perfect our children. He SEES all, He KNOWS all, He has already been in this situation and knows all the ins and outs of it and has set everything in place to accomplish that! So what gives me strength not to freak out is His PROMISE which is yeaj and amen! I know the Lord, I CAN TRUST HIM without actually knowing all He is going to do to fix the problem. So I can RELAX! :-) Now, that I have dealt with my own fears and kicked them out I can now PROCLAIM His Will to be done on EARTH as it has been done already in Heaven. I know that in the spiritual realm my daughter is already PERFECT, so all I need to do is declare it and speak it into the natural. I do if fear free and doubt free. It does not come automatically though, because she pretty much keeps on doing things that would kick me out of peace if I did not dig my heals in and was not keeping my eyes on the LORD instead. Then, I remove all that might hinder His perfect plan from coming to pass. I BIND the devourer. I forbid it to steal my peace, my daughter's progress to perfection, her peace and joy, her learning not only in the natural but also growing spiritually, being discipled in the Lord. I come against these attitudes she seems to have as well as emotional turmoil. The Lord has commanded us to speak to the mountain and that's what I do, constantly reminding myself that it is my faith and authority and behind it there is a Heavenly HOSTS that reinforce what I speak. I even PICTURE Hosts of Angels that accomplish what I speak in faith. This helps sooooo much! I am a very visual person and I do need to understand and visualize things, so that's what I do. And then peace unspeakeable comes on me. I feel happy, I feel like skipping and dancing and joking and laughing right in the midst of a storm. I even think to myself "Storm? What storm? Lord is with me, WHO CXAN BE AGAINST?!" And I don't mind telling the enemy that! I bet this tortures them a great deal :-) And THEN I do see bit by bit how things start to unfold. I get chances to witness to my family. They begin to listen. I keep on tearing this wall down and it BUDGES!!! I see situations change. Maybe not all at once, but it's still very encouraging! It helps a great deal to me to see my daughter the way God sees her. This takes the frustration away and keeps me from blurting out things that are contrary to what I stand on in faith ;-) Whenever a depressing or discouraging thought comes in (nd the DO come in daily), I instantly say "NO!" and stir myself up in the Lord intentionally and bring Lord's promises: Isaiah 41:10 So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. I hope this helped!!! Blessings, Sister! I am standing with you in prayer for your house!!!
  9. Praise God!!! Hearing great reports from the doctors is awesome. I personally love the most the one Jesus gave us. He already did all the "testing" and gave us His Diagnosis - "HEALED by MY STRIPES"!!! Amen!
  10. I have no idea what language they are singing in but it looks like the song is about Luke 5. SOOOO CUTE!!! They put a big smile on my face :-) Blessings!!!
  11. Well said!!! I would only like to add one thing. While most parts of our spiritual armour is protective, there is one exception. One part is an assaul weapon - the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. You don't have to just stand there and take it from the enemy. You ASSAULT them and drive them OUT from your territory.
  12. Well, fear NOT, HappyDad!! Our Jesus already took care of this for you. By Jesus' Stripes you WERE healed! Praise God. So take this scripture and believe it! Don't even look at what your gums are doing now. Just rebuke the bleeding and infection and keep on looking at what the Lord has done for you. And you will be amazed how all the infection, pain and all the juunk will listen to you and leave! YOU have the Authority over these symptoms because Jesus has done the job already! I have had two or three episodes like that with my gums last year and they did not last long at all since I did not "take" it. Even this morning, I started to have sharp stabbing pains in my right ear (I couldn't even touch my head anywhere around it). I rebuked this as a lie. The pian LEFT and never came back. I even forgot about it practically after few stabbing pains and me rebuking them. I did not even raise my voice. All I usually do is go like "Yeah, right. Who do you think you are?! I am healed and you can't do ANYTHING about it!" Whoa!! No pain since! Praise Jesus! I am standing on the authority of the Written Word of God and command the infection to leave your mouth NOW! I proclaim your gums healed! Golory to God!!! From my own experience, this above said in faith is all it takes to kick that junk out :-)))) Blessings!
  13. You are so very welcome, Daisy! I wanted to share some experience with you that I had this morning. I woke up with a pretty bad headache. There was pressure and pain behind my eyes. It was most likely due to the pressure caused by drastic weather change. I caught myself "whining" a little in my mind about the headache. Not much, but yet still I was irritated by it. I was even going to tell my husband that I had a headache as soon as I'd see him. And all of a sudden a thought came: "WHY WOULD I EVEN ACKNOWLEGDE THE HEADACHE????!" This might sound a bit weird because we are so used to thinking that we are ill if we have symptoms. I used to think that too. But after spending tons of time meditating on 1 Peter 2:24, what it actually mean and having a conviction of my heart changed, I thought since Jesus said I WAS HEALED, that MUST be the truth regardless of whether there are symptoms or not. Otherwise it does not make sense. Bible can't lie. So it must be my thinking that is wrong. Anyway I have decided to not even acknowledge headache at all (NOT the same as ignoring it!!!). I decided to not mention it to my husband and not even regard it in my mind as "present". The amazing thing that happened right the next moment - I FELT that headache LEAVE instantly! It never came back at all. Before that I thought that I'll whine about it for a bit and then I will resist it. But all that is just admitting that I HAD IT! - This did not make any sense in the light of 1 Peter 2:24. The funny part is when I decided to not give it any acknowledgement I wasn't even thinking of the pain leave. I did not do it in order to "cast the pain out". Not at all. I did not RESIST the devil (headache)! All I did was SUBMITTING to the TRUTH! God's Truth and the devil (pain) FLED! Resisting the devil and submitting to God is ONE STEP thing. When we submit to the truth it's automatically means resisting the devil. It's Lord's battle which He has WON already for us :-) Now watch where the trap is. If I did this in order to get headache out, my eyes would of been on IT the whole time. If it did not leave right away I would think - it didn't work. Bt it's the TRUTH that sets us free! Line your heart and mind with the Truth and it will never fail! EVER! Why? Because it's the TRUTH! Now, would every single symptom leave instantly like that headache? I doubt it. Some might linger for a while just to check and see if we would stand our ground. But the Truth stays the Truth. No matter what's the symptom or symptoms, whenever we come into agreement with what GOD says and actually behave like it, we ARE free from sickness. IT WON'T "GET" US! IT WILL LEAVE! It has NO CHOICE! All this amazing experience this morning showed me how much I need to renew my mind and bring it into total agreement with the Word. Not just in mere head knowledge, but in the very conviction of my heart! Sorry, I hope I am explaining it right. It's really hard to express it in words :-) This is such an incredible FREEDOM! I have to share this. Jesus has DEFEATED the enemy, so why should we ignore this fact and keep acknowledging the works of the devil in our lives? It's like giving the devil the trophies! I CAN'T DO THIS! My LORD has set me free! Whom the Son sets free is FREE INDEED! And that settles it.
  14. Hi Daisy, I am standing on your complete and total healing knowing that Jesus took horrible beating upon His Body so that you might be WHOLE now!!! I made this computer desktop for you (I did not draw the flowers though) http://rghost.net/43480798 (for download). Resolution is 1440 x 900. If yours is different I can easily adjust it. Just let me know. Here's a small "preview" image I love having scriptures on my computer desktop because every time I turn it on there is a reminder right in front of me of what GOD has to say about the situation. And He's saying "What situation? I have resolved it for you already!!!" :-) Praise God!
  15. Yesterday morning on my way to work I was waiting in traffic for the light to turn green. I was running a bit late so I could not take my eyes off the red light. I was going straight so when the light turns green I would have the right-of-way (normally), but the oncoming traffic had the advance green and they went first. I immediately thought: "I should of went first but these guys got to go before me because of this advance green. O my, this is GOD's FAVOUR!" God's Favour for us is just like advance green light. Other people (of the world) should receive a position/promotion/favour etc. by worldly right, but God turns on His advance GREEN for His children and we get to go FIRST!
  16. Interesting dream you had. if I could imagine a person without Jesus (and these are just my own personal thoughts), I'd imagine them just like that: pale, with no strength, no life in them and still saying they are OK because they are deceived. Jesus IS Life, if one does not have Jesus in their life they don't have the very LIFE itself. And you are so right about us not being able to fix everything just by eating right. A human being is composed out of spirit, soul and body and all 3 should be healthy. Not just body. Toxic emotions like anger, bitterness, unforgiveness can be just as toxic to our bodies as unhealthy food and chemicals etc. Your sister-in-law sees only one part of human being - body and she does try her best to be a good steward of her body. Praise God, so many parents don't care at all what they eat or what their kids eat. And she is obviously open to new suggestions and ways and can be influenced. She is looking for new, better ways to live. So you can maybe nudge her in the right direction to seek more than just health for body through food. Maybe, if not setting her straight right away, but triggering some search for more answers in the direction of the rest of her being - soul and spirit, she can search in that direction as well, while covering her in prayer, interceding for her, covering her with the Blood of her Saviour Jesus, blessing her every step on her way to the Truth. Before you know it she'll be on fire for the Lord and be witnessing to others :-) I bless you and I bless your sister-in-law, in Jesus' Name, I praise Him and thank Him for being faithful and being merciful, keeping all His children in the palm of His Hand and never ever letting us go. Father, I thank You that the seed You have sown in the life of this woman, the seed of Your Life is growing in her and producing mighty harvest. I praise You that You are opening her spiritual eyes to see who she is in You. That she longs after You, that she is on fire for You and that she will never stop seeking You, Your Ways, Your Desires for her and her family. I bless You, Lord and thank You that You, according to Your Word are giving her Your Grace to overcome all lies of the devil, all oppressions, all bondage, reasoning that seem right to men, religious traps and be set free to soar high with You. In Jesus Name. Amen!
  17. Just a word of encouragement for you :-) I have noticed numerous times that when symptoms are trying to lie to us (and they do LIE. We know that because Jesus said we were healed, and not just by chance but by HIS STRIPES!!!) and when we don't "buy" into these lies, they LEAVE. Some instantly, some take a bit and require our persistance in not believing them - they DO LEAVE! And all I do is stay in peace and believe what He said rather than whay my body or doctors say. Standing in agreement with what JESUS has said is TRUTH for you - complete total restoration and health, His Peace!! Amen!
  18. Acer1057, I did not get any feelings when I got baptized by the Holy Spirit. It was more than 10 years ago. This was when I just started hearing about "speaking in tongues" and I had no clue what it meant. So I called a well known Ministries and asked them what it was. They told me and said I can pray and ask God to baprize me by the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. I said "OK". Sat on my bed, read a prayer from their brochure and started speaking in tongues. I mean my mouth and lips and throat started to move as if I was speaking something in a language I could not understand but there was no voice. So I called them again and asked them why there is no voice (I really was clueless....). They said I had to add my voice like I do when I speak in my own language. I did and I am speaking in tongues ever since :-) (although the tongues have changed several times since then). All I did was believe just like a child that I would be given what I ask and that I was well within my rights to ask for it and it was give to me :-). No special feelings at all, just FAITH! Go for it, acer1057, it's YOURS by right! Ask and receive. God is GOOOOD!
  19. Daisy, I am agreeing with the Word of God Almighty that states (as a FACT!) that by Jesus' stripes you WERE HEALED! I have been meditating on this Scripture for a very very long time and as the Lord is showing me the Truth (revealing it to me o a personal level, so that it's deep in my heart) the fear of sicknesses is GONE! And when fear is gone, you simply have no choice but stand on His Word without doubts no matter what symptoms say or what doctors say :-) FEAR NOT, Daisy!! Jesus has PAID the price for your healing already and no force in the entire hell can ever change it now!!!!! I praise my Lord Jesus for your healing and freedom from any bondage, any lying symptoms in your body!!!! Feast on this Truth, REST in His Shalom and be WHOLE! AMEN!
  20. The Lord is merciful! I am asking an believing for to totally and completely RESTORED front teeth like they have never even been chipped :-)! Praise the Lord, He's ABLE and WILLING!! Amen!
  21. By the Power of Jesus, through His Resurrection from the Cross and Redemptive Work I BELIEVE and proclaim that you ARE HEALED and are made WHOLE! So REST in His PEACE - SHALOM and REST in this promise that in Jesus Christ is YES and AMEN for you always. May His Peace through His Word in 1 Peter 2:24 (by HIS stripes you WERE HEALED!) reign in your heart and spread throughout your entire body healing every organ, tissue, everything withnin you from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet. In Jesus' Name, Amen!
  22. Lord, You said that ALL things work out for good to those who love You. I am in agreement with Your Word and exo152 for her family to be FREED from any demonic opression. I pleade for MERCY for her mother and father right now. I plead that the Blood of the Lamb is SPEAKING for this woman right now in the Heavenlies. I plead that it speaks FREEDOM, MERCY, SUPERNATURAL PEACE, UNDERSTANDING, CLEARENESS OF MIND, FREEDOM FROM ANY FEAR, REVELATIONS, SUPERNATURAL PROTECTION, STRENGTH IN JESUS. I plead favour and blessings untold to be rained down upon her husband. I speak HEALING and RESTORATION for his health 100%, I Thank You, Lord, for this awesome strength of spirit that You gave him to endure such hardships in You. I speak and plead for MERCY and Unity and total Forgiveness for each and everyone of the members of this family, Lord. I ask all this for YOUR Name's sake! And doing so I KNOW I received what I asked! Amen!
  23. Wow Cholette! Thank you so much for the scriptures. Angelwings' husband's boss sounds SO MUCH like my boss. I too worked for the company just slightly over 7 years (with the exception of "good money" the experience sounds the same). I have been trying to figure all this out for a while and one day a while ago all of a sudden the Lord said "I have My Hand upon this place firmly". Back then I could not quite figure this out because our workplace looks like total chaos due to the boss (owner of the company). Now it comes so much more into focus. I will be seeking the Lord in this direction much harder now: this part :"When a man's ways PLEASE THE LORD...". I'll be dedicated to this part and the rest is the Lord's!!!!! Amen!
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