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Sister-in-law needs prayer!!

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A few years ago I had a dream about my sister-in-law. We were sitting together talking and she was looking very thin, almost anorexic and paper-white pale. She could barely hold her head up, but kept insisting she felt "great!" She and my brother had become vegetarians and she was trying to convince me how wonderful it was.
I told her about the dream at the time, because she has always, as long as I have known her, been the kind who tried to "fix" everything thru diet. Not always healthy fixes, either. Most usually her "fixes" are really off the wall and her preschool children do not always get the nutrients they need. When I shared the dream, she laughed and said, "that will never happen".
Fast forward to today. I overheard her announcing to another family member that she was again changing thier eating habits. They are going raw foods, no meat, no sugar. I instantly remembered the dream.
Please pray for her, and her family. She is such a control freak, she feels the need to not just control every bite her children put in thier mouths, she also wants to convert every person she sees to her skewered ways. I feel if she had a real relationship with Jesus it would go a long ways toward helping her be more balanced and would help her provide a more stable home life for her family.
I am praying that God will bring people into her life that will be able to influence her in healthy ways, and most importantly, help her see her need for Jesus. She has the head knowledge, but needs the real heart transformation. Thanks!!

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Interesting dream you had. if I could imagine a person without Jesus (and these are just my own personal thoughts), I'd imagine them just like that: pale, with no strength, no life in them and still saying they are OK because they are deceived. Jesus IS Life, if one does not have Jesus in their life they don't have the very LIFE itself.
And you are so right about us not being able to fix everything just by eating right. A human being is composed out of spirit, soul and body and all 3 should be healthy. Not just body. Toxic emotions like anger, bitterness, unforgiveness can be just as toxic to our bodies as unhealthy food and chemicals etc.
Your sister-in-law sees only one part of human being - body and she does try her best to be a good steward of her body. Praise God, so many parents don't care at all what they eat or what their kids eat.
And she is obviously open to new suggestions and ways and can be influenced. She is looking for new, better ways to live. So you can maybe nudge her in the right direction to seek more than just health for body through food. Maybe, if not setting her straight right away, but triggering some search for more answers in the direction of the rest of her being - soul and spirit, she can search in that direction as well, while covering her in prayer, interceding for her, covering her with the Blood of her Saviour Jesus, blessing her every step on her way to the Truth. Before you know it she'll be on fire for the Lord and be witnessing to others :-)
I bless you and I bless your sister-in-law, in Jesus' Name, I praise Him and thank Him for being faithful and being merciful, keeping all His children in the palm of His Hand and never ever letting us go. Father, I thank You that the seed You have sown in the life of this woman, the seed of Your Life is growing in her and producing mighty harvest. I praise You that You are opening her spiritual eyes to see who she is in You. That she longs after You, that she is on fire for You and that she will never stop seeking You, Your Ways, Your Desires for her and her family. I bless You, Lord and thank You that You, according to Your Word are giving her Your Grace to overcome all lies of the devil, all oppressions, all bondage, reasoning that seem right to men, religious traps and be set free to soar high with You. In Jesus Name. Amen!

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