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  1. when im in the dark i feel a presence with me and it speaks with no words but with a undiscrable way and its evil how do i deal with it. how do i use the armor of light.
  2. i want to know what it feels like to be baptized by the holy spirit because i know its something special
  3. you should buy a guitar chord book and plus you can look up free guitar tabs which show you what string to pluck and what fret to put your finger on for certain songs and if your learning chords there sites that have chords for songs too
  4. what kind of guitar do you have electric or acoustic
  5. all i know is that god is going to use me for something because i believe it i dont know what but its something.
  6. god hasent spoke to me through secular music but i use non christian music and sing my own lyrics and just listen to the music and ignore the singing sometimes
  7. i like 1000 reasons by matt redman thats a good one
  8. Hello my name is robert and my testamoney begins when im a child i was raised in church and went to sunday school but i stoped going when i got older the more i got older the more bitter and angry i became and the more revengefull i because and the more evil i got and the more self esteem i lost i thought i was nothing compared to others. so i droped out of school and a month after i turned 18 i started to hear voices in my head this is the beginning of when i started to encounter god. he would appear to me in dreams when i was distressed. and one day my grandma ask me to go to church with her. so i went. and i was so moved i was crying by what the pastor was saying because it was hitting dead on, on what i was going through, i was takeing meds by now and my relationship began to grow with god. I loved church so much and when i would read the bible whith intense emotionsof joy and happyness. im saying now that im a schizophrenic and i only hear voices. i hear them even though im on meds and this is for a future reference. well i was going through a mental breakdown and i was believeing that aliens were talking to me and this is about to get interesting. out of no where i see a vision in high definition of jesus in a cloudy like heaven and he had his arms out with the blink of an eye and there was a rainbow behind him. now i dont have visual hillusinations and that happened out of no where cus i was to busy thinking of aliens. well the day went on and i started to get dillusional the more the day went on and 2 days past i havent slept at all. and the voices said they were demons and i started to go through mental turmoil it was so intensse and i was being tempeted with questions on what i would do in certian situations. well the night went to day and im a mess, mentally exausted and scared out of my mind. i told my mom i wanted to go to the hospital cus i started to feel cold spots on me. and then my mom told me that god told her to tell me to praise him in distress. so i started to praise when i was feeling so scared and helpless. so i went to the hopsital and then when i was in the waiting room thats when i started to see visions of jesus agan. first one was that he was hugging someone and i knew it was me. and then he drew on paper and show me what he was writeing it the word said "care" and all of this was happening in the blink of an eye.everytime i blinked i would see jesus in heaven. the he pulled out a paper person from his sleeve and he drew a smile face on the paper person. then i seen a flower grow. then i saw him with a big golden crown on his head. then i saw a person being beaten with sticks in i what room by other people. then i saw a puppet and then 2 hands with white golves on showing me 10. then i seen him looking down at me. then thats when i went into intesive care unit to be evalueated. so then i see this invisible environment around me its like you can see it but its not there. it was a garden. and a person on a stone throne that was glowing was looking at me with a smile and i couldent help but smile back and the visions of jesus you could just see the wisdom on his face. and thats when he told me that he was god. and he was telling me all sorts of things and one thing that sticks out is that he told me his prophets steal from him and he would talk to me over a cup of tea agan one day. and then i seen what i believe was the father but it was dark and there was a bright light outline of a person sitting down on a throne and he had a flower in his hand and it was wilted and then he blew on it and it became firm right when that happened i became filled with stregth and i was feeling fine. and he told me to tell the person in the hall that his dieing wife would be ok buy i was scared and i dident do it so he told me he was done talking to me and i stoped seeing the visions and the garden thing went away. heres the awesome part as i walked up to go to the mental part of the hospital i walked by the man talking on the phone and he was talking about his dieing wife. and thats when i knew that was god. so thats why im a 100% beleiver in god even though i have schizophrenia how can u explain the man on the phone thing to you skeptics that the visions were false. i belive that was god. and i truely belive god is with you in trouble and he will never leave you or forsake you.
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