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  1. God can relate to your empty nest. He was without His Son for awhile. Just know that God knows how long you can go without someone around who can relate. So when things are seeming to get to be more than you can bear, God will send someone to you right on time to encourage and strengthen you. He created us to be social people, so He isn't going to leave you without anyone to relate to. Love you, and hang in there. PS My daughter got married in May and moved away, not far...a different city, nevertheless she moved and I missed her greatly. The missing is lessening, but I suppose it will never completely go away. We just learn to live with it and rejoice in their happiness.
  2. Thank you so much for your effectual fervent prayers! God worked miraculously. DeShawn's infection is under control. He is on antibiotics that work well in his system. His fever has completely gone and he is rehydrated. He has been released from the hospital and is home with prescription antibiotics! ALL glory to God who is just too good for words!
  3. Please pray for my grandson DeShawn. He is in the hospital receiving massive amounts of antibiotics trying to get an infection of unknown cause under control. He is 8. Thank you in advance. ~Marian
  4. Angelwings, I pray God will strengthen you until He sends the practical words of wisdom you need to overcome. They are on their way. God is faithful to His own. I sent you a message.
  5. That's cool, white shadow. My snippets/phrases usually last a while too, except for the "Stop in the name of love" one. Only needed to hear that one once! For me, it's nice to hear that other's experience the same thing. And also, there just might be someone out there wondering why these thoughts are coming to their mind when they have been trying to avoid "secular" music, and all the while it is FatherGod trying to talk to them.
  6. So, back to the question. Has God ever spoken to any of you out there through like a snippit of a secular song? For me, it's always just a snippet just before I wake up. I'd really like to hear from some of those He has, It would be interesting to hear what He said to you. Just trying to carry on a conversation here in the "fellowship" hall.
  7. Glad you discerned that I am more discerning than that.
  8. I found my password. I'll look you up now. You can look me up if you like, Marian.
  9. If I ever find my password, I'll look you up. So many passwords just gets on my nerves. Technology can be a pain sometimes. But, it also helps to keep the brain sharp, so I thank the Lord for it and deal with it with grace.
  10. Never stop doing what God impresses you to do unless He stops impressing you to do it. I hope that during the past year you've received wise counsel from others to help you with your problems. Grace and Peace to you.
  11. Find an easier version of the bible, online perhaps, and start with that. But since this post is over a year old, I surely hope you've established a bible reading habit of some sort by now. However, if you haven't, like I said, try an easy reading version to get you in the habit. Most importantly, ask God to stir up in you the desire to read HIS word. The enemy of our souls will do his best to keep all desire to read the word of God suppressed. Also, no matter how good a movie is, it has probably taken some liberties with the script and added in some stuff that is NOT true. So if you don't already know the truth, you'll take in some info as the truth, and when you actually find out the truth, then you're going to have to wash out the lies. Grace and Peace to you. Hope to hear from you one day that you love reading the Lord's word.
  12. So Sister in Christ, how is tweeting going for you? I joined in Jan of 2012 and then haven't checked back in for like 6 months. I think I'll search for my password and try it again. Maybe this time, I'll be successful in using it as a ministry tool. Are you using yours as a ministry tool, or just for fun?
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