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  1. Please pray for enough money $750.00 for my mortgage due on the first of the month and for a way to put money away in cas my husband leaves. I work full time but we have debt and my name is the primary on everything. NEED A MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH OR WINDFALL Thanks Deb
  2. My husband is a very angry person he brings up my past relationships from over 20 yrs ago. I know its his issue not mine. He as spoken to a co pastor from our church and so hav i. Also the main pastor is aware of the situation. He is meeting with me on weds bfore i go to work. I want things resolved but now Mark is giving me the silent treatment. I think it is anger...need direction. I also need prayer and divine intervention for financial help. Need to pay off debt and be able to make it on my own. I have the main income in our house but struggle financially. I want to save enough to cover bills and get to where i do not need his income. If he does not change we will have to seperate. Trust me i am not perfect but he gives himself over to the demonic...a minister is coming to our church next weekend. Believing for a miracle. Thanks Deb
  3. I need counsel and prayer. There is an area where i just cannot seem to move in confidence. I was kidnapped and held for 3 days and nights when i was a teen. God has brought incredible healing since then but there has been a long standing area of not being able to push through in confidence. It effects my job my training my time with people myself my horses and my dogs.. i need freedom. Thanks Deb
  4. I am married to a man that has consistently lied about everything. Is a Christian... To compound things he gets angry when confronted and we are seriously struggling financially. I had an intense spiritual battle last night. Did not sleep well anf not sure why.... i am working ss hard as i can and still had to get an advance on my next pay check. I have a horse that needs healing in his knee. I need direction and prayer. I believe my husband mark has been unfaithful. Not sure what that has entailed. I jst kno he is lying and this morning he said everything started back when i rejected him and a man needs companionship or something to that effect. I told him that i have released him from accountability to me and it is all between him and the Lord...Pray and please share your prayerful heart.
  5. I am seeking counsel for my marriage. My husband Mark has been a liar abses to employment to God only knows. Now he claims to be on the up and up for the past three months after years of lying. He is miserable to live with and really looks at me with hatred. I have very little feelings left for him. Need some ideas on what to do. I hav had years of misery and he says I am holding him back from his music etc. He is gifted but I could just let him go if I could just meet my household obligations Need advice and Godly counsel thanks debra joy
  6. Hi please pray for my marriage My husband Mark and I are Christians but he has lied our whole married lives. He was drinking and I dont knw what else was using. I just had it and told him so and he appeared to change. But I think its all outward and just a show. I work hard at my job and he is an extra concern in my life. We have had financial difficulties and I need a real vacation. Between a rock and a hard place. Prayer and counsel appreciated Thanks Debra Joy
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