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debra joy

any counsel appreciated for a marriage on the rocks

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My husband is a very angry person he brings up my past relationships from over 20 yrs ago. I know its his issue not mine. He as spoken to a co pastor from our church and so hav i. Also the main pastor is aware of the situation. He is meeting with me on weds bfore i go to work. I want things resolved but now Mark is giving me the silent treatment. I think it is anger...need direction. I also need prayer and divine intervention for financial help. Need to pay off debt and be able to make it on my own. I have the main income in our house but struggle financially. I want to save enough to cover bills and get to where i do not need his income. If he does not change we will have to seperate. Trust me i am not perfect but he gives himself over to the demonic...a minister is coming to our church next weekend. Believing for a miracle.


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My parents have gone through this for years, but it is my mother who cannot let things go. It took us a while to realize that it isn't real memories that are her problem, but a very real mental illness. Even after treatment, things have not gotten any better. The reason I bring this up is that mental illness does not allow for forgiving and forgetting, it just focuses and holds onto and obsesses about the real or imagined wrongs.
Does your husband want things to be better between the both of you? Then seek counseling and try reading "The Love Dare" (it really helped me!!).

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Hi Debra,
you have a fight on your hands. But not only you can but you WILL win it. All depends on your determination. Right now you seem to be on a fence (if he will stop, I'll stay, if not, I might leave him).

We know, our fights are not against flesh and blood - in this case with your husband - but with the spiritual beings that are behind your husband's behavior (Eph 6:12). They feel your indecisiveness in this situation and will do all they can to stir him up to try and push you towards leaving.

But if you are determined to stop them, you will succeed. I know it's ultimately up to him to make decisions, but you'd be surprised how much these decisions and choices are influenced by the evil spirits when people don't realize what's behind it..

I think, your husband might even have some deep hurts from the past and insecurities that subconciously drive him to express it as anger against you.

What I would suggest is to start building YOURSELF up DAILY. Build yourself up in Jesus so much that you can stand and command in His Name and destroy the works of the evil one in your family. This is what I do and trust me, I stand against some deep wounds and long term nearly hatred in my family. And I do see it works. But I first build myself up every single day consuming His Word in teachings and reading the Bible for several hours every day, Praise and Worship. I pray in tongues and it's interesting to watch how you pray "normal" and all of a sudden you feel like you get into this deep warfare in the spirit. And then you get a break through and the Lord reveals what and how to pray for with your understanding. And then all the works of the evil one tumble down and you see it actually happen in the natural bit by bit. But BE PERSISTENT till the end. I told myself "there's no way out till I WIN!", so I don't even get tempted to quit :-) Praise God!

The Lord opens up the hearts of your loved ones and you get a chance to minister to them and they do listen (what I never thought would happen, but it does and they do change!) I do love prayer of binding and loosing, they bring amazing results! Praise God, He gave us all the Authority!

I also find it is very important to adopt a meek attitude. Your husband would be probably stirred up by the enemy to try and make you change your determination to cast them out. But as you stay humble (and that took quite a bit of work on my part in my fight) towards the Lord and put your husband and his freedom from this oppression first, then you will not be tempted to quite till you win.

Be very very encouraged, Sister! You WILL WIN. I know it! You are MORE than a Conqueror in your Lord Christ Jesus! - Romans 8:37 When these words become a deep heart-felt reality in our hearts there is absolutely NOTHING the enemy can do to withstand you. NOT A THING! They are totally helpless against you when you are in Christ Jesus!


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