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  1. No problem, Sister! James 5:16 says "The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man (or woman) availeth much." Tons of blessings!!!
  2. Hi Mamoyo, Please do not think that I said the above to correct you in any way. I out of all people have no right to do that. The word "pride" never even remotely crossed my mind. I know it's so easy to slip into condemnation here, but that's exactly the opposite of what the Lord wants. And please don't think you are a sinner. You are NOT! Your heart is pure and right as you have the heart of Christ. If you were a sinner you'd never even think that your friend is doing wrong. I believe you have a zeal for the Lord and huge zeal for your friend. Unfortunately sometimes people don't respond to other people's efforts to show them the way out. I don't know why. But when this happens our hearts hurt for them so much that it brings us to the point of "burn out". This happened to me so many times as well. But when we pray for them and show God's Grace, the Lord, knowing exactly what needs to be said to them, when and exactly how, they, all of a sudden, listen and turn around. Romans 8:1 says that there is now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus. That is us, Christians. I don't even believe this is about who is bad or good, who is "goodder "or "badder" :-). I believe that now it's about what we see or don't see. I know that I don't see so much and so I ask the Lord to open my eyes and let me see what He sees regarding my life in general and particular situations where I feel I am stuck and He always does. And He never gets mad or frustrated, but like a good Teacher, lovingly explains and shows and He never gets tired of it. Never gets frustrated even if I ask the same question He has already explained to me many times before. He NEVER condemns!!! I wish I could give you a big hug, Sister!! The Lord has blessed you so much and He gave you His Heart so you will shine bright to the others! Tons of blessings and thank you so much for blessing me as well!!
  3. Just wanted to add one more thing to what I said previously. You ARE NOT above your head here! I know what you are talking about and even though it might look like a bit too much it's only if you look at the matter through the eyes of a mere human. We, however, are NOT ALONE in this or anything else. When the enemy is lying to us or afflicts us, he automatically is facing JESUS, our BIG BROTHER! Who, by the way, has already DEFEATED that enemy. Simply come to Him in full understanding of who you are in Him and boldly believe His Grace will be given to you to overcome. This is HIS Desire and Will for you, so who can possibly stop Him from helping you? No one!
  4. Hi Mamoyo, Sorry to hear about your friend being in such trouble. Dear Sister, I do believe that your friend is not choosing to be that way. I believe she is in great trouble because she believes the lies about herself and does not know who she is, her True Identity which is the same as for all believers - the Image and Likeness of God, our Creator. When we don't know who we are we keep on believing all sorts of lies of the enemy and keep on living in all sorts of bondages. This does not mean we are bad or wicked people. This means we are confused and simply don't see the way out clearly. She keeps on seeking satisfaction of this particular desire, driven by lies, not her choice. So often we fall for this one (not necessarily sexual "satisfaction"). This is called lust and the definition of lust is simply a sinful desire that cannot be satisfied. The reason it is sinful is because we place anything but Christ Jesus as something to pursue in our lives and most obviously the satisfaction cannot be achieved simply because we were DESIGNED and CREATED to only be satisfied by our Lord. It's basically running in a circle like a hamster in a cage and never ever arriving. So many of us have such lusts in our lives. Some chase after money, some after greater possessions, some after career, and some after feeling "important" and "secure"... you name it. Please pray for your friend for the Lord to open up her eyes on who she is in Him, free her from this bondage as well as lies and false chains of sickness and her life will be restored, she will stop chasing after illusions. She simply will never feel the need for it. When we pray for all the right reasons and from understanding the truth, the Lord does answer and turns people's lives around in amazing ways. The Lord is waiting for His beloved daughter - your friend - to seek Him First and Foremost. Let's pray according to His desires and will and not what our eyes see!! We need to pray for each other. The Lord gave that woman a friend - YOU - to pray for her bacuse where she cannot see - you can and you do! Who esle will support and uplift us before God if not our Christian brothers and sisters? That's why we have each other. Your friend does not live her life in the Lord to the fullest because of the lies she believes about herself. When you are alone with the Lord, cry out to Him for her not out of frustration, or judgement, but to free her from bondages of the enemy!! God bless you richly, Sister!!
  5. Please join all those who uplift Israel before God's Throne during Hamas' attacks against God's nation. One can put thousand to flight, two can put ten thousand to flight! I plead Jesus' Blood over Israel, all the cities and people. May God's Shalom uphold, invade, protect and surround Israel day and night. I pray that NO WEAPON formed against it shall prosper and every tongue that raises against Israeli Nation shall be CONDEMNED, silenced and put to shame (Isaiah 54:17). I speak Isaiah 41:12 over God's Land: Though you search for your enemies, you will not find them. Those who wage war against you will be as nothing at all! In Jesus' Name, Amen!
  6. Actually this is a very serious question. And looks like you have the correct answer already! "I think eventhough he would forgive me I dont want to develope this liscence to sin attitude." Romans 6:1,2 :"What shall we say, then? Shall we go on sinning so that grace may increase? By no means! We died to sin; how can we live in it any longer?" Unfortunately many Christians don't take this seriously. They think that since sins are forgiven (and they are because of the Blood of JESUS!), we can just go ahead and sin our heads off and it will be ok anyway. No! It won't be ok. Another scripture that is being totally ignored by many in the body of Christ is Galatians 2:20 "I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me." He bought us with GREAT PRICE so that now we are HIM living though us and not us (our old nature) that keeps living only without the penalty of sin. We do not belong to ourselves anymore. If there is anything in us that does not have the Name Jesus on it, it's NOT US anymore. We don't explore it, we cut it off and walk away from it for good. The bottom line is, Jesus died on the Cross not to simply rid us from the penalty of sin, but to restore that which was lost - men being the Image of God. Our old sinful selves are GONE, they have died together with Christ and our new nature is risen with Him and that's who we are after we become saved. And this shouldn't be just some Bible scriptures. This should define our lives on day-to-day basis, define our daily choices. BJ, you seem to be on the right track on this one! I don't know what kind of sides of your life you were referring to, but it looks like your spirit is convicting you that it's not in line with who you have become and therefore not only should it not be explored, but not even be considered a part of YOUR life anymore. Hope this helps, Blessings!!
  7. Amazing testimony of God's LOVE! It always overwhelms me to just think He always there and always listening attentively to our needs and comes through. Before I thought that a "way" was some sort of lining up of circumstances in order for something to happen like getting a new job etc. But John 16:4 says "I AM the way, the truth and the life". The WAY is a PERSON and His Name is JESUS, and He's ALWAYS with us! Why should we ever worry and wonder when in the natural it seems like there is no way? We always have THE WAY right with us and in us!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. WOW! CONGRATULATION, Jasmine!!! God is GOOD! With Him sky is the limit!
  9. :-) The trick is to say it right away before I had time to chicken out of it :-)))
  10. Hi Mia, I think you just described it precisely :-) Kind of weird at first though but sooo cool :-). I'm not used to hearig these things about another person, but it's GREAT
  11. BJ, they weren't my words. I heard / "felt" them in my spirit. It's hard to describe :-) I believe they were spoken to me by His Spirit for you, all I did was just "forward" them to you. I don't think I ever prophesied before but I am pretty sure this is what it was and yes, this IS so encouraging! You are soooo blessed!!!
  12. I felt this overwhelmingly strongly and I know I have to tell this to you, BJ: BJ, you've GOT IT, girl! You have what it takes to get where you were created to be. You are going to SOAR like an eagel! Right now where it seems like so much is coming against you, where many people would simply curl up in a fetal position, pull a blanket over their heads and stay there, you are just seeing it as a launching platform. None of this junk is going to stop you. You are going to raise up and crush it all. None of that will ever stop you. You are a mighty warrior and satan is terrified of you. Nothing he can do to ever stop or hurt you because your Lord and Savior is with you, for you and He always be there right beside you. He sees you as a STRONG WARRIOR that has what it takes. Don't pay any attention to what's against you, it's just shadows. Look at your Savior, look at Jesus only and you will be amazed where He will take you, there is NO LIMIT for you in Jesus, you will soar with His so high you never thought it was possible and it won't take long before yu'll see this. This is the word personally for you BJ, I don't think I've ever received anything like this before. It's not some general "cheering up" for "a Christian", but personally for you. Wow! I am amazed myself.
  13. I agree with Destine and the Word of God which says in 1 Peter 2:24 that by the stripes of Jesus Christ she WAS healed, so any symptoms etc simply MUST leave. We won't back out of this agreement of faith and will stand on it as on a rock. In Jesus' Name. So BE IT!
  14. I'd say don't turn fasting into works. By which I mean don't make it into condition for God to love you more, or bless you more or anything like that. He already loves you full blast and our fasting or non fasting will never change that. We fast to shut out our flesh and to get quiet before Him so we can hear Him better. He never stops loving, guiding, blessing us whether we fast or not. I used to be so full of fear of accidentally eating something that I was not supposed to during fast, so I was paying all my attention and most of my thinking on food (or not eating, watching that I don't "slip" accidentally). That completely messed up the whole point of fasting. I turned it into works and instead of being quiet and listening to Him, I managed to turn all my attention back on me :-)
  15. I hope you don't mind, but I was reminded of this scripture and I feel it's very important that I mention it as well. Philippians 2:13: [Not in your own strength] for it is God Who is all the while effectually at work in you [energizing and creating in you the power and desire], both to will and to work for His good pleasure and satisfaction and delight." (Amplified Bible - my emphasis added) Isn't it awesome?! This takes us (our own human power) completely out of the picture. I LOVE this! This means we totally can be everything God created us to be because it's not even us who will be doing it all. It's ALL HIM! Both to will and to perform. All we have to do is yield ourselves to Him completely. Even when we don't quite understand, just yield and ask, He will put the desire in your heart to go after it, He will give you Grace to be able to be who you are in Him, He will give you complete thorough understanding of who you are and how things work. I know it works, as I put it to real life test. I am listening to His Word preached and as the Living Power of His Word being preached is coming inside of me and working in me through Grace I am noticing a huge change in me. For example even compared to yesterday, I get into situations that only yesterday would drive me nuts. I mean I'd go ballistic over these things, I know me. Today I am completely immovable :-) Does not bother me a slightest bit :-) I can't even begin to tell you what an awesome feeling this is to just be at total peace where I know before I'd lose it in a second. Praise God! Here's a trick though. When you do hear these teachings, your intention could be: 1) to hear them for your knowledge only , sort of FYI or 2) to receive them and put them into action by and through His Grace. And this makes huge difference! This makes all the difference in the world actually. Whatever your intention is towards His Word, it will go there and stay there. Of course #1) can always be reverted to #2) but I personally would always go for #2) right away :-). I don't have a single day to lose. Tons of blessings!!
  16. Another thing I wanted to add. Kind of practical advice. Think of what things are causing you to get anxious. I remember you mentioned your teacher at school being too particular about details. So what's going to happen if for some reason you fail to meet her high expectations? Is she going to think less of you? If so, ask yourself, is it HER opinion or God's opinion? You know what God's opinion about you is - you are His beloved, very own daughter for who He sent His Son to die on the Cross. Then whose opinion would really matter to you? Whose opinion will you allow to determine how to feel about yourself, what to believe about yourself? God's or another human being's who, by the way, most likely is not even walking in His Light and is blinded to even her own identity? And even further, would her opinion determine how you'd act toward her? Or would the fact that not you, but Christ living in you and through you determine you giving her back anything by Christ's Love? Because we don't live this life to justify ourselves (thus has already been done by our Lord), but to love others.
  17. By believing what the Bible says about you instead of what you feel about you or who you think you are or what others are saying about you. You get yourself rooted and grounded in His Truth by practicing it instead of just keeping it i your mind, as mere head knowledge. Mere knowledge never saved anyone. BEING what we believe God says we are saves us. We have to stop putting ourselves in the center of the universe and make everything else including God spin around us. We have to put Jesus in the center and everything else will fall into its proper place. What many Christians do (which included me as well) is we try to incorporate God into our lives instead of being who we are in Him. These are not just words. This has to become not our second nature, but our ONLY nature. We weren't created for ourselves. We were created for Him. So we have to die to ourselves. And it's not scary, not difficult, it does not hurt, does not offend. Instead this is the most wonderful, great, beautiful, fulfilling and peaceful experience that can happen to anyone. As long as its about us, we will always have a big red target mark on our backs. People will always hurt and offend us and we would spend our whole time defending ourselves and dodging these bullets of offense, fear, anxiety, frustration :-( That's only because we don't know who we are. We think we are our own and once we accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior, our life will just become a bit better and easier. This is such a lie. This is exactly why so many Christians are bitter and disappointed. They feel like God did not meet their expectations when He did not shield them from people when they weren't nice to them. While the whole time the only part of them that was hurting and being offended was the part that needed to die - their self-centered part that was never supposed to be there to begin with. It came in through man's fall and when mankind died to who we were created to be - in the Image of God and took on the false image, false nature of self-seeking, self-centered satan. I understand it sounds pretty harsh, but we have to face the reality and stop being lullabied into some sort of illusions that we can continue being who we are not supposed to be and know the fullness of life. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! Jasmine, you were created to be in the Image and LIKENESS of God who is LOVE and through the death and resurrection of Jesus you've become this person. Once you BELIEVE THIS which is not hard at all, you just need to live it out. Just keep reminding yourself about this truth when ever you feel like feeling or acting contrary of that. If someone says something mean to you, claiming you did not measure up or did not meat certain expectations, just inside remind yourself that this is not true, that you already ARE all you are suppose dot be, you are RIGHTEOUSNESS of Jesus (can't get any better than that! :-) ) and all you would give back is love and compassion of Jesus to the very person who just was mean to you. I understand it takes practice, but when is better time to start other than now? What I do when these lying thoughts and feelings start to creep in, I just stop and think - THIS IS NOT ABOUT ME! I don't live for me, I live for Him. I AM HIM living through me. Galatians 2:20 "I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me." When this stinky voice says I do not deserve it, I remind myself that I was not saved for my own sake, but for God's sake and who I am and what I have done has NOTHING to do with it and PEACE rules in me :-) Hope this helps. Many blessings!
  18. Dear Jasmine, you will be battling anxiety as long as you see yourself any different than the way YOU ARE ALREADY through the finished work of Jesus Christ. You can't be in peace and be anxious at the same time. It's impossible. Being anxious is not knowing who you are. It's like an identity crisis. Being in peace means knowing your true identity. So don't even waste your time trying to figure out how to be in peace in the middle of being anxious. It's an illusion, it's impossible. Instead know who you already are and be it. When man (mankind) fell in the garden, they did not just sin. They got CUT OFF the source of Life and Love (which is God). We got cut off of WHO WE WERE CREATED TO BE. We were created in His Image. This does not mean simply that we have a head, a body, two arms, legs etc. This means we were created to LOVE others (not being afraid of them, trying to meet their expectations or expecting them to be our source of love, satisfaction, justification etc) just like He does. How can we love others without receiving love first? We can't. If you and I don't see ourselves the way we already ARE - RESTORED in our ORIGINAL relationship with God, having HIM as the Source of Love, knowing who we already are and not trying to become, it won't matter at all what anyone else tells us we are or are not. If they are not seeing what God is seeing it's because they are still in the darkness. If they are giving anything other then love, it means they are in deep inward anguish themselves. Not because you failed them in any way. Not because you haven't met their expectations or did not measure up. You don't have to STRIVE or do anything to measure up because you already ARE what you were created to be though what Jesus did on the Cross. You already ARE His Righteousness, which by the way doe not mean doing the right things all the time. Righteousness means "AS YOU SHOULD BE", it means being HIS CHILD, HIS DAUGHTER. That's how God sees you. Why do people give you anxiety? Because you believe them when they say you are less than perfect? Why would you believe this? DON'T! Don't wake up in the morning trying to meet someone's expectations. Wake up to be His DAUGHTER! This does not mean being ignorant to others. This means - give them love because your source of Love is your Father God. He's got plenty of it for you. Let it IN! And once you do, it will saturate you and flow out of you and start touching others. Love them instead of putting them into the position of being the barometers of who you are and how you do. Then even the idea of being anxious would be silly :-) There simply won't be any ground for it? Jasmine, you don't need anything other than seeing yourself God's way. You don't need to strive, fight, prove anything to anyone, God or yourself. IT IS FINISHED! Father, I ask you to touch Jasmine, Your precious daughter and surround her with Your overwhelming Shalom! Father, I thank You for Jasmine, Jesus, I thank You for paying the perfect price and restoring her into who she was created to be. I ask You, Lord, to touch her and open her eyes on who she is in You. I speak over Jasmine that she sees and understands that His perfect Love flows into her and that she already IS perfect in Your eyes, Lord. Amen!
  19. Absolutely great post, Mark! I would like to only add one thing: as you do your part in the natural, relax and expect God to do His part in the supernatural! Blessings!
  20. I release God’s angels to go before you, Jasmine, to prepare the way for you, to prosper you, and to give you the advantage in difficult situations. I speak that they clear the way and eliminate threats that would come against you as well as threatening situations, traps, deceit, and unfavorable circumstances. I declare that God’s angels will go with you, keep you, and protect you. I bless your mind to expand and that you will enlarge your deposit of knowledge. I bless you for information, facts, and knowledge to cling to the soil of your mind. I bless you to have the ability to recall that information so that you may excel in tests and grade scores. I bless you for Holy Spirit to work in you and minister through you this year unlike other years. I bless you to become an effective witness for Christ, that your prayers be effective, that your discernment be sharp, and that you receive unction to stand for your convictions and be an effective light to those around you. I bless you to gain great experiences this school year that will shape your destiny.
  21. Just a thought here. I was thinking about why we get so hurt (myself included BIG TIME!) when someone is "attacking" us (not physically of course). I think that in many cases we take it personally, meaning the other person just simply and plainly wanted us to hurt. This is how it seems. And this is why we even get hurt. It's because we "receive" what we perceive as reality. And this starts the whole chain reaction - an action starts fear, fear starts anxiety and on and on and on. This "perspective", the way we perceive things kind of paints a huge target mark on our backs. Every time someone acts in a certain way, this action hits that target. Every single time. So what do we do? How do we change this? We remove the target mark! :-) How? By changing our perspective, the way we see things. It helped me SOOO MUCH when U understood that people do not just hunt us trying to hurt in every possible way. They do that simply because they themselves are hurting inside. And the most ridiculous part is - we simply don't realize it! We don't realize it and they don't realize it. That's why things keep getting worse, anxieties build up, pile up on each other. I got like that with my work because my boss keeps doing things you won't believe. I was driving to work every morning with tears running down my face and they weren't tears of joy. So what am I doing? I am praying to God to give me the right perspective. He helped me see my boss as a very hurt person, whether he sees himself like that or anyone else does. I honestly CAN'T see him as such by my human efforts. I simply can't. But with His Grace it IS possible for me. Because He is in me I CAN extend the Grace that was given to me through Jesus to this man who simply keeps on being cruel and see him as a hurting person who DOES NOT KNOW JESUS and who simply needs grace, help and a prayer. Jasmine, I am pretty sure that that teacher who is so strict and so demanding, she must be like that for a reason. I don't know her or the situation but if she is being unreasonable, unkind etc, could it be because something inside of her keeps her in "prison" of being like that? I do believe it is a big burden for her as well. She might not know it. I did not know how the freedom from "myself" felt like until I experienced it. It is the difference between night and day! But with Jesus it IS possible! With God all things are possible. I pray for you, Jasmine, that the Lord touches you like only He can and FREES you in a way you have never experienced before! Go, Daddy! Move in Your daughter's life MIGHTILY, like no one can but YOU! Take Jasmine to new heights in You, let her soar like an eagle, FREE in her Savior and Lord Jesus Christ! Thank You for pouring out Your Grace into her life so that she is being completely freed from any yoke, any burden, fear, anxiety at all, let the prison door bust wide open and every single chain of enemy’s lies BREAK NOW, so that Your Grace pours out through her into the world, that every life that comes in touch with hers will be turned around, changed to Your Glory! Let Your Son Jesus shine through her for all others to see and experience! In Jesus' Name! Amen!
  22. Perfect Love drives out fear (1 John 4:18). It's HIS perfect love. Perfect means you are covered with His protection from every direction, every angle any type of harm can possibly come. Jasmine, your name is written in the Lamb's Book of Life. No hell all together can take it out. So what can school possibly do to you to harm you? Don't be deceived by those feelings. Don't listen to them, they are lying! Meditate on what your Lord has done for you already. Do this purposely. 1 John 4:18 does not say that His perfect love waits around till fears leave. It DRIVES them out. That means it takes FORCE. You need to purposely submit your thoughts to His truth instead of enemy's lies. Meditate on who you are in Him, on your identity of God's very own daughter. This is your identity, this is who you are. Be blessed!
  23. Hi Ruth, sorry I did not get back to you sooner. My daughter moved away from home for college and I guess I got a bit messed up missing her like crazy :-(. I had to spend extra time with the Lord to straighten out my thoughts and I did not want these issues to cloud over my thinking when I would reply to you. So Praise God, He's our Healer! Here are some more of my thoughts on all this "healing" issue. I've been thinking about it very much lately and asking God's insight on it. And here's what I firmly believe now: 1) The Bible tells us to seek first His Kingdom and righteousness and all great things will be given to us (paraphrasing Matthew 6:33). So as we spend time learning all the wonderful things about God, His Kingdom, our identity in Christ Jesus - our righteousness in Him, all the issues with our health would be straightened out by God. When we just go ahead and start learning all there is to know about healing, in my opinion what it does to us, it magnifies the subject of sickness. When we seek healing, all we think about is sickness and how to get rid of it. This only magnifies the problem. Instead we need to magnify JESUS! How can we magnify Him if we spend all our time thinking, reading and learning about healing our bodies? I am not saying here that healing our bodies is bad, not at all. I am just saying that as we set our priorities in spiritual development right, healing will COME as well simply because we will have thorough understanding of who we are in Jesus, How God sees us, what our rights and authority is in God's Kingdom. 2) I also firmly believe that 1 Peter 2:24 is very much misunderstood and underestimated by many believers. "He personally bore our sins in His [own] body on the tree [as on an altar and offered Himself on it], that we might die (cease to exist) to sin and live to righteousness. By His wounds you have been healed." (Amplified) What I myself thought before (and I do believe that many others are believing the same idea) was that these words refer to the times when satan (or his spirits of infirmities) is attacking us with disease and we get sick, THEN we can claim/believe, that by Jesus stripes we were healed and our bodies get restored to health again. This would be all great if there wasn't one great problem with this interpretation: we would always be one step behind the enemy. We'd always allow him to first mess us up and then, kid of "pick up" after him and undo the mess he created in our own bodies. I am sorry, but this does not sit well with me. What I believe is true is this - Jesus has paid the most Precious Price on the Cross for us and by doing so He PERMANENTLY made us whole - in body soul and spirit. This means He so to speak "pre-healed" us 2000 years ago, PERIOD! I think I am having a bit of trouble describing exactly what I mean, but I'll try and do my best here :-) I see the questions coming - why do we get sick then? Well, first of all because our enemy, the devil is still after us and he's still in his business of stealing, killing and destroying, walking around LIKE a roaring lion (kind of "pretending he is one, but actually being a very much defeated enemy), looking whom he MAY devour. "May" means he's not at liberty to grab anyone and do whatever he pleases with them :-) That means he needs permission. Whose permission? - Ours! So he might destroy us by lying to us with his deceptions. One of them is SYMPTOMS of sickness. Once we know we WERE healed by Jesus' stripes (since we DIED to sin which wages is death - not necessarily just an immediate physical death, but also any form of lack of wholeness - sickness included), when symptoms come, we will always recognize them as LIES and deception and refuse to receive them as truth. And therefore resisting the devil and his junk and he would always FLEE from us. But if we don't know or don't quite understand this, every time a symptom comes, we would accept it as something we "have" now and are forced to fight against. This is exactly how we ourselves are "promoting" a lying symptom to a disease. Since I am not big on just theoretical knowledge, I went ahead and practiced this on my own body. And mr. devil helped me here a bit :-) I remember once I was sitting at home watching TV and all of a sudden I felt this extremely strong pain in my ear. Immediately I recalled the truth/revelation that I just shared above and I thought "O, REALLY? I DON'T THINK SO!" meaning - no way I would even admit that "now I HAVE ear ache". I simply rebuked the fact that I was sick and the pain left IMMEDIATELY! Isn't this awesome?! Same wit headaches - pain comes, I refuse to accept the fact that I am sick and they leave. Some times immediately, sometimes it takes a bit of my persistence (few minutes or so), sometimes these lying symptoms make several attempts to return during the day, but find the door shut, turn around and leave I do a little and enjoy my day praising and worshiping the Lord of ALL! Watch what people say: when our noses start running or we feel some "scratching' in our throat, we say "O, no, now I have a cold (or even flu!)" I did that myself without even realizing what I was doing! Or we say "I have a headache". If we feel pain, it does NOT mean we "have" it until we let it in by believing this is TRUTH. But admitting we "have" it, we sort of give that intruder (spirit of infirmity), this "terrorist" a permission/passport to enter into our bodies and do its destructive work. WE DON’T HAVE TO DO IT THOUGH! We don't HAVE to bow down and accept lies! Praise God! Jesus HEALED US by His WOUNDS once and for all! His Gifts are GOOD, they are incorruptible, they do not give our enemy a chance with us! Halleluiah! Whether we know, understand and practice it or not will make the difference in our lives!!!! Hey, I tried this and it WORKS! I think this is what Cholette's signature is talking about :-) Not sure if I did a good enough job trying to explain what I understand and see clearly in my spirit now. Let me know if I confused you (I hope I didn't!) You also asked what to tell your daughter about healing not manifesting? I personally wouldn't bother even talking about it. Why look at the past when the best is AHEAD! Just rejoice with her that your Saviour is with you both, He will never leave or abandon you, He'll always be there to sustain you both as the revelations come in and enlighten your entire being making you both totally and completely whole - soul, spirit and body! God bless!!!
  24. Thank you very much Cholette and juewls for your answers! I have never experienced anything like that (Praise God, I pray that I never will!), like a spirit that only attacks at a certain physical place. I also don't recall feeling a tangible evil presence. I do, however, descern these spirits by their "fruit" - lack of joy, peace, condemnation, hopelessness etc. This is sooo true, what you said: "I think that the kingdom of darkness is banking on us to not be aware. That restless spirit snuck in due to me not truly understand the ways a spirit can enter. Once I found out, I've prayed against it ever since. I believe the spirits will attack anyone whose guard is down. Just like Juewls...the spirit had to make it so dark for her where she couldn't fight. The spirit that came into my apartment came in based on my ignorance. The more they mess with me or others, the more I learn their strategies. When we learn, we must stay ahead of their game...that's why daily prayer and the reading of God's Word is so important...it's our armor! If we don't, we coud be slowly perishing for a lack of knowledge." Indeed people won't fight them if they do not see, recognise or believe they are under attack. Most of the time people think it's THEM, or something is wrong with them. A while ago when I did not know anything about spirit realm, I'd feel down and depressed and could not find any logical reason for that feeling, so I used to write it off to some weird "mood swings". Now I know better. I am praying and asking God to open my eyes more so I can see and understand more and learn how to fight off their attacks. God bless!!
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