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  1. Thankyou all. Astra, thankyou for sharing what you did, and for sharing your testimony. I've just been so weak lately that trying to fight has been hard and sucking all energy from me. I hear your heart in what you said - I think i was just already emotionally raw and it just seems like a misunderstanding! i do appreciate what you posted! thank God i have been sleeping a lot better these last couple of nights, and have been reading more about authority and what it means and praying into it. im really grateful for all your prayers, it's really held me up!
  2. I just replied because the way you were speaking was insensitive to a difficult situation, it sounds like your shouting at me when I'm asking for prayer. I understand some people are further along in their understanding of godly things, you have already gone through this and I'm glad for that. But this is a difficult time for me and I'd appreciate some sensitivity in the way you talk about these matters. I understand the power of God, but I have the right to struggle sometimes, Im not ashamed of that.
  3. Thankyou Astra for your prayer - I'd particularly like to say that I am connected with family members involved in witchcraft and this is attempting to come against me. So yes, I do need help in revelation and in all areas of my faith, I'm still on a journey and I really appreciate the help and the prayer.
  4. Hi everyone, this has been happening for the last few weeks. do you have any advice? I'll waKe up to hear my door open around 3am and something stands at the foot of my bed. Then I pray for a long time, or until i fall asleep. Would you please pray for me? thanks so much
  5. I don't have a church home at the moment, and I was wondering if I could share this prayer request with you all. There's man in jail at the moment, he's done some awful things. God has put him on my heart, and given me dreams about him and shown me that he's really afraid of going to hell. I'd really appreciate your prayers as well!! God I pray for this man. You know who he is and the things he has done. He also knows the terrible things he has done. Thankyou Jesus that no man is too far gone, no man is out of your reach. We pray for a revelation of who you are and of your presence with him there in that cell, that he would know you Jesus face to face. Thankyou for that revelation of the cross that saves! Even Paul was a murderer and you called him to do your work. And Jesus, on the cross you saved a criminal from an eternity in hell. We stand on these testimonies for this man, that he can still have a relationship with you and that there is hope for him still! Lead him to repentance, lead him to your forgiveness. We know he is your son, and that he is so so loved, and we join with your intercession for him. You are crying out for his heart, God give him dreams of who you are and how loving you are. May your love become so real to him.
  6. This had made me so sad to read. If any of you feel led please pray!! Atheists are gathering in Melbourne for a 'Zombie Easter'- they dressing up as Matthew and Jesus and marching through the streets. The main leader's name is Andrew. https://www.facebook.com/Easter.Zombie.Sunday
  7. Daisy that was brilliant!! I got a really good payment plan!! ;) and the lady had some compassion - that's always nice!
  8. Thanks heaps Daisy!! That helps alot, I'll try and call them today! :) :)
  9. I just realised I owe 352.00 by tomorrow for a traffic fine :( I don't have it.. Does God provide for debt even if its our fault?
  10. Lord you are good in all your ways, we lift up this baby to you, we lift up Lori's daughter to you and ask for your help, your intervention. We speak life into her body and into this precious baby. Jesus, be her protection, her healer, her comforter during this time. May your peace surround her, and quieten her mind/body of any stress. We speak revelation and wisdom to her and her doctors/nurses. Lord, thank you that in all things you are faithful and kind and that you care deeply about this situation.
  11. I love this particular forum, it's so encouraging. I went wayyy over on my phone bill this month, it was painful - I'm talking a couple of hundred dollars, and it came to me the very same week I was going through some major God things, so I knew it was an attack. It was due today, I still had no way to pay for it. I checked the phone website, just to double check the amount owed and it said I owed $0.00 God is GOOD!!!! No humanly possible way that makes any sense!!
  12. Thankyou Cholette and Deborah! This is a huge help.
  13. This convo was a while ago... but just wondering, what if the person isn't aware they have that spirit? and say, I see this identifying things in a friend, what are you supposed to do?
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