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  1. Hi justicarjamie, This mass whatever it is is NOT a problem and cannot be a problem if you believe this is not a problem. You have God's Word for it in - 1 peter 2:24 STATES that by Jesus' stripes you are healed. The only thing that makes the difference is what you believe. I have been meditating on this for a very long time. It got so real to me that there's nothing that any physical condition can do to override it. There was a condition in my body that kept me in pain for over 6 years. 5 doctors could not figure out what it was so I could not get any medical help. I was confessing healing scriptures and nothing happened. No improvement. Devil was threatening me with thoughts that I'd die with it and it will never go away. The problem was I did not believe in my heart that I was healed. With my mind I did believe it, I did confess it, but my heart was not included. So I changed it. In my heart I "dethroned" that condition. I denied it the power to stay and cause me any harm. Once I established in my heart that the Word of God is the supreme authority it as a piece of cake to believe that this condition was a total "nothing" compared to God and all fear left, all doubts left like vapor. Since then all pain is gone. Before it escalated to the point when I was in pain almost 24/7, my leg would go numb etc. All that is gone for good now and I don't have any fear of it returning. It is no match to God and His Word. We give too much power to the enemy, sicknesses etc in our hearts. While in God's Kingdom they don't have any whatsoever. Jesus took it ALL from them. All we need to do is believe it and not just know it in our minds. This mass has absolutely no chance against you simply because of what Jesus did on the Cross and what happened when God the Father has resurrected Him and had Him sit at His right hand on the Throne. That literally means for you in this situation that no matter what the size of that mass is, what it feels like. It does not matter. What matters is what YOU believe in your heart. I personally agree with the Word of Almighty God which is the Supreme and only Truth that by Jesus' stripes you ARE healed right now and this mass can't stay. I command it to GO in Jesus' Name!
  2. I don't get what the dilemma is. If I were you I'd believe the Bible and not what's around you and what's happening. Believining the Word of your God is LIFE and anything else it a total defeat.
  3. Jasmine, Cholette said the absolute truth about how easy it is to have a wonderful, close relationship with God. I understand that you are saying it's hard for you. But judging (discerning) from what you are saying in your posts, I believe the reason is because you are always trying to measure up the Word by your worldly experience. It should be the exact opposite. YOU MEASURE THE WORLD AROUND YOU AND SHAPE IT UP (OR RESHAPE IT) BY THE WORD OF GOD!!! Then you'll start seeing changes that you want to see :-) And again, this is a process and it does not happen overnight. Be patient with yourself. Very patient! Sadly many people make this mistake. They read the Word and then look around and do not see it exactly the Word describes it and they DISMISS THE WORD instead of changing what's around them. I can compare it to a woman buying a dress. She would come to a store and pick out an outfit and put it on. Pretend the outfit is the Word of God and a woman represents her physical (carnal) world (her physical life). So when the outfit does not fit correctly most people would take it off and put it back and totally dismiss it. And it seems right when we are talking about an actual, literal outfit. But in the spiritual realm exactly the opposite is true. The Word of God is the perfect "outfit" for us! When we put it on and it does not look like our body's shape (carnal circumstances) were made for it at all, still put it on and keep it on. The outfit will RESHAPE you (your circumstances)!!!!! That's how it works, and it DOES WORK :-) So I have good news and bad news for you, Jasmine. Good news is that God set your free to chose what to believe and there is NOTHING whatsoever that can prevent you from taking the right path should you chose to walk it (Romans 8:35, 38-39 - LOVE THESE VERSES!!!) EXCEPT FOR (and here's the bad news) - one thing only: you not being willing to accept it. Yup, this is the only thing that will stop you. Just like the Book of Romans says, no external things whether in this physical (carnal) world nor in the spiritual world is able to hinder you from receiving it. All doors are already OPEN (religion teaches us that we have to beg God to open doors for us, but this is all in vain. Doors are open already!). But if you read Ephesians 3:20 "Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us," you can plainly see that there's nothing that God won't do for us BUT it's according to the power that works WITHIN US. And each and every one of us are the only ones in charge of letting His Power to work in us by accepting and believing it. It's ok to not having a full understanding about how things work in the spirit realm at first. We all start there. No exceptions at all. But we can and we must learn! Ask God for wisdom and understanding and He always gives above all that we can ask or even hope for. BUT once you are "set" in your own, carnal way or understanding and are not willing to give Go the lead, this is the only thing that will stop you from being enlightened and walk out your destiny which is absolutely GLORIOUS!!! To sum it up, Jasmine, when you don't see your circumstances or experiences match up with the Word of God, ditch the experiences and circumstances and keep the World. If you don't understand, ask for understanding, believe that He gives the moment you ask and you shall receive ;-). It ALWAYS happens that way, ALWAYS! God's Word NEVER fails, ever, ever, ever! But it's totally up to you what to chose to believe :-) You're in charge here, not God. I've got some more thoughts that I'd love to share with you but this is all I have time for at the moment. I'll try and write more as soon as I can. Just one more thing for now. You said that you do know your value in God's eyes, but with everything else you are saying it's very clear that you don't. If you value someone to the point where you'd die FOR THEIR WRONGDOINGS and take the full blame for them, you'd never ever turn around and start pushing junk on them (like you said you believe God hinders good boys from getting into a relationship with you and instead puts old perverts near you to bother you). This is bad even by our worldly standards. Even a worldly friend among sinners won't do that to their loved ones. 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 reads "Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres." Many people understand it as God's standard for us, Christians. This is true, but rarely do people realize that this is God describing HIMSELF! This is how His love is like towards YOU, Jasmine! So when a nasty thought comes to your mind like God doing bad things to you, you just put it beside that scripture and see how rediculous it is and immediately dismiss it. That would help you greatly to sort out satan's lies about God in your heart once and for all. Cheers :-)
  4. Well, I did not mena actually attracting or repelling people. What I meant was, in 99% of cases we fight with the FRUIT, thinking that it's the problem. While the actual problem is the ROOT. And it's hard to come after the root because it's "hidden" and not obvious at all unless you look for it real hard. Dealing with the fruit is absolutely unproductive because as soon as you eliminate one, the other one pops up right away and so on and so forth. Satan totally loves it because he can wear us down like that and stop us from resisting him and give up instead. That's why I wanted to see what you'd say to a person if they came to you with the same problem. It's kind of easier to see when the problem is "not our personal one". Kind off step back and look at it from a different perspective, then we tend to see clearer. I find it's like that with me. Oftentimes when I feel "stuck", I think "If I had to give someone with the same problem and advice, what would I tell them?" And then I have to follow through with it. We also tend to be more "tolerant" to our own "hangups" and not as willing to deal with them as we would when it's about anothe rperson, so that also helps me to see where I should be more aggressive in dealing with my own "storngholds". But anyway, I also do not know and won't even go giving advices about attracting/repelling people. I don't think this is the real problem here. I think the real root is in your heart (I totally believe that the root of our every single problem is in our hearts, not in outside circumstances or other people. And I can explain it but it would be a lengthy explanation). You said yourself that you KNOW you NEED God, but WANT a relationship which you also know you are not even allowed to have yet. So to actually deal with it would be to look deep inside of your heart and determine exactly what it is that drives this desire to have this relationship right now. Look in the realm of FEELINGS. Think of how it would make you FEEL if you had this relationship that you want so much. Once you realise what you need to GET from it, you will see plainly that it is not the actual relationship that you want but actually the gratification of feelings about YOU. If I place myself in your shoes so to speak, I'd think, OK if I feel that I need a relationship so bad, how would I feel about MYSELF when I got it and how do I feel NOW that I don't have it. And you would be very very surprised to see plainly that MOST of our problems or their "friiyt" like getting into relationships etc, actually is all about our personal VALUE. I have a very strong feeling that in your case you feel like unless someone confirms that you are valuable to them by getting into a relationship with you you simply do not feel VALUABLE ENOUGH in your own eyes and are trying to "fix this" by getting into a relationship. The problem here is that a relationship is not going to fix it. If you do not have a true reason to feel valuable which you ARE with or without a relationship, you are not going to feel better when you are in a relationship with another person. At least not in the long run. Your REAL value is in the eyes of your CREATOR and we are not going to get it anywhere else but through meditating deeply, on the level of our hearts (not just minds) deriving it from the Word of the One Who created us. It's absolutelly impossible to satisfy this through any other source. We were creatyed that way. This is our PURPOSE! And there's nothing that can change this. So am I saying that I am against relationships? Of course not. Relationships are great when both parties do not try and get their value from each other, but rather from where it truly is - in our Father's Love and are simply GIVING to each other unconditional love. Marriages fail so much simply because when people say "I love you", they actually mean "I love how I feel about myslef when I am with you", or "I love what I can get from you", whether this is emotional, financial, social or any other gratification. And the worst part is in most cases they don't even realise it or how wrng this attitude is. So that's all I wanted to say about this. As to God keeping all young boys from you and letting the old ones bother you, I honestly don't know such "god". Our Heavely Father is NOT like that at all, not even close. He keeps nothing good from any of us, nor does He tempt us with bad stuff or "allows" it to happen to us. When we think that about Him, all it does is it pushes us away from the Only One who loves us totally perfect and absolutely unconditionally. Blessings
  5. Hi Jasmine, You are giving people great advises from what I see here. So I have a question for you. If someone came to you with the same problem, what would you tell them?
  6. WOW, Daisy! This is the MOST AWESOME testimony ever!!! I am soooo rejoicing with you and Praise the Lord for your son!
  7. It's all good points that were brought up above. I just wanted to add what I think is very important when overcoming things like that. I have learned that behind every negative (or wrong) behavior that we are trying fight against there is a wrong belief. Therefore we can call the behaviour - a FRUIT and the wrong belief (aka stronghold) - a ROOT. What is very typical for people (even Christians) is to try and eradicate the fruit. This is a fight that can't be effectively and consistently won because unless the root is removed it will keep on bringing forth its fruit over and over and over. A person will get weary and quit sooner or later. I do believe that we should direct our efforts towards the root and with prayer and diligence, the Holy Spirit's guidance, we can get to the very bottom of the cause and deal with it effectively. You might need to keep digging and digging deeper as the Lord sheds His light on this matter. This is definitely a process and I would not expect it to be fixed over night, but you CAN DO IT, Jasmine! God is with you and nothing or no one can stop you. Blessings!!
  8. Hi Robert, yes, absolutely. The things that have been provided for us by the Lord are SPIRITUAL things and yes, for our physical reality they are "invisible" untill they manifest. And our faith is what brings them out of the "invisible" spiritual realm into this natural realm where we can see and feel them. I do believe God puts things together. He does want you free and well more than we can imagine. Just follow Him and there's nothing anyone can do to stop you :-) Blessings!!!
  9. Ok :-) Like I said, I have tons of testimonies and I actually do pay attention to what's happening in my life very very closely. Some testimonies of recent healings: I never ever take pills anymore. Especially for headaches. I simply refuse to believe that when my head hurts that means that I HAVE headache. I simply stand and believe what 1 Peter 2:24 says (which is by Jesus' stripes I WAS healed!) and they leave. But I do have to choose to believe it every single time I feel a symptom. One particular day my head was hurting badly and I started to complain in my mind about it and actually thought to myself: "When my husband comes home I'll tell him how much my head hurts". Then I caught myself thinking that and said to myself: "the Bible says that I was HEALED! Then why would I even acknowledge this headache and go to an extend of even telling my husband about it? Why would I give the enemy credit of winning where Jesus bought the Victory for me?!" and as soon as I decided not to even give it any credit at all, right that moment I FELT the headache literally diminish and disappear in less than 10 seconds. Another time I had to go to a dentist to fix a tooth. It was a molar and they worked on it quite a bit. After that it was still painful to touch it when I was brushing my teeth. It was hurting for few weeks. I was ignoring it for a while thinking it will go away on its own. It didn't. I started to think that I probably should go to the dentist again and tell them that my tooth was bothering me. After I started thinking in this way, another symptom started. I started to have sharp pains that were shooting through my whole jaw. The next day they increased and were happening more often. Right away I thought - just as I admitted and accepted the fact that I already had a problem, the same day even more symptoms added to the ones that I already "accepted". I though this sounded like someone tries to pull a fast one on me - and namely a spirit of infirmity is trying to convince me that the problem really exists and it's a serious one. I instantly rebuked the symptoms and commanded them to be gone and repented of accepting this junk as truth. Well, these bad pains that were going through my whole jaw stopped the same day. The next morning I brushed my teeth and there was absolutely NO PAIN left whatsoever! I even pressed on that tooth so hard that I tore the skin off my gums and still no pain till this day! And to top that I want to add that the day I accepted and received healing for my tooth and jaw I did sin. I sinned and I knew it. I got really mad at a person (they really pushed it, but still I had no right to get that angry with them). So, see, even though I knew that I sinned, I do still believe that my sins were PAID FOR by Jesus on the Cross and I still qualify for healing and since I do believe it I easily received healing. Am I saying that sinning is OK? Of course NOT! All I am saying is that GOD does not hold our sins against us simply because Jesus was already punished for them ALL for us. This is the Gospel and it should be preached loud and clear in every single church. I think your dream about Jesus telling you that the truth will set you free is AWESOME!!! There's nothing else that will set us free other than Him and HE IS THE TRUTH (John 14:6 "I am the Truth, the Way and the Life"!) Truth is a Person and His Name is JESUS! But we should always remember that we will only be set free according to the measure, we allow this Truth to flow through us. We do not need more of Jesus. As new born believers we already got Him in whole. Not some degree or measure, but the whole Person of Jesus! All we need is getting the REVELATION of this fact in our hearts and minds so we can get it to WORK in us more and more. And this will only happen if and when we do spend personal time with the Lord on a regular basis. Another extremely crucial point I have learned is this: We must come before God willing to hear anything He has to say to us. We can't and won't hear what we are not willing to hear. We won't hear anything that challenges us in areas of our life where we don't want to be challenged. So we NEED to make up our minds that we are God's, that we trust Him, and no matter what He tells us to we can trust Him. I have learned this fact by my experience and constantly thinking and meditating on what's happening and why. And I personally do have to check my heart and at least be honest with God and myself with the areas where I am still holding on to my own ways. If I am noticing that I do not hear from God in certain matters, it always means I am not totally open to receive His opinion. This is due to still having some religious junk in my mind from the past. But the Lord is working on this within me constantly and there are less and less of these areas in my life every day :-) Today (this morning to be exact), the Lord has deepened my understanding of healing and what He did on the Cross for us by giving me this extremely clear revelation: He said that people think that healing means absence of symptoms. Simply put, most people (even Christians!) believe this “formula”:symptoms in -> health out -> I’m sick. This could not be further from the truth. This line of thinking goes totally against 1 Peter 2:24. "by His wounds (stripes) you have been healed”. This is a fact that has already happened. It happened without our participation or help. This was His decision to take these wounds upon Himself and give us healing and there is NOTHING anyone can possibly do to change it. I actually spent lots of time meditating on it and the Lord revealed this truth to me very very deeply and He still deepens it more and more. This revelation will take all the fears and doubts from your heart and mind forever and give you such a degree of boldness when you stand on your healing that no matter what anyone says (be so people – doctors or anyone else), or demons or spirits of sickness, none of them can even come close to overriding or canceling or lessening in any way or degree what JESUS HAS ALREADY ACCOMPLISHED on the Cross for us. If anyone says otherwise, if doctors give you a diagnosis – this scripture goes with it: “yea, let God be true, but every man a liar” Romans 3:4. I don’t know how about you, but this settles it for me forever. Even if I sometimes slip into corrupted thinking I even tell this to myself – let YOU (ME) be a liar and God be true!” Same to the symptoms – they simply LIE. And I do not want to accept lies but only the truth. I can give you a practical example that anyone can understand: Imagine someone bought you a car and paid for it in full and then handed you the keys, all the paperwork that has YOUR name on it as a rightful owner. Then you park your car by your house and a thief breaks in and steels it. Does this mean that this car seized to be your property? Of course not. Everyone understands this perfectly well. Even thieves know it’s not theirs once they get into it. That’s why the hide! So, we very quickly will go after them and do everything there is to do to get it back. It’s the very same with healing but for some reason we act totally different when someone (namely spirits of sickness) try to put some symptoms in our bodies and we do accept it. This is absurd from Biblical point of view. Also very very important: when you command the thieves out (the symptoms of sickness or unwellness of any kind or sort) you should fully and completely EXPECT them to get out. For example when I command pain to get out in KNOW it MUST get out and I will not stop standing my ground until it’s GONE. I have learned all this and much more by reading, meditating and listening to preachings about REDEMTION and Salvation, about Love of God for us and His POWER and MIGHT. Definitely not by trying to figure out what devil’s next move is going to be and how he can afflict me :-) I pray that the Lord quickens His Word in your heart and reveals it to your natural mind and HIS Truth flows in you and trough you like a mighty River of Life, Robert and sets you free indeed (John 8:36)! Do pray Ephesians 1:17-23 and 3:16-21 over yourself as often as you possibly can (even daily!) putting your name into these prayers and fully expect to receive liberally what you ask for. Your Daddy God can’t wait to shower His goodness on you!!! Blessings!!!!
  10. You know, I'd like to share my opinion and my personal experience with you. You're totally right - enough is enough. This is true that evil spirits gain entry points into our lives through some of our own actions or belifs. But what is MOST important - JESUS HAS PAID for these sins already and the only point that COUNTS is that these evil spirits have absolutely no right to stay. The only thing satan can possibly have against us is sin and this has been paid for by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! So my point is - they CAN'T STAY and HAVE to leave when told. But they will if allowed. The only way they can legally stay in a person is when a person actually wants them to saty, wich is not the case with your mother and brother. Now the question is "Why are they still there?" It';s because they were never literally kicked out. And they way we kick them out is by looking and keeping our eyes on the Lord INSTEAD OF what the enemy is doing. I used to fall into that mistake all the time. When I feel there's something in my life that was caused by the evil spirits, I'd start furiously looking where and how I let them in and what they are doing and what's going to happen to me because of that, and o my goodness, what am I going to do etc etc etc. This would cause me to freeze and stare at them and this is exactly what they need in order to stay. Another thing I have learned (by EXPERIENCE and enlightning of the Holy Spirit), is that they most often kreep in "under our radars". They start with a small lie, small thing and we usually "buy"it or with other words accept and belive it. A person (a believer) is in a great danger of any kind of deception if they believe that they "deserve" punishment because of their actions. This belif is unfortunatlly broadcased by most churches and thousads of believers are in those chains. I was bound in these for decades! It took me quite a while to get out of there. If a believer "buys" a lie that the demons have a right to get in and legally stay because of our actions, they are wide open for any kind of destruction, be that sickness, powerty, demonic opression of all sorts. But the reason that they can't is because of the GOSPEL, because that what JESUS did on the Cross for us. That's why they can't keep us in sickness, powerty, any kind of curse (generational or otherwise), lead our loved ones into any sort of bondage etc. So, how on earth do they get away with anything right under our very noses? It's because we let them by being ignorant of who we really are and what our rights are in Jesus! We believe lies and those lies keep us in bodnage, not the demons. They are just like dogs. They are under our authority, but when they are not dealt with in that manner they totally can get out of line and boss their owners around any way they want to. Many times they will try a small lie and we accept it. Then them move in further and we buy it also. And then w e think "Oh, my life is going down the drrain, I must of sinned something awful and now this is what happens. Etc, etc, etc." And that's when the demons go to town. They just do whatever and get away with it. And all they are hoping for is that we don't find out that they actually CANNOT do what they do! And the reason is JESUS! I used to be terrified of the evil spirits. I did not know much truth, just whole bunch of religious junk and was mystified and scared all the time by their doings. Now this was my own ignorance. But I decided to not stay like that and started learning. And I learned and I practiced what I learned and it does work! I can give you tons of examples from my own life if you want. When I know I start experiencing something that I know if NOT from God, I do NOT belive that this is true and simply COMMAND IT OUT! And when I do that, it listens and gets out. Praise GOD! This only started working when, like I said< I LEARNED the Truth! I'd speak the same words telling the evil one to get out and quit doing what they are doing and nothing would happen. I'd even keep saying "In the Name of Jesus and still nothing would happen, because inside I did not even believ myself or was very unsure of my rights. So they did not listen to me also. Now they do! I never back out anymore. I am very very aggressive with them. And I keep learning and the Lord keeps showing me more and more. I widen my area of authority all the time. Or, let me rephrase it. My area of authority is limitless and it's always been this way ever since Jesus paid for my sisns on the Cross. But the more I learn and realize the more of it I practice and the more they lose. So what I would suggest for them to do is FIND OUT FOR THEMSELVES who they are in the Lord and stop seeing them big. No matter what Jesus is INFINITELY BIGGER! One drop of His Blood overweighs all the sins of the world and chases out any demon in hell. Read the Gospels and see what happened when JESUS dealt with them. Your faith and their faith will skyrocket and do not stop till the very last one is gone. Do not allow them manifestations. Just command them out. They HAVE to obey your commands when they are spoken out of faith in the FINISHED work of JESUS! Blessings!!
  11. Hello Robert, I have read your othe rposts where you shared about your wonderful experinces in the Lord and how your trust in Him supports you in your life. These are awesome. I wanted to encourage you to go way further though. The further and deeper you into knowing the lord the more awesome it gets! I started my "digging deep" after I was diagnosed with something I never wanted to be diagnosed with and I wanted healing real bad ;-). But I did not understand how it worked. What I knew about healing did not work at all and I realized that I stood before 2 choices: 1) Get stubborn in my deceptions and assume that "God heals some and doesn't heal others" statemnt was right. Or that I did not deserve it after all. OR 2) Lay down everything I have learned so far and ask God what the Truth was and start DIGGING! I chose 2nd option and am I glad I did! Robert, you are saying that you are being afflicted by the enemy. May I share with you what I have learned in this area so far? It took me quite a while to get there, but what I know now is so awesome! I have learned that the enemy can only push us as and afflict us as far and as much as we allow them. It does not mean that they won't try and come against us again and again, but the more we know the truth the less they (evil spirits) will get away with in our lives. We can get to the point where they will hit the wall with us every time they try something. Every time they try to put some illness on us, we can easily stop them and stay in perfect health and peace. But the very same way we can stop them by understanding and PRACTICING the Truth (which is the Gospel, the TRUE Gospel!), we can actually empower them to ransack our lives all they want by not understanding who we are in the Lord. Robert, you have to be AGGRESSIVE in going after the truth. You need (by you I mean every single believer, including you and me) to make it your lifestyle! Remembering vaguely what the Scripture says and not even being totally sure is actually even more dangerous than we think. This opens up an opportunity for the master of deception to twist the Truth and make us harden our hearts to the Lord by believing the lies . What breaks my heart is that believers, the REDEEMED ONES do look and magnify what the enemy is doing in their lives and get busy with the enemy's works by keeping their eyes on it rather than completely focus their eyes on JESUS and what He has accomplished. I know these words have become so familiar to the believers that they almost sound like a church cliche, something they say because we are "supposed to". That's a tragedy because this truth is so powerful that it actually literally busts the efforts of all hell in a snap. But if we do not PRACTICE it, if we do not get the DEEEEEEEP understanding, practical (not just mental) understanding that is deeply rooted in our very core which is our spirit and revealed to our natural understanding, we simply won't see the manifested working of it in our lives. I can give you TONS of amazing testimonies how it worked in my life when I chose to go for it. And again, when I do chose not to, I see no results. Robert, you, as a believer in the Lords Jesus Christ do already have all the power and authority to stop satan's attacks on you dead in their track! And ultimately you are the only one who can. YOU are the steward of your heart and mind and body. Other people prayers only can get you so far. It's more like a "boost" or a nudge for a new believer. They can also be an aid in spiritual warfare to edify us and uplift us. But If, for example, a person does believe that they are sick (even though the Bible says the opposite - by Jesus' stripes we WERE healed (that means spirit, soul and body which does include our minds! 1 Peter 2:24) all the prayers of others can avert an attack and give this person a break, but ultimately a true, complete healing that LASTS will not be received against what this person believes. Look at what Ephesians 3:20 says: "Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us" See, the Lord IS able to do things immeasurably more than we can even conceive to ask (so complete healing definitely falls into this category), but it only manifests according to what we allow to flow through us or work within us. This is so important! How do we allow this power to work in us? By believing it as it is being revealed to us by the Holy Spirit and acting on IT and not on anything at all that states or feels or looks otherwise. When you get down to it it's very very simple and not complicated at all. Well, there is so much I can say even on the topic of healing. For example, we should not put any conditions on our healing (like, someone might think they need to learn all the ins and outs of how this works before they can actually receive it, or I have to not commit any sin or I need to be worthy of healing before I get it, the list can go on and on and on). Just come before the Lord simple, like a child and receive it because of what HE did and it will be very very easy :-) With the peace of mind and freedom from mental torture, I'd say you do need to do what I said above by learning and focusing on the truth and stay away from feeding your mind with anything that is depressing. Average Christian won't think twice before emerging themselves into ready our worldly news from newspapers, TV, internet etc and they don't realize that this feeds us with fear, despair that fills the world, they watch movies that depict immorality, paganism, occult, violence, filth, fear, hopelessness etc and they they wonder why God won't grant them peace of mind. They just go on and talk to unbelievers and without noticing it accept what they believe into as a norm for themselves while we are NOT of this world at all. So we have to closely guard our minds and hearts all the time! And this is not a burden, This is awesome! Then the Truth of God keeps raising up in us, undefiled, unquenched and then it overflows us and spills all over into the lives of everyone we meet and sets them free :-) Boy, this is awesome! I did not mean to write a long post, but it's so hard to stop sharing once I start, I want to go on and on and on. There is soooo much to share. I only hope this encouraged you to go for it and receive ALL that is yours in your Lord Jesus! Blessings and peace!
  12. Don't worry about when it will happen. It will happen gradually. I can't even pinpoint when things started "happening" with me. I guess when I started understanding how things really worked :-) Hey, you said you watch Sid Roth. To tell you the truth this is what got me in trouble to begin with. Sid's a wonderful guy but, in my personal opinion, he kind of presents things with a flare of sensationalism. He probably does it to get the point across, but for someone like me at the beginnning it sounded like you HAVE to have all these supernatural encounters or else you aren't "normal". So I could not get anything going at all and was terribly upset for a long time. But that's in the past now and I'm on the right path and put things into their right perspective on a much more mature level :-). This will come to you too, don't worry. And it won't take long. The main this is do not put yourself under pressure of having those encounters and supernatural experiences the way that upsets you if you don't have them. This is like an inner vow "I am not going to be happy unless I get what I want the way I want it". Just relax, and enjoy the ride :-)
  13. I think you would probably benefit from taking some time just to sort things out calmly, without any angry feelings as well as not putting yourself under any pressure to "have supernatural encounters". I personally know what it feels like to strive to achieve some certain level like "yesterday" and not getting anywhere with it :-) That's tough. So take a break and calmly sort things out in your heart. As to worshiping, you're kidding, this IS the most incredible supernatural encounter EVER. This is the VERY REASON you were created. This is why I was created and I love it. However I had to LEARN how to worship. I had some stupid ideas, which were wrong to begin with and it simply did not work. I had a heavy baggage on my back of guilt, and needs and feelings of worthlessness and inadequacy, not measuring up. I was dragging all that junk in with me when I was before the Lord to tell Him how I loved Him. I did not enjoy that time at all. That was more like a heavy duty than uttermost pleasure (the way it should be). So I did some substantial studying and mind renewal as to how God sees me and who I am in His eyes. Then all that baggage fell of me and I now am standing in His Holy presence at any time at all just being showered with His Love, free from burdens and needs and begging and asking etc. Worshiping time is like a time when two people who are madly in love with each other sit close together, gaze into each others' eyes and just tell each other how much they love, adore, admire, cherish each other. No pressure, not like a duty, but something that simply bursts out of their hearts like a river. I remember one day I was worshiping and it felt like your body is just too small for your spirit and it wanted to burst out and just dance in the air for the Lord. I had this desire in my heart that if put into words would be "I want to blow kisses to the Lord!" And the very next day I was listening to Sid Roth's interview with someone (don't remember their name). They were talking about worshiping. And that person said that "worshiping' translated literally means "kissing", among other things. I was totally blown away. I had no idea it meant that and just the day before it was ringing all through my heart "blowing kisses to the Lord". That was amazing! I can go on and on and on. What I am trying to tell you, Jasmine, that if I did not spend time listening to anointed preachings literally for hours daily for months and months, I'd never be able to renew my mind enough so I can get to the level I am now. And I feel that I am only starting to scratch the surface. I feel like I am at the very very beginner's basic level and there is no limit where I can go from here. It's all up to me. Jasmine, dear, It's not God who is inching in closer o you bit by bit. It's YOU who is inching in!!! Please, please, please do not count it as a burden or something boring to spend quality and quantity of time on finding out the TRUTH about who you are and how God sees you. This is totally essential. This is such a joy and such pleasure. When I do that the Holy Spirit reveals things to me even during my listening time, I get my understanding blessed with revelations from the Lord that the preacher wasn't even talking about. I don't know how you call it, I call it SUPERNATURAL! And it's like bombarding you daily pretty much every time you start thinking about things of the Lord, you get absolutely amazing revelations. The Lord showers you with them freely, liberally. The Lord will teach you, but you have to show up for the class :-) I can go on and on and on. I mean anything about God and encountering Him IS Supernatural :-) And the more you get to know the real Him, not through life!!, but through the real thing - communicating directly with Him, touching Him, talking to Him, opening up your heart to Him, the deeper you will go into His realm. It will become easier and easier to break away from the weights of flesh and leave the worldly things behind and soar with the Lord like a Spirit with the Spirit. But the same as with two people it is impossible to fall deeply in love with each other without spending quality time one-on-one getting to know each other, same with us towards God. How do you know what makes Him sad, what makes His Heart beat faster, what makes His Heart leap with joy, what makes Him sad, what hurts Him. Get to know the Lover of your soul, Jasmine! Many people are into what I call "fast food Christianity". They have "I want it and I want it yesterday" attitude. Don't be like that, dear Jasmine! Everything worth having in life is worth spending time getting it, worth putting efforts into. But let me tell you, you can never out give God. Whatever you put into your relationship with Him, He will return hundredfold!!! Hugs!
  14. Ok, I see what's going on. You do not have a clear understanding about what happened when you got saved. You say you were rescued once and now want to be rescued by God again. Well, when you were saved Jesus did the PERFECT JOB. He does not save anyone partially. He did it once for all and this was done PERFECT. No need for another rescue or a booster shot. You know that we have 3 parts - spirit, soul and body. What was made perfect in you and me and every other redeemed person is our SPIRIT. This is the only part that was made perfect. The other two - soul and body weren't yet. These were purchased but not redeemed yet. The redemption of souls and bodies will happen later when we get glorified bodies and sanctified minds. So what you are bothered by now - by recurring attacks on your mind is what is common for all of us. You are not the only one. I have an example of such an attack on a well known Pastore and an awesome teacher of God's Word. He testified that prior to his salvation he was exposed to prnography. So one day he said he was just about to start preaching and the worship part was near the end and all of a sudden these images started flooding through his mind. What he did was he stood on who he became in Jesus and started praising God even more. He had an awesome time and these thoughts just had to leave. I can give you more examples and you can hear them too if you want. THis would be very encouraging for you. So if you don't have a clear understanding, it's very easy to fall into a trap of thinking that God did not do a very good job saving you. But that's simply not true.. What you are experiencing can be helped. Unfortunatelly I don't have time to write and explain more. But I will as soon as I can. I have to run to work now. I will pm you as sonn as I get a chance.
  15. This is the key word for you right there, Jasmine, is "I USED TO" I used to have the same as you. Or, let me correct myself, I was able to experience , well, not much because I knew about Him so very little. (Or so very little that I knew of His was actually true). This lasted for quite a while. Actually as long as I ha dmy own agenda while seeking Him. And I think this is with everyone else the very same. I just did not give up, never stopped going. I only pressed in harder and harder. I laid down all my own agenda and was happy with everything I could get. And over time it increased. It never ever even crossed my mind to turn my back on Him. So I did not have any alternative but get going forward and press harder.
  16. Your expectations described above are pretty general. From what I can understand what you want is to be filled up with the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues, receive your healing and have "spiritual experiences". Is that right? And you are waiting and waiting on God for years to receive any of the above and ... nothing? Or hardly anything? Hmm. Let's see. To be baptized with the Holy Spirit and start speaking in tongues is received instantly the moment you ask. I don't get why you are waiting for this for years? Unless I am misunderstanding it. You simply ask and right away receive. Depending on your preconceived expectation the real "thing" might not look, feel or sound the way you expect and you simply might miss it. Healing - again the same. You believe and receive the moment you ask. 1 Peter 2:24, Matthew 21:22. But every single time it's your decision to go for it or not. I do not see any single reason why you need to wait ON GOD? If you do need to wait it's only for YOU to learn enough to kick out all the unbelief and religious lies about God. That's why the ones that are newer believers come to the elders of the church (does not mean the ones that are sitting in top positions!, but the ones that are MATURE in God) for them to lay hands on them. This is NOT the norm to go by for your whole life. This is only when you need an immediate healing and you are not mature enough in the Lord to be able to overcome your own unbelief. That's all. The norm is for each believer to mature to the point when you yourself lay hands on others, raise the dead and cast out the demons. This is normal for each believer. But this will never happen if you sit and wait for God to make it happen, Jasmine. You can sit like that for decades and wait and nothing will happen, I assure you :-) No reason to get mad at God. He is not the one stalling. Unless you simply want to find a reason, any reason, to get mad at Him. Picking up "stuff" from life and believing them even though they have nothing to do with the Bible is simply immature, it's wrong! it's just WRONG! If you want spiritual experiences, they will come with time. First you have to mature and grow in God. I remember I was after these experiences like crazy. I watched all these videos and interviews when people saw Jesus appearing in front of their eyes, seeing Angels, visiting Heaven and all and being not mature at all I just was craving those experiences like mad and did not have them and was quite disappointed and thought that God keeps me to the side. I thought I was not good enough for Him to let me experience these. After a while I got fed up with feeling like that and decided to stop chasing these and chase God alone. Actually Jesus once spoke to me when I got into my room with the intention to go online and find someone who was speaking about their experiences and try and do the same if I could to have my own. And then as clear as a day Jesus spoke to me and said: "Don't go after these. Go after Me only!" I heard this as clear as anything word for word. That stopped me cold. I saw how I did not realize what I was doing. You have to be not just focused on Him somewhat. You have to be LAZER FOCUSED on Him. That just changed everything for me. I am not going after goose bumps anymore, or after "feelings" or "sensations" or seeing angels as wonderful as it might be if it happens. I have the Bible, my Daddy's personal Word for me. I have Him living right on the inside of me. I have Him speak to me in my heart. What else do I need to be thrilled on a daily basis? Nothing! I do have the Real Thing right now. Sorry, but I simply do not see the reason to wait for anything for years!!!!!!!!!! There isn't any. You go worshiping God and your spirit just bursts right out of your body. It's an overwhelming experience every time you do this. You can have it absolutely any time you want it. You just don't need to wait. He is actually the One who is waiting on us. And yes, for many He is waiting for years :-( As to the experiences, yes, I did have them. He did appear to me in Person in an absolutely awesome way and He spoke to me and revealed His Heart of Love for me that my mind cannot even comprehend. I never felt like I deserve any of this, but He said He wants to give because of how hugely much He loves me (the same as anybody else!!!) and I receive it. He has decided to give before we were ever even born here on earth, but every time it's our decision to receive it or not. I must admit that at my present level of maturity I am not able to receive everything that is mine already simply because my mind and old habits get in the way. Not because He is stalling or making me wait. It's me who has to grow and that does take time. Jasmine, tell me something. How many hours a day do you spend PERSONALLY with God. I mean just you and Him, undivided attention? Like how many hours a day (I actually do mean it - A DAY, and not every once in a while) do you spend worshiping? Studying His Word? Listening to His Word preached? Thinking about Him? Not just a thought here and there, but intentional, longing meditation about what might this mean in the Bible or what might that mean. Or if this was true in the Bible, then how my life should be like, or how should I feel or change my attitude, or see other people differently... That sort of thing? How willing are you to lay down your every desire, your every belief (whether you feel it's true and accurate or not) in order to receive His? Would you want Him to replace the desires of your heart with desires of His heart? Please don't take this as criticism, Jasmine. I am just showing you that if you desire to get much you should desire even more to put in much and then it will be like a fountain every time you touch your Daddy God as many times a day as you wish. Not a sip now and then. So it's all up to you, dear :-)
  17. Well, it's good to have conversations because the truth comes out eventually :-) You said God lets you suffer to benefit other people. May I ask you where you got this idea? Who told you this? I hope it did not come from that same church where spirit filled believers laid hands on you. First of all this is absolutely NOT TRUE! This is a lie from hell. God does not make or let some people suffer to benefit others. I can't even conceive how anyone can believe this about God. And if there are more of such misconceptions about God in your heart no wonder you feel the way you do. These absolutely crooked, distorted and absolutely untrue statements and God is NOT like this at all. Having said that I must mention that unfortunately too many churches paint Him like that and what is even more unfortunate many church goers "buy" this at true. I myself had to stop going to churches like this because they do nothing but poison people with their religious junk. Run from such "believers", Jasmine, as fast as you can. God does not need to teach people by letting them suffer. He teaches with His WORD, the Holy Spirit is our teacher. When we need correction (and we do!), He SPEAKS to us just like I speak to you now. We get convictions in our hearts. But this is only by His LOVE! When He convicts and corrects you NEVER feel condemned. You feel LOVED. He showers mercy on you and grace. He is very very very gentle when He corrects. By the way He never "dumps" guilt on you. He never shows you more than what you can handle at a time and only shows you what you can handle on every certain learning level of your walk with Him. Besides, the idea of God putting sickness on people and intentionally "not healing" them or some of them is completely opposite to the Gospel. This is coming from the spirit of Antichrist! So what about "spirit filled believers" laying hands on you with no results? First of all being filled with the Holy Spirit does not automatically mean filled with God-directed faith. A person can get baptized by the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues right the next second after his/her salvation. But we all know this does not mean they instantly get mature in the knowledge of God. Person can be saved for years or even decades and not move an inch in their faith and not do anything to renew their minds. Same with spirit filled believers. The fact that they lay hands and pray does not mean a thing. I can do that and pray till I'm blue in face and not a thing will happen unless I do this if faith. And you know what, if you stand beside them and hear what they are saying it's nearly impossible to tell whether they do this from the conviction of their hearts or just from head-knowledge from having read the bible and trying very hard to appear "spiritual". They might not do this on purpose or not even realize what they are doing but nevertheless this happens all the time. And for a new believer this very much looks like "well, they prayed, they believed and I did not get healed". The conclusion - God is a respecter of persons. "Who cares if the Bible says the opposite, but my eyes and my OWN EXPERIENCE tell me otherwise so this is what I am going to believe." Jasmine, this happens all the time!!!!! This is such a tragedy in the body of Christ :-( And it breaks my heart. In the last church that I attended (Pentecostal by the way), every one of them were spirit filled tongue speaking believers. They would gather around a sick person in groups with elders and pastors and all this and burst out in tongues, speaking healing and all. But not a thing would happen. Not a thing! And then you start wondering: what on earth is going on, where is God and why is nothing happening? And the Pastor would prophesy often, convict people publicly, "flush out" evil spirits and such. But sit there for a while and listen to what they are teaching, you will soon realize why there is no move of God and no healings. They go after sin like mad dogs and completely forsake God's Grace, they do teach the Law, forsake the Gospel and call it "holiness". Many buy this as a real deal and the results we already know… And if that's not enough, there's also our deadly enemy - satan and his cohort - who are very cunning and highly deceitful. These are the ones who do put sickness on people and try their best to keep it on them just as much as they can. Jasmine, you said you were seeking God for God Himself, so how could this happen that you want to quit half way and because He "did not deliver" according to your expectations? I feel like He waaaay over-delivered even where the Salvation itself is concerned because I did not and never will be able to do a thing to ever deserve it. Up until recent I did not even realize that what is taught in most churches has nothing to do with the true Gospel and God's Salvation. I'd love to elaborate but this should probably be another topic. But this is the very foundation upon which everything is built. If the foundation is crooked at least a bit the whole building is collapsing sooner or later. And then there is this question: Once your turn your back on God, who are you going to face?????
  18. Dear Jasmine, I take this post as a desperate cry for help. I've been there myself (not angry at God, but totally stuck not knowhing how to get healed). I've decided that I am going to dig for truth untill I find it no matter how long it takes me. It's amazing how many years I was listening to preachings and teachings about healing, did the best I could but nothing seemed to help. And yes, I too felt desperate, angry, full of fears, confused and totally stuck. So I dropped all that "healig"' thing and started to learn about God. And that's when I was in total awe. In total awe before God that I just started to get to know PERSONALLY and for real, but also in total awe of amount of junk we are being "fed" regarding who God is, how healing "works" etc. Once I started to see this, I started to come out of this thick jungle of religious teachings and I started seeing the results. I started to see healings happen as easy as I breathe. Totally effortlessly. I started to be able to discern where I was trying to exert my own power in order to get healed and where I did let go and let God's Spirit work. And believe me there is such a thin line between the two that without the guidance of the Holy Spirit it is nearly impossible for us to see when we cross it. This change did not happen overnight. I had so much religious junk in me that I had to feed myself with God's Truth daily for hours for quite a while untill this "smoke" sarted to thin out in my mind :-) But I enjoyed every single moment of this! I would love to share what I know with you but it's impossible to do in one post, even in 10 posts. It all depends on how much of wrong teachings we have picked up already and how willing we are to completely open up our hearts and minds to God to remove the lies and put His Truth in us. If you want we can talk through pm's. I'd love to share, but me sharing with you will not be enough unless you are willing to do your own work of seeking and receiving. However what I would love to say now is people WASTE TIME waiting on God to heal them. If you are doing this, if you, Jasime, are waiting on God to heal you, I am telling you, STOP! God has already done it. I am not kidding. You might wonder "Where is it then?" Well, there is step 2. And that's where we stumble - it's receiving. That part is ours. And that's where all the confusion happens. People don't know exactly how to receive and when they don't see what they want they automatically assume God's stalling the healing. You know, I forgot when I prayed for my healing last time. I know I don't need to. He said in His Word that by Jesus' stripes I WAS healed, so all I need to do is accept it no matter how my body feels and it simply happens. Sounds easy, BUT there is so much junk beliefs in our minds that untill they are removed, we have difficulties to believe :-( This is very sad but true. There is, of course, more to it than that. Like I mentioned above it's not only the religious junk that blocks the way, but also our willingness to open ourselves up to God (I call Him DADDY) that is of most importance.. In most cases what I knew about Him and healing and many other things were exactly the opposite of the truth, but did seem very right and very biblical. This is what is on my heart for a long time regarding the most important thing (WAAAAAAY more important than healing!): If a person is seeking God to receive healing, they will quit after a while if they don’t succeed quickly enough and will get themselves healed with pills and latest medical finds. If a person is seeking to hear God to get rich and they don’t succeed in finding Him quickly, they would give up and seek prosperity through the world. If a person is seeking God in order to feel better and they don’t find Him fast enough, they would quit and reserve to drugs, alcohol, fun or other worldly means of numbing their pain and getting their emotional fixes. And the only ones who are seeking God for GOD HIMSELF will stick till they do find Him no matter how long it will take them. No matter how much they would have to lay down and abandon on their way to Him, They will count it all JOY to forsake what they cherished before if it ways them down on their way to God because all they want is ahead of them. And they run to Him no matter how many times they fall down, no matter how much time it takes to get there. They don’t count days they spent in their journey, they don’t count their bruises, their losses. They count seconds till the moment they FIND HIM! I know your heart is soft towards your Daddy, Jasmine! Don't let anything at all start hardening it! None of it is worthy losing closeness with Him! Hugs!!!
  19. Thank you so much for posting your testimony!! It was a huge blessing for me to read it. I can't even find any adaquate words to express my admiration of the Lord for the way He is, the way He loves us. His Mercies have no limits whatsoever. He never judges us, He lifts us up in every circumstance!!! He melts my heart completely :-)
  20. You are very welcome!!! God bless!
  21. I love what Cholette said!! I heard Kenneth E Hagin giving this example when he preached on Believer's Authority: A policemen would put his hand out to stop traffic. In himself he does not have enough power to stop vehicles whatsoever. But the drivers recognize his authority as a policeman and would stop. Same with us as believers. In ourselves we don't have any power to spoil the works of the devil, but we have the "uniform" on - Jesus' Righteousness (NOT our righteousness) and that's what the evil spirits recognize. We get His Righteousness the moment we get saved as a gift. We don't have to earn it. It's on on automatically. Where the learning comes in is where we need to REALIZE we have it and start using it. Even though every born again believer has it, far not every one realizes it and therefor does not use it to its full potential. And that potential is enormous. So, Sister, you already HAVE all the authority you would ever need to destroy the works of the devil in your former boss' life. Mark 16:17-18 "And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues; 18 they will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well." NB: THOSE WHO BELIEVE, not those with gifting in certain areas, but ALL the ones who believe!! Praise God! Now, we don't have any authority over human spirit, but you can still speak to the powers and principalities of the darkness and command them to leave her life. The way I'd build my prayers for her healing would be based on these major points: 1) 1 Peter 2:24. Jesus has died for her on the Cross to pay for her sins and He took stripes upon His Body so her body can be free from any sickness. And there is not a single thing the devil can do about it. He can't undo it, he can't lessen its power. All he can do is lie and obscure his evil works so we don't know, don't see and don't use this Truth against him Many people think that this scripture only applies to believers. But it's not true. He took stripes on His body as well as died on the Cross for ALL people. And He did it for SINNERS! Not for righteous. So your former boss qualifies for healing just the same as anybody else. It's God's MERCY that qualifies her. 2) The Lord loves her just as much as He loves us all. He paid for her sins so she does not have to. I know, her actions / lifestyle are opening the door for the destroyer to ransack her life and steal her health, but we can still plead God's Mercy (Lamentations 3:22-23) upon her and override her actions with our authority. 3) You can plead John 20:23 over her and plead Jesus' Mercy upon her. I don't mean plead to Jesus because it's already His Will and He has done it for her. He never withholds anything good from her and is always willing to give. By pleading I mean REINFORCING it in her life. Speak it, declare it and since it's well within God's Will you will get whatever you speak. Hope this helps. Blessings!
  22. Hi Debra, you have a fight on your hands. But not only you can but you WILL win it. All depends on your determination. Right now you seem to be on a fence (if he will stop, I'll stay, if not, I might leave him). We know, our fights are not against flesh and blood - in this case with your husband - but with the spiritual beings that are behind your husband's behavior (Eph 6:12). They feel your indecisiveness in this situation and will do all they can to stir him up to try and push you towards leaving. But if you are determined to stop them, you will succeed. I know it's ultimately up to him to make decisions, but you'd be surprised how much these decisions and choices are influenced by the evil spirits when people don't realize what's behind it.. I think, your husband might even have some deep hurts from the past and insecurities that subconciously drive him to express it as anger against you. What I would suggest is to start building YOURSELF up DAILY. Build yourself up in Jesus so much that you can stand and command in His Name and destroy the works of the evil one in your family. This is what I do and trust me, I stand against some deep wounds and long term nearly hatred in my family. And I do see it works. But I first build myself up every single day consuming His Word in teachings and reading the Bible for several hours every day, Praise and Worship. I pray in tongues and it's interesting to watch how you pray "normal" and all of a sudden you feel like you get into this deep warfare in the spirit. And then you get a break through and the Lord reveals what and how to pray for with your understanding. And then all the works of the evil one tumble down and you see it actually happen in the natural bit by bit. But BE PERSISTENT till the end. I told myself "there's no way out till I WIN!", so I don't even get tempted to quit :-) Praise God! The Lord opens up the hearts of your loved ones and you get a chance to minister to them and they do listen (what I never thought would happen, but it does and they do change!) I do love prayer of binding and loosing, they bring amazing results! Praise God, He gave us all the Authority! I also find it is very important to adopt a meek attitude. Your husband would be probably stirred up by the enemy to try and make you change your determination to cast them out. But as you stay humble (and that took quite a bit of work on my part in my fight) towards the Lord and put your husband and his freedom from this oppression first, then you will not be tempted to quite till you win. Be very very encouraged, Sister! You WILL WIN. I know it! You are MORE than a Conqueror in your Lord Christ Jesus! - Romans 8:37 When these words become a deep heart-felt reality in our hearts there is absolutely NOTHING the enemy can do to withstand you. NOT A THING! They are totally helpless against you when you are in Christ Jesus! Blessings!
  23. I have a testimony! I went to the dentist few days ago and they told me I need to get a root canal done which would cost about $1200.00. I could not believe my ears because I never knew one tooth can cost that much. My husband has 80% coverage, but the rest is still too much for us. I had no clue how we were going to pay this, but somehow I had this great peace in my heart that I couldn't even get myself to worry if I tried. This is extremely unusual for me because I am naturally the type of person who would need to know exactly where the money would come from and when to stay calm. Not this time tough. The appointment is on the 18th. We were trying to sell a fish tank for quite some time now with no "bites". Yesterday someone called and said they want to buy it. They even agreed to pay the asking price. Today they came and bought it. Now I have enough to pay for the dentist and some left over!! Isn't God AWESOME?!!!! I am totally amazed and in total awe how He came through (not that it is unusual that he did, but every time He does it, I am in amazement!!!) And I did not have to lift a finger and on top of it He gave me such peace that absolutely surpassed my natural understanding :-) God is GREAT! Thank You, Daddy!!!!! You ROCK!
  24. Words of faith can sure stop a storm! That reminds me a situation few weeks ago when I was going to another town (about 20 min on a highway from my town) and about 10 km tlll my exit a storm hit us. It was a total white-out. Snow fell down on us like a wall. I could barely see a car infront of me. I rebuked the storm, boud it in Jesus' Name, turned off the highway. 15 minutes later the storm stopped and not only that, every single could left the sky. And the forecast for the rest of the day was SNOW! I drove back home with BLUE SKY and sun shining brightly above me :-) And all I heard from everyone was - "That was STRANGE! It was snowing soo badly and so suddenly stopped and every single cloud disappeared!" On my way back home I was so amazed myself and was praising God all the way!!! But right after I turned off where I did a 22 vehicle pile-up car accident happened literally less than half a kilometer ahead.
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