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  1. Boldly speaking restoration for you in whole, rebuke everything that's not of God. Speaking God's Life, Peace into you. God's SOZO! You're righteous through Jesus, condemnation OUT!
  2. Dear Livingrose, I sent you a pm. I am praying for your relief. Blessings!!!
  3. My husband cut his finger and it got infected. It got red, very sore and white pus was gathering under the skin. It's not a huge deal, but we went for his check up appointment the next day. He had stem cells transplant few months ago. I never thought about it until the doctor asked if he had any infections. My husband said "no". And then I realized that this infected finger might of been an attempt to make us think that his immune system was gone ad he might start having infections now. Funny thing was - he had cuts before and none of them got infected except for this one right before doc's appointment. I quickly took authority over this infection, called it a lie and commanded all the germs to die, infection to dry up and finger to be healed. In my spirit right away I knew that I knew that I knew it was done as I said. The next morning all pus was gone completely, redness gone down and finger was moving well. The next day there was no sign of any infection whatsoever, He could pinch and squeeze that finger right where it was cut before and absolutely no pain!
  4. You're very welcome. I thought this morning that your son can always write a "Thank You for the Interview" letter to the boss where he can thank him for the time and interview, that he appreciates the opportunity to speak to him. And this is also a perfect opportunity to counter any reservations the boss might have about him. Here you know it's experience issue, so your son can say that he is a very quick learner and is very very motivated. Show his enthusiasm. This plays big role in hiring decisions. When I was applying for my current job I was interviewed by second in command boss and he wanted to hire me. After the second interview with the owner the preference was given to another person with more experience. I was crushed but I wrote a letter to the owner (snail mail letter, not email) thanking him for the interview and I emphasized how interested I was in that position etc etc. Couple months later there was another opening in the same department and I got hired. :-)
  5. I totally understand the seriousness of your son's job situation. However do not get discouraged. The boss can always change his mind. Or the job can come in a way nobody ever expected. This is usually how things happen when I stand in faith. I would like to share with you how my husband got an awesome job. He worked a dead end job with tons of overtime and tiny pay. It seemed like there is absolutely no way out of it. He's been trying for years with no results. Then I decided to speak blessings and favour over him. Every morning on my way to work I would drive by his work and would speak this: "I speak God's blessings and favour over my husband. I speak that he found favour in his bosses eyes, in his co-workers and customers' eyes. I speak that he has favour and blessings in God's Eyes. I speak best job position into his life." I did it every single day and I was speaking it for about a month and had no clue as to where it will come from or what job it's going to be In a month through word -of-mouth through people we never imagined possible it came - an opportunity to apply for an awesome job position for which my husband wasn't even trained but in the area of his expertise. He found favour of the bosses at this new job right away and won over many other candidates and it's been a blessing for 2 years now. He still says I want to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming. So keep on speaking blessings regardless. God always gets through though not always the way we expect it. I am believing for your son. Blessings!
  6. I speak God's Perfect Favour for your son regarding that job now! I speak that your son found favour in the eyes of the new boss, everybody who makes decision about hiring and that he got even better position and pay than he ever though he would get. He HAS Favour of God and it swings all doors wide open, in Jesus' Name! I forbid any evil forces to stand in the way of your son getting this new position Now, In Jesus Name. So Be it!
  7. A while ago I started having bad pains in my stomach. They were almost constant. I'd wake up at night in great pain. My side hurt, my back hurt. I decided that I will cast them out and will stand on nothing other than "by Jesus' stripes I was healed". Of course I had thoughts like "what if it does not work?' etc. And I did have to deal with fear. Over time pains increased and got even worse. But once I made a decision I stood on it. I kept declaring the Fact of Jesus healing me and commanded my body to get in line with the Only Truth. After about a month and a half every single pain DISAPPEARED! They all stopped at once :-) and if any of them will decide to try and come back I'll do the same over again. I KNOW I can trust the Word with my life when nothing looks or feels like I am going to win.
  8. I think you're right. I'll word it carefully and try to stay cool :-) but would have to tell her the way it is. Hopefully this will be enough. Thank you!
  9. Hi everyone, I would like to ask you for an advice for a situation at work. I have a new co-worker who has been there for about 6 months. I am her supervisor. The problem is she is overstepping her boundaries every once in a while, stirs things up and I am left dealing with situations. Today was one of these situations. I had to tell her (using all the kindness I was capable of) to not do it. I did not get through to her at all. She got even pushier. I am not sure how to let her know that she is overstepping her boundaries without being totally blunt. I know she has some issues with needing to always be right and proving it to everyone. We already have a huge problem with a very mean boss (owner) and I don't want to add to the tension. But I do need to resolve it somehow. Doing it nicely is just not working. She won't back off. I don't want to "pet" her problem, but at the same time I'd like to built her up instead of tearing her down, but don't know how to do it. I am pretty clueless as to what to do. Help, please ?!
  10. astra

    I'm sicky!

    I am praying for you, Jasmine! I would like to share a vision that I had for my husband couple of weeks ago. He started to have some symptoms that we just did not want in his body and I prayed and aske dthe Lord to show me the answer and how to get rid of them. Few days later early in the morning as I woke up at about 4 am I was meditating on God and healing as usual and then I saw my husband's body and him giving all this junk, just handing it over to Jesus as He was on the Cross. My husband's body was glowing with crystal glow of cleansiness as all the bad stuff was given over to the Lord. And the Lord was gladly taking it from him on His Own Body. At that moment I though that what it means was him giving all the symptoms of sickness to Jesus, but now I do understand that it meant more than that. It also meant all the burdens like bitterness towards others, himself, situations and circumstances that are negative, all fears, shame, self-blame and everything else was supposed to aslo go on the Cross. That is the answer for prefect healing. I totally believe this!! I also believe this is for everyone. I use this for myself and hand over all negative emotions and feelings together with the symptoms to Him. The burden that lifts off is amazing! Blessings!!
  11. Ok, I'll my best to describe it how I understand it. And it took me a long time and tons of hours of pondering and listening to people explaining through the Word of God. As I was saying there are two main ways people approach repenting. 1st way, most common one, people are trying to change themselves in an attempt to become someone they are not. They are trying to stop being sinners and become righteous through changing their behavior. All such attempts to become someone you are not are absolutely futile :-( This way is full of pointless struggle and dead works. An effortless change happens when a saved person, redeamed from sinfull state and restored into the righteous state with God by what Jesus has accomplished on the Cross and through His death and Resurrection, realizes that he/she is NOT a sinner anymore, but instead is Righteous through Jesus already. They do not need to strive to stop being a sinner. No man can do it out of their own efforts regardless of how hard they try. In order to change easily we simply need to see ourselves the way God sees us already - Righteous independent of our actions. Then when there is a temptation to sin, we can simply say "I am NOT a sinner anymore, this temptation is not for me (whatever it might be). I simply send it away because it is not a part of me. I am free from this." And then replace it with who we are in Jesus - say, for example, if the temptation was to get angry and even with a person, we can "put on" loving this person and have compassion towards them. So to sum up, repenting is simply changing our mind about how we see oursleves in any particular situation. Instead of seeing ourselves without Christ, we need to see ourselves the way God sees us - covered, hidden in His Son and clothed permanently in His Righteousness and then act it out.
  12. That is absolutelly correct, Jasmine. However this is a very general statement and does not really reflect the details on HOW exactly to do this. There are two main ways people usually approach this. Unfortnatelly I do not have time to get into details because Im on my lunch break and it's over very soon. But I will get back to it after work tonight. I'd like to add only one thing right now - this is an extremelyy serious subject and it does require lots of prayerful contemplation in every single believer in order to succeed in their spiritual walk. But this is a process that is full of joy and excitement because when the Holy Spirit leads us, we walk out of darkness of not understanding things into the Light of knowing God and the way He sees us and changing effortlessly into His Image :-)
  13. Hi Jasmine, You are absolutely right saying you have to actively do something. Just like Cholette said, you need to follow the right order though. First you believe you are righteous through Jesus' finished work for you, then the rest is easy. Usually when a person feels "stuck" in the behavior area, this pretty much means there is some false belief there. In most cases we simply do not realise it and that's why these false beliefs are called "strongholds". I personally don't quite like this term. It sort of implies that it has some sort of right or power to hold us in bondage. But the truth is it CAN'T! Again only because of what Jesus did for us on the Cross and through His Resurrection and the fact that He is SEATED at the Right Hand of the Father and we are seated right with Him. The only way these false beliefs can keep us in bondage is through our ignorance about them. To my best understanding the way to get rid of them is to flush them out to the light (meaning so that we see and understand what's going on in our hearts and minds). We do this through prayerful meditation or pondering on what God says abou us. So I was wondering, since you said you are having trouble repenting 100%, if you'd mind describing the best way you can what you think repentance is. I myslef had a very "different" idea about repentance than how I understand it now :-)
  14. Dear Jeanie, I have been there twice within last 3 years and just like you I was in disbelief at first and just was "gasping for air" at first thinking "No way this is happening to me!!!" So I totally understand what it's like and I have a great compassion for you. I would like to encourage you to not be troubled at all! It's great that you are trusting the Lord with all your heart. With that kind of faith that totally trusts in Him it's easy to overcome. He will do all the work. The Lord said :With LONG LIFE will I satisfy you and SHOW you My salvation." (Psalm 91:16). And who does the devil think he is to override GOD's WORD?!!! Has he ever been in God's league? No! He does not even have a weapon or feet to stand on. Praise God! Now you know that you have come out of this situation in total Victory and won't even "smell like smoke" afterwards :-), stronger than ever! I meditate on this, on the fact of Who God is and that His Word NEVER fails simply because He is God and there is noone like Him and I can overcome anything at all. And I have so many many times. And I am living proof that it works absolutely every single time!!! So I speak to the tumor and I curse it at it's root now, in Jesus' Name! I command it to dry up and disappear from my Sister's throat NOW! I am not asking you, tumor, I COMMAND YOU: "Leave NOW!" My Sister is free from you because our LORD has healed her! Jesus Himself took stripes on His Back so that she can be free NOW from any sickness. On this ground I proclaim you a LIAR, you are otlawed by JESUS! GO NOW, in Jesus' Name! I bless your throat, Jeanie! I bless your entire body - from the top of your head to the souls of your feet with great health and total wholeness - nothing missing and nothing broken! I praise my Lord Jesus Christ for paying the perfect price for your healing and my Father God for sending forth His Word that never ever comes to Him void but always accomplishes what it was sent for - the Word of Healing and total restoration for Jeanie! And all the Praise and Glory be to our Father! I call it accomplished in Jesus!!! Blessings!!
  15. Hi Angelwings, I would like to share what I have experienced so far regarding unsaved loved ones and the Lord keeps on confirming this through many other prople. What I found out about people not wanting to come to the Lord is that this is because of their own understanding and life experience through other people mainly of who God is and how He deals with us. He might of had his own encounters with religious spirit that totally perverted their opinion of God. They did not like what they see and now they are running from that "god" with all their might. If your husband saw the Lord for Who He is he would run to Him, not from Him. I found that the case with my loved ones. I myself did not think I was cut out to measure up to be God's true daughter. About 20 years ago the Lord called me and said "Follow Me". I said "Lord, I love You, but I can't follow You because I don't have what it takes to be Your true follower." The reason I said that was because of very very strong religious opinion that God could only accept a person who is perfect and does everything right. Basically squeaky clean before He would even consider me as His own. Of course now I understand how wrong I was but it took a long time to learn otherwise. I truly believe that if your husband saw the Lord the way He is, he would run to Him, not reject Him. I pray that the Lord touches his heart and shows him that being God's man means being loved by God, just showered with His Love and not come to Him to be exposed and viciously cleaned up. Lord's Love is soo tender and so gentle, so warm and healing that no one would reject it only if they could see it. This is how I pray for my daughter and other loved ones. I pray for a supernatural touch from God of the Bible for their hearts to melt in His Hand. For all the false opinions, understandings to be removed and so that they do see God for Who He is and how much He wants to Love them. Blessings!
  16. I wanted to share great news with everyone. Coulpe of days ago my brother-in-law was taken to a hospital and was told that he won't make it through the night. He said his goodbyes to everyone and I myself nearly threw in the towel, but God didn't!! I have listened to testimonies of how God delivered people from seemingly hopeless situations and have decided to not believe what my eyes and ears are telling me and keep on believing stubbornly and confess his complete healing. And tonight we heard great news. He is doing better and his bloodwork came back great and he will be going home in a week. Praise God, cancer has no power and is no match to God ALMIGHTY!!! Cancer is NOT almighty. God IS!!!
  17. Hi Gracee. I am so happy to hear that you are sleeping better. Just keep at it and they'll flee from you like in terror. Our God is awesome and there is no such thing as "impossible" for God! I praise the Lord for your deliverance from evil and great night sleep, protection and peace, in Jesus' Name!! Blessings
  18. No, I was not shouting at you at all. And I am not insensitive to your situation. If I was insensitive I would simply ignore your post. The reason I replied was because I felt your pain and I know how it feels to be in your situation. I remember myself when it felt like I was between a rock and a hard place and the walls were closing in on me. My husband was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer and right after he went through his treatments and surgical procedures I was given a diagnosis of an aggressive cancer too. I knew enough that if I won't put myself together right there whether I felt like that or not I'd be finished. And I did not want to be finished at all. So I had absolutely no choice but be strong. Very strong. I had to be more aggressive and more militant than the cancer was. Believe me I did not feel like doing any of it. I felt like falling apart and feeling sorry for myself, but I knew one thing: I could NOT afford any of it. And when God and I were through with the cancers :-) I also saw amazing results where others suffered so much I did not. Cancer was eliminated and gone without trace and recovery was very short and amazing. Glory to God! So if I sound harsh, it is NOT towards you. I am used to be very serious and very militant with the demons because they have harassed me and my family and stole so many years of peace and joy that belongs to me that I hate them with all my being. And I have seend awesome and amazing results of what God does in our lives when we turn violently on the demons and chase them right out of our lives. It looks to me like you are in a situation that needs to be resolved ASAP and I do pray for you for courage and increased knowledge and wisdom to deal with it. Dear sister, we absolutely need to be harsh with the demons. They are losers but we have to know it in our hearts. I see what they do to some of my family members. I have one that is nearly dead from cancer and my heart breaks, but he chose to not fight it. And then another one in the same situation. It's an absolute torture for me to watch them die like that but I can't go against their will even with all my prayers, their will overrides mine because they are in charge over their situation and their bodies. So again, I am sorry if I made an impression I was harsh on you. I was not. My heart hurts for you, sister. But I am not going to say another word, but do pray for your strength against the enemy. Blessings and peace!
  19. So what? They still have no right to stay. Unless you want them there. But I know you don't so kick them out! You are not into witchcraft and it's YOUR home. You're in change, not them and not your family members. Who cares what demons think they want or think they are going to do? Who cares???! STOP THEM DEAD IN THEIR TRACKS! You have the RIGHT to do so. You have the RIGHT to lick them out immediately and forbid them to come. I suggest to learn fast about Redemption and our Authority over the evil spirits because of what Jesus has done for us and because we are totally reconciled with God and once you are grounded in this truth there's noting any of the evil spirits can do to make you waver or doubt when you command them to leave. They WILL leave. They have NO CHOICE and they KNOW IT!!!! Blessings and peace!
  20. It has no right to bother you. It has no right to come into your house, walk into your bedroom and stand there like that. It HAS NO RIGHT to do any of that. If it is doing it, that means no one kicked it out. I mean VIOLENTLY kick it out. You say you pray till you fall asleep. How do you pray? Do you address it, whatever it is? Do you rise up and tell it to LEAVE YOUR PRESENCE NOW in JESUS' NAME? Do you address it with AUTHORITY? and do you keep at it till it LEAVES? I promise you if you do it will never dare coming back again. unless it senses weaness in your faith. I can give you one advice: if you yourself do not feel like you can speak to it with unshakeable AUTHORITY, you do not waste any time during your DAY and LEARN about your authority through your Lord Jesus. Then when night comes this thing will get from you what it's asking for. You are in charge of your home and what's coming in and what's going on there. You take CHARGE! I have never had anything like that happen in my home but many times at night I'd be hit with all kinds of pains. One night it felt like a horse kicked me in my abdomen. I felt like running to ER but inbstead I spoke to it the WORD. I beat it over the head with the Word that says that I am healed and I am not under it's authority and I am not submitting to pain and sickness. And I'd do it non-stop till it left. But again, during the day I'd learn and learn and learn and get strong. I mean STRONG and not even blink when opression of any kind shows up. Do not be afraid of it, do not let it boss you around, or even dare to show up in your house. YOU ARE THE BOSS in and through Christ Jesus. Blessings!
  21. I keep standing on your Dad's complete healing. As for your Mom, you said you pray God's will be done in her. Yes, however it won't be done independent of our FAITH, or with other words us believeing it will be done. I am studying this subject for a while now and the Lord has shown me amazing things in depth and this understanding keeps deepening and widening all the time. What I'd like to show you is your Mom does not need to see the problem (or issues). She needs to the the ANSWER! She's stuck in a hole not because she does not see problems. I believe she sees them quite well (even if it's sunconsciously and she acts like she's in denial). The reason she can't get out is because she does not see the answer (does not know how). Actually being in denial is a "protective mechanism" that "helps" us cope somewhat with problems. What is very important - YOU need to see her as a woman with an answer. This answer is in the FINISHED WORK of Jesus. Finished work means she is complete in Him and before we even start praying, we need to line up our hearts with His Finished Work and see things the way they are in the Spirit through Jesus. Otherwise our prayers would only be an expression of doubts and fear. And we all know what these prayers are going to accomplish - absolutely nothing. I have changed the entire way I see people, situations and the way I even approach prayer. The way I used to see our kids was the way they acted - kids with lots of issues. But the Lord, PRAISE GOD, has opened my eyes and now I see (well, am beginning to see) how to approach this situation His way. I see them as the ones with The Answer and build my prayers standing on this platform and in my heart I SEE them as complete in Jesus and this is how I see their lives even though right at the moment in the natual it does not quite look like it. I know the natural will HAVE to like up with the spiritual. And I am the one whose faith is going to bring all this spiritual reality into the natural. There's no other way. Without my faith it simply is not going to happen. Pray Ephesians 1:17-23 and Ephesians 3:16-21 over yourself, your Mom and all your family members many many times. Meditate on each phrase deeply, in your imagination see it as if it has manifested. Make it a REALITY on the inside of you, in your heart and then you will see it manifest in the natural. Blessings!!!
  22. When I was going though an abdominal surgery 2 years ago I read on a forum what people were saying that went through such surgery before. They were saying awful things and recovery seemed to be endless and very difficult. I then resolved for myself that none of that was going to happen to me because I believe the Lord will deliver me from all that. Then when the doctors were talking to me right before the surgery. They added some more of "things" that could go wrong. I again resolved in my heart that none of that would happen. As a result I had zero complications, got out hospital in 2 days, recovery was very fast and easy. But I had to COMMAND my body to act healed. I gave specific commands to my organs and systems as to how to function when it started to look like it wasn't going the right way. And they did. So do the same with your Dad and join your faith with his in commanding his throat msucels etc to swallow PERFECTLY. His blood to be just the right thickness, gallbladder to drain NATURALLY without surgical procedures, infection to be GONE NOW, in Jesus' Name. And FIRMLY EXPECT it to happen just like that instead of waiting to see what they will be doing. You tell them what to do and it will happen. He should be out of the hospital healthy in a matter of days!!! I have prayed and believed for his complete healing right from the start and because I know my Lord I know He does not deliver miracles half way. Go for the whole thing and there is NO WAY it can be any other way. There's no doubt in my heart. Blessings!
  23. I can't remember whether you mentioned this before or not, but if your Dad is a believer you can remind him that the same God that has healed him (doctors themselves admitted that this recovery was a miracle) will keep looking after him and will bring his healing to full completion. He does not leave anything done part way. He needs to place his full faith into God through Jesus Christ and this will put him at great ease and remove anxiety of being left alone. He needs to see that he is never ever alone :-). Human efforts and abilities are so limited, but God's abilities are unlimited as well as His willingness for your Dad to be well. I understand that this sort of faith takes time to develop but at least planting seeds by telling him and bringing up this miracle of his own recovery in his memory would start the process. I do believe in his full recovery because God is willing and able. And I pray that his eyes of seeing his Lord's unlimited Love for him are enlightened and he is set free from all anxiety and fears and instead is deeply rooted and grounded in his Lord's Love :-) Many blessings to you and your family!!
  24. You are most welcome. Now that you received it, keep it no matter how it feels or sounds or looks in the physical at the moment (physical reality is subject to change!!!). Same with your finances. Your God delights in your prosperity just the same as in your perfect health based on the FINISHED work of Jesus!!! Many blessings!
  25. I forgot to mention that the Lord revealed this to me. He said: "Most people think that healing means absence of symptoms." That's all He said and the Holy Spirit "connected the dots" for me. What it means is regardless of symptoms of any sickness whatsoever being present or absent in our bodies we are HEALED ONLY on the ground of what God said about it - our sins ARE forgiven, we ARE reconciled with God and by Jesus' stripes we WERE healed. THIS is the reason why we are healed! Also Peter's walking on water came to my remembrance. No one can walk on water. It's physically impossible, storm or no storm. Peter walked on God's Word because Jesus said "COME". So He said to you "you ARE HEALED"! That settles it. The rest of the phytsical just HAS to line up with that. It has not choice because GOD said so.
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