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All pain is gone!

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A while ago I started having bad pains in my stomach. They were almost constant. I'd wake up at night in great pain. My side hurt, my back hurt. I decided that I will cast them out and will stand on nothing other than "by Jesus' stripes I was healed". Of course I had thoughts like "what if it does not work?' etc. And I did have to deal with fear. Over time pains increased and got even worse. But once I made a decision I stood on it.
I kept declaring the Fact of Jesus healing me and commanded my body to get in line with the Only Truth. After about a month and a half every single pain DISAPPEARED! They all stopped at once :-) and if any of them will decide to try and come back I'll do the same over again. I KNOW I can trust the Word with my life when nothing looks or feels like I am going to win.

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