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Please pray may have throat cancer.

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Hello beloved ones of the most high God!!

Oh man I have to say I did not see this coming. Here I had several dreams about getting cancer little did I know well, that they might be literal. I have had dreams that my time was up but yet little did I know, I can possibly be facing that situation.

However I truly have peace because I am in my Fathers arms right now.

Nine months ago I started having chronic sore throats and when I would speak and do conferences my throat would get sorer. Also when I would speak and preach my voice would strain and I would cough because it also would get real dry all of a sudden. So I lived on cough drops thinking well maybe it was from past neck surgeries believing the Lord would heal me. Also when I ate I felt like my food would get stuck and I needed water to help me swallow the food. There always felt like something was in the back of my throat. Well five days ago the day after I arrived in Oregon I woke up with severe throat pain on the left side of my throat. I could not swallow it hurt to much and I could not speak because it hurt so bad. So I was not eating or speaking and so I went to the ER to see a doctor. Well the doctor and nurses looked at me as if I was crazy waiting so long with those kinds of symptoms. So the doctor ordered at CT Scan and gave me a pain shot. Well the CT showed a small mass on the left side of the throat which was swollen and abnormal tissue in the throat. So the doctor told me what they saw and that he was concerned that I have throat cancer and that he wanted me to see a ENT specialist asap this next week back home in Santa Rosa CA, and that this cannot wait and I have waited to long already. I was a bit surprised to say the least. Here I thought it was from past neck surgeries so I shrugged it off. Granted I did think at one point why would it start years latter then after the neck surgeries. I did mention the problem to my spine doc they did an MRI of the neck and said that the rods were fine. But my Daddy is looking out for me.

So I will see a regular doc on Monday so they can send me to a specialist asap.

I am still not able to eat and or speak without pain. I have been drinking just liquids for now because I am still in allot of pain.

So I will keep you informed as to what the outcome is. I still plan on going to Leader school school in Sept, but time will tell. My faith and trust is in the Lord and I believe He will cover me. No matter what, I have peace truly. I know a daddy who loves me and always holds me and takes care of me. I stand for a cancer free outcome.

Love and Blessings in Him


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Dear Jeanie,
I have been there twice within last 3 years and just like you I was in disbelief at first and just was "gasping for air" at first thinking "No way this is happening to me!!!" So I totally understand what it's like and I have a great compassion for you.
I would like to encourage you to not be troubled at all! It's great that you are trusting the Lord with all your heart. With that kind of faith that totally trusts in Him it's easy to overcome. He will do all the work.
The Lord said :With LONG LIFE will I satisfy you and SHOW you My salvation." (Psalm 91:16). And who does the devil think he is to override GOD's WORD?!!! Has he ever been in God's league? No! He does not even have a weapon or feet to stand on. Praise God!
Now you know that you have come out of this situation in total Victory and won't even "smell like smoke" afterwards :-), stronger than ever!
I meditate on this, on the fact of Who God is and that His Word NEVER fails simply because He is God and there is noone like Him and I can overcome anything at all. And I have so many many times. And I am living proof that it works absolutely every single time!!!
So I speak to the tumor and I curse it at it's root now, in Jesus' Name! I command it to dry up and disappear from my Sister's throat NOW! I am not asking you, tumor, I COMMAND YOU: "Leave NOW!"
My Sister is free from you because our LORD has healed her! Jesus Himself took stripes on His Back so that she can be free NOW from any sickness. On this ground I proclaim you a LIAR, you are otlawed by JESUS! GO NOW, in Jesus' Name!
I bless your throat, Jeanie! I bless your entire body - from the top of your head to the souls of your feet with great health and total wholeness - nothing missing and nothing broken! I praise my Lord Jesus Christ for paying the perfect price for your healing and my Father God for sending forth His Word that never ever comes to Him void but always accomplishes what it was sent for - the Word of Healing and total restoration for Jeanie! And all the Praise and Glory be to our Father! I call it accomplished in Jesus!!!


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